a brother or sister
a legal end to a marriage contract
a decision between married individuals to live apart from each other
domestic abuse directed at a child
child abuse
the failure of a parent to provide for a child's physical or emotional needs
abuse involving any sexual contact that is forced upon a person against his or her will
any intentional sexual attack against another person
sexual assault
any form of unwelcome sexual conduct directed at an individual, including harassment, assault, and rape
sexual violence
a person who commits a violent act against another
the willful killing of one human being by another
any act of violence involving family members
domestic violence
the repeated following,harassment, or threatening of an individual to frighten or cause him of her harm
an act carried out with the intention or perceived intention of causing physical pain or injury to another person
abuse with domestic violence directed at a spouse
an intentional form of abuse with the infliction of bodily harm or injury to another
any form of sexual intercourse that takes place against a persons will
the physical, mental emotional or sexual mistreatment of one person by another
violence committed for no particular reason
random violence
abuse of a pattern of behavior that attacks the emotional development and sense of worth of any individual
an unlawful attack on a person with the intent to harm or kill

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