When all the light rays come together to a focal point
When we view an object thru a magnifier, the rays that reach our eye behave as if they came from the image's position
When a rainbow is the outcome of when a light ray strikes a prism
Any incident angle larger than that will cause all the light rays to be reflected back into the water
Rays diverge in different directions after refraction
A lens that has two lenses curved inwards on both sides
The curvature of a lens is called ______
The distortion of an image
A lens that has two curved lenses on both side
Bending of light rays as they move from one medium to another.
A condition of the eye where the surface of the cornea is not rounded to the same degree in all areas, casusing blurred vision
When light rays hit a mirror, the rays are sent back into the medium they came from at the same angle
When the object is far enough away to be outside the focal length of the converging, magnifying lens, a ______ is formed

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