Highest monarch position
What are people called when they were not born in the country
Network of secret routes and safe houses
underground railroad
An official count of the population age gender occupation
A group of people moving to an area where gold has been discovered
gold rush
both sides of the government do not agree
political deadlock
a government that does not have a king or queen and the people elect their government
People who can build and run there business
One of the first place to have industry flourished was in Montreal
Canada east
A country,typically a distant one and occupied by settlers from that country
The quality of being noble person, mind, or rank
The man would work outside the house and the women would work inside the house
gender roles
A type of cloth or woven fabric
The governing body of a country, sate. or community
the elected
having the power to make laws
legislative council
they had once been valued allies of the British fight in the fight against the Americans
First Nations
having power to put plans actions into effect
executive council
processing raw materials and making goods in factories
was born as a slave in Maryland in the U.S she escaped to Canada West where she started helping other slaves
Harriet Tubman
he was a Scottish Canadian American Journalist
William Lyon Mackenzie
Aboriginal people who live near there. and was part of the fur trade
St. Lawrence river
a member or follower of the western Christian Churches
It has 50 states and is next to Mexico and Canada

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