A measurement of ocean water levels as measured on a coastline.
Sea level rise
The erosion of soil horizons due to adverse conditions
Topsoil loss
The combustion of lignite, bitumen or anthracite rock
Coal seam fires
'Freak' waves that can measure many tens of feet in height above other waves
Rogue waves
A long-wavelength ocean wave generated from a seafloor earthquake
A large freshwater wave generated from a landslide or glacial ice collapse
The smallest of solar storms where radiation loops back onto the solar surface
Solar prominence
The combustion of multiple acres of forested land (unitentional & uncontrolled)
Flooding of land from excess precipitation or coastal inundation
Inland flooding
A surge of ocean water in advance of a hurrican or typhoon
Storm surge
The population explosion of cyanobacteria and microscopic marine life
Algal blooms
The switching off and on of Earth's magnetospher resulting in a the reveral of earth's north and south magnetic poles
Magnetic pole reversals
Collision with Earth of a rock from space at least 1/2 mile in diameter
Astreroid impact
A class of erosion where massive amounts of earth material move at once
Mass movements