Baking and Pastry Terms Crossword

responsible for supervisiong preparation of breads, cakes pies, etc.
responsible for preparing sweet dessert items
works preparing and baking bread
finely milled wheat
rubbery substance that gives baked goods structure
wheat flours used in bake shops are categorized by this
sweetener using equal parts of water and sugar simmered until sugar is dissolved
fats used in bakeshop
process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles
sodium bicarbonate
process in baking when carbon dioxide and alcohol act to leaven baked goods
process used to soften gelatin
alcohol-based flavorings
used to measure large quantities of ingredients
used to roll dough into thin sheets
knives with thin flexible blades
used in decorating cakes so all sides can be reached
simple piece of metal or plastic with a zigzag edge
cone-shaped bag made of cloth or plastic
large paddle used as a spatula
comes in many different sizes and shapes

Quick Breads Crossword

Quick Breads Crossword

___________ should be very soft when making scones and dougnuts.
All-purpose ________________ is uesed for quick breads.
_____________ gently to aviod tunnels
_______________ is the leavening in popovers
too much __________ makes tunnels
___________ is needed for tenderness.
When making biscuits you ____________ by using the palm of your hand.
baking soda, baking powder, & yeast are all examples
The protein in flour.
____________ flour before measuring.
an example of a pour batter
___________ are an example of a drop batter.
________ is used in quick breads for sweetness.
Too much beating causes ____________ in muffins.
A term to replace nutrients lost in refining flour form wheat.
Muffin tins should be ______________ lightly.
__________ flour has the most gulten
Cinnamon roll are yeast breads and biscuits are ____________ breads.
Leavening agents cause a product to _______________.
When making muffins before pouring the liquid into the dry you need to make a __________.
Using a pastry blender you ______________ fat to make biscuits.

Quick & Yeast Breads Crossword

Quick & Yeast Breads Crossword

A bread leavened by agents that allow speedy baking
A method of making quick breads in which liquid ingredients are lightly mixed into dry ingredients to create a batter.
Gives a flaky layering and is used for making biscuits, scones, and shortcakes.
Means to mix solid fat and flour using a pastry blender.
A biscuit that is lightly kneaded, rolled out to an even thickness, and cut to biscuit size before baking.
To work dough with the hands to combine ingredients and develop gluten.
A biscuit made with more liquid in proportion to flour than a rolled biscuit.
A bread leavened with yeast.
A process where yeast and enzymes in yeast produce alcohols and carbon dioxide that break down carbohydrates.
A method of mixing yeast dough in which the yeast is first dissolved in warm water to activate growth.
A method of mixing yeast dough in which dry yeast is combined with the dry ingredients and then with a liquid.
To make slashes about 1/2 inch deep across the top of the bread.
Is used for quick breads.
Accurate_________________ is important when making quick breads.
To much ______________________ makes tunnels.
Some of the proteins in wheat flour combine with liquid to create an elastic substance.
A process for testing yeast.

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

Bakeshop Ingredients  Crossword

____ is finely milled wheat.
______ is used in baking and pastries.
____ has high protein and low starch content.
____ is a blend of hard, high-protein wheat that is milled primarily for commercial bakers.
_____ is a blend of hard and soft wheat.
_____ is fine-textured, silky flour milled from soft wheat with low protein content.
______ sometimes called graham flour, is made by either grinding the whole-wheat Kernel.
_______ is a convenience product made by adding salt and chemical leavening to all-purpose flour.
___________ are mixtures of various grains used to produce specialty breads.
_____________ is the most common form of sugar used in the kitchen and bakeshop.
_______________ is granulated sugar that is ground to a fine powder.
__________ is extremely fine, granulated sugar with no additives.
___________ is granulated sugar with added molasses.
_______________ has larger crystals than granulated sugar.
____________ is the liquid that remains after refined sugar is extracted from sugarcane juice.
______is formed from flower nectar's gathered by bees.
_________ is extracted from the starchy part of corn.
Fats used in the bakeshop are often referred to as _________.
_________ is the process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles that give baked goods a light and airy texture.
There is ______ & ________ Shortenings.
there are two types of leavening agents- _______ Leavengers and ______
Most bakeshops have many different types of ________.
___________ is a dry powdered form of chocolate liquor with most of its fat removed.
________ is the fat extracted from chocolate liquor.
_____________ is pure chocolate liquor with no added sugar.
____________ is chocolate made without milk.
______ is used to thicken various sweet and savory preparations.
____ are one of the most expensive products in the kitchen.
Alcohol-based flavorings are called _______.
A common most used extract is _______



Essential ingredient for bread
Ancient grain ground into flour and used to make non-gluten-free foods including bread, pasta and pastry
Flour mixture for bread and pastry
Any sturdy, 4-quart capacity bowl is fine.
This tool makes it easy to apply egg washes and thin glazes, and ensures even application.
type of cylinder to roll out dough.
Because it’s flexible, you can scrape dough from the sides of the bowl without scratching it.
Use the flat paddle to mix the ingredients
Pan Used for baking
A long handled spoon is required
Wheat is the most common type of flour used in bread baking
is the most important liquid
Milk from cow no added nothing removed
Common Sweetener
Used for caramelizing
Romans Sweetener
an important ingredient in bread baking because it slows rising time allowing the flavor of the dough to develop
add food value, color and flavor to breads
slows moisture loss, helping bread stay fresh longer.
The silicone ones have the added bonus of scraping the sides of bowls like a rubber spatula.
This made it difficult to use the same brush for cooking and baking.
This particular baking tool has a number of different uses
can be used for lining baking pans or storing baked goods so they don’t dry.
ovens have dials or buttons that you push
great for making themed cookies
you could make a smoothie with
used to cut dough into strips.
used to cut dough to have a decorative edge.
This utensil comes in plastic as well as aluminum and stainless steel with feet to hold it above a surface
boards come in a variety of sizes and weights
This specialized piece of equipment consists of one pan seated inside of a second pan with room for water.
These are used for portion control and ease of shaping or dropping bakery items.
puree as good as a blender and nuts can be turned into butters or cut too finely in seconds.
Used for cutting ingredients
uses in the kitchen but I favor a microplaner for the baking/pastry kitchen.
Used to heat the sides of pans
simple version were the cut citrus fruit
useful for portion control or to move liquids.
used for liquids which is why there is usually a lip on the top.
used to measure small amounts of ingredients.
used to grate citrus rinds, chocolate, nutmeg, etc.

Bread and Pastry Production Crossword

Bread and Pastry Production Crossword

Rubbery substance that gives baked goods structure
Responsible for supervising preparation of breads, cakes pies, and etc.
Fats used in bakeshop
Finely milled wheat
Used to roll dough into thin sheets
Works preparing and baking bread
Process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles
Alcohol-based flavorings
Responsible for preparing sweet dessert items
Knives with thin flexible blades
To rub on a grater that separates the food in various sizes of bits or shreds.
To remove pits from fruits.
To cook in hot fat.
To beat rapidly to incorporate air and produce expansion, as in heavy cream or egg whites.
A mixture of two or more flavors to produce its own unique character, and quality.
Gwapo si dave?

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

Bakeshop Ingredients Crossword

A weak or low protein flour made from soft wheat
Fresh liquid milk which has been cultured or soured by bacteria.
Next to water, the more important liquid in the bakeshop
Leavening agent in breads, dinner rolls, Danish pastries and similar products.
Sodium Bicarbonate
Expands to 1,100 times its original volume.
The most important nut in the bakeshop
Most important flavoring in the bakeshop
Intentionally flavorless
A mixture of equal parts dextrose and levulose
commonly used for porridge, made by steaming oat grains to soften them and then flattening them between rollers
Considered and an ancestor of modern wheat
Concentrated sugarcane juice
Manufactured from various hydrogenated animal and vegetable fats
The process of heating milk to kill disease causing organisms
Important in the production of fillings, toppings, dessert sauces and cold desserts
The part of an egg that is high in both protein and fat
The process by which yeast acts on sugars and changes them into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol
a water soluble protein extracted from animal connective tissue
alone, when added to a liquid, thickens but does not solidify or gel

Baking Basics Word Search

Baking Basics Word Search
Word Search

Baking Powder
Quick Bread
Baking Soda
Brown sugar
Flat Bread

All about yeast breads Crossword

All about yeast breads Crossword

What leavens or causes dough to rise?
What is it called when dough rises with yeast?
What gives bread texture?
What temperature does yeast slow down?
What is the ideal temperature?
A mixture of flour, yeast and warm liquid that begins leavening action is called…?
What dough is made from water, sugar and yeast and consists of 0-1% fat and sugar?
what dough consists of 6-9% fat and sugar?
What can increase richness to dough?
What adds rich flavour and aroma?
What slows the leavening action of yeast in croissants?
What's the process of removing a portion of dough and is kept dormant for 8-24 hours and then added to the next day's bread?
Preferment .... Fermentation, colour and taste.
What's the action of turning the sides of the dough into the middle and turning the dough over?
What's it called to make shallow cuts in the surface of item before baking?
What's the process of making small holes in the surface of an item before baking called?
What causes yeast dough products to lose their freshness and loses the flavour of bread?
What temperature kills yeast?
Which pastry is sweeter and richer than croissant dough?
Which yeast method allows yeast to develope separately before mixing with all ingredients?
Which method calls for mixing all ingredients in a single step?
Which method of dough calls for breaking into steps/ which evenly distribute fat and sugar?
The final leavening effort occurring before internal temperatures become hot enough to kill yeast breads is called…?
Just like Italian loaves which other breads have thin and crispy crusts?
____ dough conditioners strengthen gluten and gives their dense structures.

baking and pastry Crossword

baking and pastry Crossword

pressing folding and streching the dough
mixed mass of flour and water without added ingridients
to apply shortening in the inside bottom of the pan to prevent sticking of the mixture to the pan while baking
this refers to incorporating air to the egg whites using a wire or a whisk
refers to separating coarse particles by letting the ingredients pass through a sieve
this tools is used to shape and flatten dough
used as a container for mixing
used for accurate measurement of larger volume of ingredients
used for measuring small amount of liquid or dry ingridients
a stainless mesh for removing lumps in dry ingridients
used as container of batter mixture ready to be baked
this tool is used for mixing dry ingridients
with rounded steel blades to cut solid shortening
used for beating egg whites mixing dry ingridients for even distribution
used for creaming mixing cake batters and icing
responsible for the attractive golden brown color of baked products
substance used to make products rise
the foundation of all baked products
adds flavor and prevent cracked top
makes dry ingredients stick together . makes cake a finer texture
essential ingredient makes products tender and fluffy
this gives finer texture to bread and removes the flatness or lack of flavor.
adds flavor aroma and deep brown color and also added as fillings
add pleasant odor to baked products
rubbing fat butter or margarine at the wall of a mixing bowl
refers to the rubbery elastic substance formed when flour and water are mixed
fat is creamed and sugar is added gradually. eggs are added one at a time to the creamed mixture.
dry ingredients are sifted together in one bowl then fat is added to the beaten eggs then mix it all together in one big bowl
sifted ingredients are placed in a bowl then liquid ingredients will be mixed in the center. egg whites are beaten separately before mixing with the other ingridients
similar to conventional method but the egg whites are separated from the yolk

Breads Around The World Crossword

Breads Around The World  Crossword

First boiled for a short time in water and then baked. The bread has a hole in the middle. Popular in Canada and the US.
Popular Indian flat bread made with wheat flour. Instead of being baked. Toasted over a griddle till they are freckled gold.
A traditional Australian bush bread that was once cooked over in the hot coals of a campfire
A small, round, flat type of yeast-leavened bread which is usually sliced horizontally and toasted.
A flat oven-baked Italian bread made of strong (high-gluten) flour, oil, water, salt and yeast. It can be used as a side to many meals, as a base for pizza or as sandwich bread.
A leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines Central Asia. Yogurt is used to make a smooth, elastic dough, and is cooked on the sides of a tandoori oven.
Unleavened flat bread, similar to chapatti, which is made in almost every part of India, and is also popular in the Caribbean.
traditional bread of Ireland. Main ingredients are flour, baking soda, salt, and buttermilk. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is used as a leavening agent instead of yeast.
Used to prepare many Mexican dishes like tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and wraps.
This dark and hearty bread comes from Germany.
A long, narrow French loaf.
A French crescent-shaped roll made of sweet flaky yeast dough, eaten for breakfast.
A bread made from ground maize or corn. It is popular in the United States.
Often boiled briefly before baking. The dough is twisted into shape, a German bread.
A rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter and typically eaten at Christmas.