A destructive insect that killed nearly 2/3 of Georgia's cotton by the early 1920s
Boll Weevil
The longest period of high unemployment and low economic activity in modern history
Great Depression
Placed on European goods, making it difficult for struggling European nations to pay off debt to the US
"You could walk across the _______ River"
US President for three consecutive terms who helped America out of the Great Depression with the New Deal
FDR's program to end the Great Depression
New Deal
Put young men to work conserving America's natural resources
Civilian Conservation Corps
Paid farmers subsidies to not grow already-overproduced crops
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Increased power lines in rural Georgia from 3% to over 90%
Rural Electrification
Created insurance for the elderly, unemployed, and disabled
Social Security Act
Opposed FDR's New Deal; fought against civil rights
Eugene Talmadge
Defeated Eugene Talmadge as Georgia Governor
ED Rivers
Dictator of Germany in WWII
Adolf Hitler
The persecution and murder of 6 million Jews and 6 million other minorities by the Nazis
WWII alliance with Germany, Japan, and Italy
WWII alliance with Great Britain, France, and The Soviet Union
Attack on US naval base in Hawaii, luring the US into WWII
Pearl Harbor
Aircraft plant in Marietta, GA that built B-29 bombers
Bell Bomber Plant
Teaches new generations about the dangers of prejudice, racial hatred, and genocide
Georgia Commission
Town in Georgia where FDR swam in natural spring waters to relieve pain from polio
Warm Springs