metabolic process in which pyruvate is broken down & electron crrier molecules used to produce ATP through electron transport
in chloroplasts one of the stacked flattened pigment containing membranes in which light dependent reactions occur
fluid filled space outside of the grana in which light dependant reactions take place
light absorbing colored molecule such as chlorophyll and carotencid in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts
two phase anabolic pahway in which the sun's light energy is converted to chemical energy for use by the cell
in photosynthesis the major electron carrier involved in electon transport
one of the stacks of pigment containing thylakoids in a plant's cloroplasts
they allow carbon dioxide to enter the leaves only at night when the atmosphere is cooler and more humid
an adaptive pathway that helps plants maintain photosynthesis while minimizing water loss
c4 plant
energy carrying bidgical molecule which when broken down drives cellular activities
light independent reactions during phase two of photosynthesis in which energy is stored in organic molecules as glucose
calvin cycle
catabolic pathway in which organic molecules are broken down to release eneryg for use by the cell
cellular respiration
the sequence of reactions by which most living cells generate energy during the process of aerobic respiration
kerbs cycle
the breakdown of glucose by enzymes, releasing energy and pyruvic acid
metabolic process that converts sugar to acids, gases or alcohol
relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen