A negative effect of global warming.
extreme weather
A type of fuel that was made by animals that decomposed millioins of years ago.
A former vice president that delivered a speech on global warming and its impact on society.
Al Gore
A greenhouse gas emitted from vehicles and industry.
carbon dioxide
A greenhouse gas emitted from land fills and trash.
A negative effect of global warming that occurs in the countries of Africa.
Types of gas that are trapped in Earth's atmosphere and as a result increase the overall temperature of the planet.
greenhouse gas
Due to the melting of glaciers, _____________ __________ may lose their habitat and become extinct.
polar bears
Water in its gas form that is green house gas.
water vapor
Mass removal of trees or __________________________ increases the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.
A negative effect of rising sea level includes the possibility of the oceans covering current ___________________.
Natural gas, oil and coal are all _______________ _______________.
fossil fuels
A type of energy resource such as oil, natural gas and coal that cannot be reused.
Use of _________________ or hybrid vehicles would assist in our reliance on the use of fossil fuels.
The creation and use of energy sources created from the wind or ____________ _____________ would reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.
solar energy