The purchase of French land between the Missippi River and the Rocky Mountains that doubled the size of the United States.
Louisiana Purchase
American explorer, leader, and former army captin.
Meriwether Lewis
U.S. soldier and explorer.
William Clark
3rd President of the United States.
Thomas Jefferson
Began in May 1804 to explore the Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Shoshone interpreter and the only woman on the expedition.
An animal that indian groups depended on for food, clothing, and tools.
They used it as a type of highway through the unknown lands.
Missouri River
What the explorers wrote in and telling what they did.
Who President Jefferson asked to fund the expedition.
What they called their group of explorers.
Corps of Discovery
Where Jefferson wanted to see if there was a river route that could be taken.
Pacific Ocean
Where the expedition wanted to explore.
Helped them move suplies across the Great Plains.
Where the expedition began.
St. Louis