American novelist, first clapped to become famous
Zelda Filtzgerald
First woman in congress, voted against women fighting in the war.
Jeanette Ranking
Leader of organized crime(gambling, illegal selling of alcohol, prostitution)
Al Capone
Leagalized birth control in the 1900s
Margaret Sanger
Head of national woman's party that campaigned for equal rights in the constitution.
Alice paul
Writer known for a simplistic style, wounded veteran, and author of "Farewell to Arms"
Ernst Hemingway
Founder of ford motor company, creator of the assembly line.
Henry Ford
Became president after Warren Harding died, prosepered business and wrath for people.
Calvin Coolidge
President in 1928, strived to keep government intervention out of economics
Herbert Hoover
U.S Anarchist WHO was convicted of murder, robbed a shoe factory, and was executed.
Nicola Sacco
Legal prevention of the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages.
Canadians afraid that the Chinese would take their jobs, so immigration of Chinese was banned.
Chinese exclusion act
Day that the New York Stock Market crashed
Black Tuesday
Mackenzie King'S speech on the problem of social welfare.
Five cent speech
Prime minister R.B's plan to establish unemployment and other economic issues.
New deal
Created by Henry Ford to speed up production.
Assembly line
Writers who lived in Europe following WWI; force of American literature
Lost generation
U.S loans to post-war Germany so they could pay reparations to GB and France
Dawes plan
US profits plummet and investors have no money
Great Depression
Wave of fear against communists, who were thought to be plotting against America
Red scare