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Supply and Demand Crossword


The amount of goods available. Supply
When producers offer more of a good as its price increases. law of supply
The amount that a supplier is willing and able to supply at a specific price. Quantity supplied
A cost that rices or falls depending on the quantity produced. Variable cost
A cost that does not change. fixed cost
A tax on the production or sale of a good. Excise tax
The sum of fixed costs plus variable costs. Total cost
The cost of producing one more unit of a good. marginal cost
The total cost divided by the quantity produced. Average cost
The cost of operating a facility such as a factory or a store. Operation cost
The desire to own something and the ability to pay for it. Demand
To buy more of a good when its price is lower. law of demand
when consumers react to an increase in a goods price by consuming less. Substitution effect
The change in consumption that results when a price increases causes real income to decline. income effect
A table that lists the quantity of a good a person will buy at various prices in a market. Demand schedule
A table that lists the quantity of a good all consumers in a market will buy at various prices. market demand
a graphic representation of a demand schedule. demand curve
A good that consumers demand more when their incomes increases. normal good
A good that consumers demand less of what their incomes increase. Inferior good
The statistical characteristics of population and population segments. demographics
A measure of how consumers respond to price change. Elasticity of demand
The total amount of money a company receives by selling goods or services. total revenue



What pacemaker is also known as a single-chamber pacemaker and electrical impulse first stimulates the atrium and then travels down through the ventricles ATRIAL
Is indicated on an EKG strip when there is a P wave or QRS complex following each pacemaker spike CAPTURE
What kind of paints most common in presenting symptoms of cardiac disease CHEST
A common obstacle to the timely intervention by a health care provider when a patient complains of chest pain is DENIAL
Programmed to deliver electrical impulses at a consent selected rate FIXEDRATE
Collection of the blood within the pleural cavity HEMOTHORAX
What was designed to directly treat a cardiac tachydysrhymia ICD
Inability to perceive pain due to diseases to the nerves NEUROPATHY
Causes dilation of the blood vessels that consequently reduces the workload of the heart NITROGLYCERIN
Inflammation of the pericardial sac PERICARDITIS
Pacemaker implanted in the upper left chest PERMANENT
The collection of air within the pleural cavity PNEUMOTHORAX
The EKG wave produced by an artificial pacemaker is called a pacemaker what SPIKE
The most common cause of myocardial infraction is ___ formation that blocks a coronary artery THROMBUS

Economics Supply and Demand Crossword


a move along a demand curve to the left contraction
the amount a customer is willing to pay for a good price
given by government to encourage more production of a good and lower price subsidy
determinant of supply weather
quantity a producer is willing and able to produce at a given price in a given period supply
this occurs when firms leave the industry supply decreases
customers become concerned about the production effects of a product on the ........... environment
this occurs as a result of improved productivity increase in supply
the amount a person is willing and able to pay for a good effective demand
government imposes an ........ ... which is then used to educate people about the dangers of the good indirect tax
price achieved in market increases (from producer's point of view) extension in supply
tastes shift towards the good concerned demand increase
mathematical relationship between price and quantity demanded inverse
determinant that increases demand when it increases income
type of good when increase in price of one good (A) causes demand for another good (B) to increase substitute
should interest rates on credit cards increase, demand for holidays ..... falls
a firm stops paying overtime leading to lowered ..... .. .......... costs of production
coffee with cream is example of these goods complementary
customers buy more of these goods when their income decreases inferior
innovation in computers - supply determinant technology

Financial Terms Crossword Puzzle


When you’re investing or saving, this is the interest that you earn on the amount you deposit, plus any interest you’ve accumulated over time. Compoundinterest
A number used by banks and other financial institutions to measure a borrower’s credit worthiness. FICOscore
The difference between your assets and liabilities. networth
The process by which you choose what proportion of your portfolio you’d like to dedicate to various asset classes, based on your goals, personal risk tolerance and time horizon. Assetallocation
Commonly referred to as fixed-income securities. Bonds
The increase in the value of an asset or investment — like a stock or real estate — above its original purchase price. Capitalgains
The process of buying or selling securities over time in order to maintain your desired asset allocation. Rebalancing
Also called equities or shares. Stocks
This is the process of paying off your debt in regular installments over a fixed period of time. Amortization
A type of mortgage in which the interest you pay on your outstanding balance rises and falls based on a specific benchmark. ARM
An account held by an impartial third party on behalf of two parties in a transaction. Escrow
A mortgage that carries a fixed interest rate for the entire life of the loan. Fixed-rate mortgage
Employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as pensions, in which the employer promises a specified retirement benefit based on a formula that may include an employee’s earnings history, length of employment and age. Defined-benefit plans
Companies often use these as management incentives. stockoptions
The payments you make to an insurance company in return for protection from financial losses within the scope of your policy. Premium
Used to determine your taxable income, minus any additional IRS-qualified deductions that you’re eligible to take. AGI
A person who is financially dependent on your income, typically a child or an adult relative you may support. Dependent
A standard amount that can be used to reduce your taxable income if you decide not to itemize your deductions. Standarddeduction
A qualified expense that the IRS allows you to subtract from your adjusted gross income, which further reduces your taxable income. Itemizeddeduction
A type of policy that provides additional liability coverage beyond what your home, auto or boat insurance may provide. Umbrellainsurance

Fun with EKGs Crossword


The heart's natural pacemaker SA node
An electrolyte; when increased may produce cardiac fibrillation sodium
T wave may be inverted in the presence of __________ ischemia
Myocardial stimulation, resulting in muscle contraction depolarization
Not a shockable rhythm due to no electrical activity asystole
Represents the time interval from the onset of atrial depolarization to the onset of ventricular depolarization PR interval
"Quivering" atrial rate of 350-700 bpm atrial fibrillation
20% increased rate from baseline HR sinus tachycardia
Distortion of an EKG tracing by electrical activity that is non-cardiac artifact
Treatment for Ventricular Fibrillation defibrillation
An electrolyte; when decreased the patient may have a rapid HR, prolonged QT, and/or ST depression potassium
A mnemonic used to aid in remembering the possible causes of cardiac arrest Hs and Ts
A display of a person's cardiac activity electrocardiogram
Saw tooth or ocean-like waves atrial flutter
An indicator of the atrial rate PP interval
Represents the electrical activity of both atria P wave
Antiarrhythmic drug used in codes amiodarone
A tachycardia originating above the ventricles, but not from the SA node supraventricular
Duration of ventricular depolarization and repolarization QT interval
_________ is represented by a tall U wave hypokalemia
Drug used via rapid bolus for synchronized cardioversion adenosine
Slowed rate sinus bradycardia
An irregular rhythm arrhythmia
Treatment for Torsades de Point magnesium
Regular rhythm with one P per each narrow QRS; rate 60-100 bpm normal sinus
An indicator of the ventricular rate RR interval
Simultaneous ventricular depolarization QRS complex
Where most lethal rhythms originate ventricles

Motivation and Emotions Crossword


experience of feelings that underlies behavior; activates and effects behaviors but difficult to predict behavior; ex. Fear, joy, surprise Emotion
eating disorder; severe weight loss accompanied by obsessive worrying about weight gain Anorexia Nervosa
idea that your body returns to a preprogrammed weight Set Point
eating disorder; recurrent episodes of binging and purging Bulimia Nervosa
All the processes that initiate, direct, and sustain behavior Motivation
An external stimulus that motivates behavior (for example, money or fame) Incentive
The natural tendency of the body to maintain a balanced internal state in order to ensure physical survival Homeostasis
The part of the hypothalamus that acts as a feeding center to incite eating Lateral Hypothalamus
The part of the hypothalamus that acts as a satiety (fullness) center to inhibit eating Ventromedial Hypothalamus
The theory that emotional feelings result when an individual becomes aware of the physiological response James-Lang
The theory that an emotion-provoking stimulus is transmitted simultaneously to the cerebral cortex, Cannon-Bard
A two-factor theory stating that for an emotion to occur, there must be (1) physiological arousal and (2) a cognitive interpretation Schachter-Singer
A lie-detecting device that detects changes in heart rate, blood pressure, Polygraph
A state of alertness and mental and physical activation Arousal
Needs or desires that energize and direct behavior toward a goal Motives

Monetary Policy Crossword


Keynes proposed a theory known as the 'Theory of _________ Preference' to explain what factors determine an economy's interest rates liquidity
According to Keynes theory the interest rate adjusts to bring the quantity of money supplied and the quantity of money demanded into balance, this is know as _____ in the money market equilibrium
The reduction in aggregate demand that results when a fiscal expansion raises the interest rate is known as the ______ effect crowdingout
Collective demand by combining multiple elements aggregate
Regarding the influences of monetary policy, a lower price level raises the real value of household holdings and higher real wealth stimulates consumer spending. What effect is this? Wealth
What rates effect investors money overseas and domestically? Exchange
Who controls the supply of money? centralbank
Other than government purchases, what is an important instrument of fiscal policy? Taxation
In what type of budget is the total sum of money received by a government equal to the amount it spends balanced
Automatic _____ are changes in fiscal policy that stimulate aggregate demand when the economy goes into a recession without policy makers having to take any deliberate action stabilisers
What effect tends to amplify the effects of fiscal policy on aggregate demand? multiplier

Substance Abuse Prevention BINGO

Bingo Cards

A job or volunteer work
"No time like the _______"
Peer support
Increased heart rate
Distorted time perception
Relaxation of muscle groups
Deep breathing exercises
Slurred or nonsense speech
Scratching & scab picking
External Triggers
Internal Triggers
Lung Cancer
Anger management
"Live your best ____"


EKG/Pacemaker Crossword


Temporary pacemaker that the leads are threaded through a vein to the right atrium/ventricle Transvenous
Treatment for junctional escape rhythm Atropine
Pacemaker fires during the excitable period of the cardiac cycle can result in VTach
Failure to capture may result in serious Bradycardia
Therapy of choice for VTach with a pulse or supraventricular tachydysrhythmias SynchronizedCardioversion
Prolonged AV conduction time until an atrial impulse is non conducted and a QRS is blocked Wenckebach
The atria are stimulated and contract independently of the ventricles. Ventricular rhythm is an escape rhythm. ThirdDegreeBlock
Complication of permanent pacemaker placement Infection
Treatment for third degree AV block Pacemaker
Block that often progresses to third degree AV block Mobitz2
Serious decline in cardiac output causing shock with a heart rate of 101-180 JunctionalTachycardia
AV node moves retrograde causing a heart rate of 40-60 beats/minute JunctionalEscape
Failure to sense or failure to capture on a pacemaker Malfunction
Accurate 12-lead EKGs are very dependent upon Placement
Noninvasive temporary procedure used until trans venous pacemaker can be inserted Transcutaneous
P wave is nonconducted without progressive PR lengthening Mobitz2
Junctional rhythm that is due to sympathetic stimulation to improve cardiac output Accelerated
Electronic device used to pace the heart when the normal conduction pathway is damaged Pacemaker
Identifies lethal dysrhythmias and shocks to correct rhythm ICD
Power source for pacemaker is inside the body Permanent

Com 1010 Chapter 1 Crossword


communication with oneself intrapersonal
communication with two or a few people interpersonal
communication through questions and answers interviewing
communication within a small group of people small group
communication within an organization organizational
communication of a speaker with an audience public
communication between people through computers (texting or emailing) computer mediated
communication addressed to an extremely large audience, mediated by audio and/or visual means mass
communication that does not take place in real time asynchronous
communication that takes place real time synchronous
tangible or concrete environment in which commnication takes place physical context
act of producing messages (speaking or writing) encoding
act of receiving messages (listening or reading) decoding
messages sent back to the speaker reacting to what is said feedback
medium through which the message passes channel
anything that interferes with you receiving a message noise
noise that is external to both speaker and receiver physical
messages with more than one meaning ambiguous
information that you provide before sending your primary messages feedforward
a message that refers to another message metamessage