Methods a professor can use to improve his/her own teaching, like lectures, group work, etc.
Instructor Styles
A connection to active learning, like discussing a concept, or anticipating content of a lecture.
Classroom Success
most events, things, or people that can interrupt your thoughts and actions.
A good skill involving listening and observing to obtain information.
Having a physical presence for success in the classroom.
A component of any working relationship should be acting appropriately and having respect.
Respectfully responding to your instructor with thankful comments and questions.
Being respectful when entering a classroom late, or leaving early, not being a distraction
Important to talk to your classmates in class, when it involves in class work.
Treating your peer or professor as you would want yourself to be treated.
One of the most common reasons why phones are used in the classroom.
What you need to do when you might have a personality clash with a professor and want to fix the issue
A common thing you do in class during lectures that involves your own style.
When taking notes, looking for key terms and main points of lectures.
Valuable to have when wanting to keep your notes in order outside of the classroom.
An exception for students that cant attend on campus classes, or occupied with work.
Online Classes
Definition for devices you need to have to take online classes, computer, Internet access, etc.
System of teamwork regarding to asking a classmate for help, or being a mentor for a class you've already taken.
Reaching this standard by participating on knowing your course, and being committed to your course.
Do this to your class work in case of mistake or problem involving your work.
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