This goes on the horses back so you can ride
What do you put on your horses head before you ride
A piece of metal that goes in your horses mouth
The Cascade stables pet
I am the greatest horse of all at Cascade
The Great Gatsby
A little white marking in the middle of a horses head
Item used to clean horses feet
Hoof Pick
Goes in a horses stall so it is warm and cozy for them to sleep
Breed of horse that Cascade trains
American Saddlebred
Where we ride
This protects your horses back underneath the saddle
Keeps the saddle from sliding off your horse
Part of the horses body that keeps the flies away
Bone at the top of a horses head in between its ears
Part of the horses body where the neck connects to the horses back
What is a horses back leg called at the joint
When a horse is going faster than a walk

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