A list of websites that have been visited recently.
Browser History
visual communication combinin images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.
Graphic Design
allows user to navigate by clicking with a mouse instead of typing
User Interface
a programming language used for creating web pages
Specially formatted documents that can contain links, images, and other media. Readable by web browsers
HTML Files
A vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide
two or more connected computers that share resources in a certain location
Local Area Network
a set of computers which are connected to each other and operate as part of the same system, able to exchange information and messages
A small program that can be downloaded which allows users to enhance their browser; this allows extra activities of the web for example, the Quicktime plug-in allows visitors to watch movies and Shocwave plug-in allows users to play games.
Plug In
a specialized website that allows you to search through the billions of websites on the World Wide Web to find exactly what you want.
Search Engine
A list of websites where the search words are found
Search Result
a computer on a network that runs specialized software and stores information in order to "serve" it to the other networked computers
a web page's unique address on the World Wide Web that tells the browser exactly where to find the web pages web" which emphasize machine-facilitate understanding of information which will provide a more productive and intuitive user experience.
Text or images on a webpage where users can click to travel to another web destination. The mouse pointer turns into a hand when you hover over a link.
Web Links
A single document (which can include images, videos, charts, etc.) viewable through a web browser
Web Page
a collection of webpages
two or more computers or LANS located apart from each other that are connected together for the purposes of sharing information
Wide Area Network
the information that is found on the Internet
World Wide Web