American novelist; first famous flapper
Zelda Sayre
Novelist and chronicler of the jazz age
F. Scott Fitzgerald
First designer to make pants for women
Coco Chanel
Know as "Lucky Lindy" and "The Lone Eagle", was an American pilot
Charles Lindbergh
Leader of organized crime in Chicago in the late 1920s
Al Capon
Greatest baseball player of the 1920s
Babe Ruth
German born theoretical physicist
Albert Einstein
Born in Chicago middle class and began playing at the cotton club
Duke Ellington
Sometimes know as the Empress of the Blues
Bessie Smith
28th president of the United States
Woodrow Wilson
United Staes anarchist who with Bartolomeo Vanzetti was convicted of murder
Nicloa Sacco
African American leader during the 1920s who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association
Marcus Garvey
Senator form Ohio chosen by the Republicans to be a candidate after WWI
Warren G. Harding
Became president after Harding died
Calvin Coolidge
Became president in 1928, man from Iowa
Herbert Hoover
American buisinessman, founder of Ford Motor Company
Henry Ford
African American farmer and food scientist
George Washington Carver
Russian Immigrant and pioneer who developed NBC
David Sarnoff
First woman to serve in Congress
Jeanette Rankin
American Leader of the movement to legalize birth control
Margret Sanger