The land area that supplies water to a river system.
A ridge of land that separates two watersheds
A stream that flows into a larger stream
Is the saltiness or dissolved salt content of a body of water
A river and alot of tributaries
River System
The purity of water; how much of other substances are in the water besies the water itself
Water Quality
The process of water, ice, wind, or gravity moving sediments
Pieces of rock or soil that are frequently carried away by moving water in rivers and streams.
The process of sediment settling ("dropping") in a new location
The cloudiness or clarity of the water, it determains water quality
A broad, flat valley that a river flows through.
Flood plain
An area of land that is covered with a shallow layer of waterduring at least part of the year.
A body of water where fresh water and salt water mix together
Organisms without backbones, which are visable to the eye without the aid of a microscope (crayfish, snail, worm)
Nonliving factors of a ecosystem
The living factors in an ecosystem
A wetland that looks like a flooded forest with trees and shrubs, most common in the south
A wetland with tall grass-like plants and no trees.
A marsh that has brackish or salt water near a coastline.
Salt Marsh
Water from precipitation that flows over the ground surface instead of soaking into the ground
Water that is partly salt and partly fresh, characteritics of estuaries
This measures how much acidity is in the water. 1-14
PH Potential Hydrogen
A wetland that has mostly mosses, without grasses or trees, most common in the north
Both the living community and the nonliving factors that affect it

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