The area of land that water flows over on its way to a body of water
Is the watershed boundary
Is water that lies below ground level
ground water
is surface water finding its way over land from a higher altitude to a lower altitude, all due to gravity
A flow of water confined within a bed and stream banks
Small streams and rivers that eventually flow into a larger body of water
A partially enclosed body of water where fresh water from streams and rivers mixes with salt water from the ocean
Largest estuary in the United States
Chesapeake Bay
The study of the shape of the land
A map that shows the shape of the land using contour lines
Topographic map
Lines that connect points that are of the same elevation
contour lines
How high or low the ground is in relation to sea level
Are areas between dry land and bodies of water
A kind of wetland, full of trees
A kind of wetland, full of grasses
A kind of wetland, covered with sphagnum moss
Water that runs across the surface of the ground after a storm
Run off

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