to modify is __________.
_________ is intended to provide equal opportunities for members of minority groups and women in education and employment.
Affirmative action
value-based principles which support respecting and embracing differences
Anti bias
When children learn something new that adds on to their existing knowledge, is ___________.
self -direction; indepence
Social Cognitive Theorist who focused on the causes of aggression.
_______ is using different types of comparisons.
A bishop who was the originator of DAP
Jean Piaget's theory, humans construct their own knowledge, intelligence, and morality through a series of stages.
______ ______ ____ is a crucial time for development.
Critical Sensitive Period
_____________ is the knowledge, art, morals, laws, customs, values, attitudes, belief systems, behavioral expectations, and norms that give a society and the individuals in it their identity.
Teaching practices that take into account a child's developmental stage, individual needs and interests, and culture.
The mission of _____ is to promote policies and evidence-based practices that support families and enhance the development of young children who have, or are in risk for having, developmental delays and disabilities.
Philosopher who unified the concepts learning and doing, and children and society.
The range of differences between us which should be celebrated such as culture, race, language, socio-economic status, family structure, ability, and gender identity.
To differentiate between what is and is not the self.
___________ ___________ is based on the children's interests and teachers' understandings of children's needs.
Emergent Curriculum
Author of the book, "Childhood and society."
The creator of Kindergarten.
Team member of Project Zero
Theorist from Wisconsin who compared the growth from childhood to adulthood like a plant.
Federal legislation that requires that school districts provide special education services for all eligible children beginning at age 3.
_______ _________ is based on unifying concepts by engaging children to make meaningful activities that can be connected to real life.
Integrated Curriculum
Vygotsky's theory on language development between a developing child and knowledgeable adults.
Creator of a theory in which the creation of logic and morality were observed to develop simultaneously and in coordination.
_______ believed infants were born with great potential to learn with a blank slate, also know as, __________.
Locke & Tabula Rasa
Arnold Gesell's psychological term __________, that humans are biologically destined to "unfold" in a regular, sequential pattern.
Italian Dr. who worked with children with severe learning disabilities and mental health issues.
Linguistic intelligence, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Musical intelligence, Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intrapersonal intelligence.
Multiple Intelligences
________ is considered the inherent qualities we are born with.
_______ is considered the environment we are raised in.
Taking away instead of rewarding for behaviors is ________ ___________.
Negative Reinforcement
_____ are often used in scoring and interpretation of standardized tests of early development, comparing each child's scores to those of a group of typically developing peers.
Teaching style is ___________.
Author of the novels, Leonard and Gertrude, How Gertrude Teaches Her Children.
Swiss philosopher who studied genetic epistemology, the origins of human knowledge.
Extra time on the playground is a form of _________ _________ and can be used as a reward for completing academic work.
Positive Reinforcement
_________ _______ is based upon a study of a particular project as the whole curriculum.
Project Approach
________ ________ is how effective teachers engage in self-examination.
Reflective Practice
An adaptive school with no established or approved curriculum and no set of materials to guide one's teaching.
Reggio Emilia
Swiss political philosopher who believed children are educated by their surroundings.
Behaviorist who "made do" with whatever was available also known as Fred.
Jew who won a lottery education into Moscow University.
The school with the Aesthetic perspective of educating the whole-child.
An approach which ensures each child is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.
Whole Child
The difference between what children can do without help and what they can do with help.

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