Thin strips of wood applied to the outside of a piece of furniture
A method of joinery often used for drawers.
Collectibles having to do with the armed services.
A glassmaker known for pieces decorated with hobnails.
A type of chair with curved runners on the bottom.
A cabinet with punched tin or wire doors for the cooling of baked goods. (2 words)
pie safe
The mark for this glassmaker is an H inside a diamond.
Translucent glass with the tones of the opal gemstone.
Glass enamel applied to a metal base.
The trademark name for a plastic developed in 1868 by John Hyatt.
As a rule, items need to be at least 100 years old to be considered this.
Almost transparent yellow-red glass.
Inexpensive glass manufactured in large quantities in the 1920's and early 1930's.
Pottery that is pale orange to reddish brown in color, which is sometimes but not always glazed. (2 words)
terra cotta
Round toys made of glass or clay.
This glassmaker is named for the town in Ohio where it manufactured glass from 1887 - 1891.
Company best know for its Jasperware.
This pottery started in 1872 in Fultonham, Ohio, and moved to Zanesville, Ohio in 1882.
A form of folk art usually made from chip-carved cigar boxes. (2 words)
tramp art
Manufacturer of cast iron toys, bookends and doorstops that is often reproduced.
Items that contain at least .925 silver are known as this. (2 words)
sterling silver
Goofy, Mickey Mouse and Dumbo are examples of this collectible.
Grandfather, mantle and wall are just three of many styles of this.
This small dish with a handle shares its name with a British term for diaper.
This type of ceramic is translucent and feels cold to the touch.

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