What does the word KaTW mean in Greek?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sea?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sun?
apollo helios
What is the biggest ancient Greek temple?
What is the biggest mountain in Greece?
mount olympus
What was the one biggest city in ancient Greece?
What did Hoplites wear on their shins when going to war?
What did the ancient Greeks use as a weapon to charge at people?
What is the name of the Greek God of the sky?
What were ancient Greek houses made from?
What did the ancient Greek used to grow?
What fruit did the ancient Greeks eat?
What sea surrounds Greece?
Was the ancient Greek olympics performed clothed or naked?
What did the ancient Greek men wear in daily life?
What did ancient Greeks wear on their feet?
What army were khown for being brave and fierce?
What famous Greek was a mathematician and engineer?
What was an ancient Greek garden called?
Did ancient Greek men and women live in the same part of the house?

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