An image or user name that represents a person online.
The denial of access to particular parts of the internet.
Interactive web journal or diary posted online.
Repeated and deliberate harassment directed at another person.
Intentional & repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.
Suicide caused directly or indirectly from cyberbullying.
Repeated harassment using electronic devices and networked technology that includes threats of harm.
Evidence of a person's use of the internet.
Digital Footprint
Intentionally excluding someone from an online group, like a buddy list or a game.
The act of restricting access to certain websites.
Hardware or software that restricts and regulates incoming and outgoing data to or from computer systems.
Online fights using electronic messages with angry and vulgar language.
Repeatedly sending offensive, rude, or insulting messages.
Breaking into someone's account, posing as that person and sending messages to make the person look bad.
An image with text used to describe a thought, idea, or joke that is widely shared.
The one who instigates online social cruelty. Also know as the aggressor.
Sharing someone's secrets or embarrassing information online.
Software or a website that allows one's internet connection to be routed or tunneled through a different connection or site.
Making a statement or taking an action that indicates harm to another.
A person who is known for creating controversy in an online setting.
The person who is on the receiving end of online social cruelty

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