Services such as water, heating, and electricity
The value of an investment or loan on date before the end of the term
present value
The value of an investment or loan
Someone who rents accommodations
A feature of a calculator that is used for financial calculations
The value of an investment or loan at the end of the term
Future value
The percent by which an investment increases or decreases in value over a given time
Growth rate
The number that is multiplied by the principal when calculating its accumulated value
Growth factor
Total earning before deductions
Growth earnings
Total assets (wealth) minus total liabilites (debt)
Net worth
Total earnings less all payroll deductions from a total area
Net earnings
Regularly occuring expenses that are the same from on time period to the next
Fixed expenses
A series of equal payments or deposites paid at regular intervals over a fixed period of time
The rate at which the value of an item increases over time.
Appreciation rate
Expenses shared by all owners of a condominium complex
common fees
An organized income spending plan
The time frame for which the calculation of a morgage payment is determined
amoritizations period
A person or organization that lends money
To sell an invenstment at a value less than its usual price
The rate at which the value of an item decreases over time
Depreciation rate
The interest paid on the principal and its accumulating interest
compund interest
The length of time for which interest is calcuated before being accumulated
compounding period
A single loan obtained to pay off multiple loans
consolidation loan
Half the monthy payment is paid every two weeks
accelerated bi-weekly payment
One quarter of the monthly payment is paid each week
accelerated weekly payment
Expenses that may change in frequency and/or amount from one time period to the next. i.e. food
variable expenses

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