led U.S. troops to victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers over Native Americans.
Anthony Wayne
was a one of Washington’s advisers, he held the position of Secretary of State.
Thomas Jefferson
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
Bill of Rights
was fought after Treaty of Ghent was signed in Belgium officially ending the War of 1812.
Battle of New Orleans
Baltimore lawyer
Francis Scott Key
The General responsible for winning the Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson
The Lewis and Clark Expedition explored this river.
The Missouri River
the act of seizing by force where the British navy kidnapped American sailors and forced them to work on British ships
famous for writing “we have met the enemy and they are ours.”
Oliver Hazard Perry
invented the telegraph and revolutionized communication in this country with the ability to send short pulses of electricity that translated into letters spelling out messages.
Samuel F B Morse
was the first person to build the first spinning mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Samuel Slate
The year the U.S. government hired an inventor named Eli Whitney
the right to say what you want in different situations.
Freedom of Speech
No soldier shall be quartered without the owner’s permission.(Amendment)
Amendment 3
Personal Property, Due Process, Right not to incriminate
Amendment 5
Right to a speedy and public trial, right to an attorney(Amendment)
Amendment 6
Right to a jury trial(Amendment)
Amendment 7
Right to reasonable bail and protection from cruel and unusual punishment(Amendment)
Amendment 8
Rights of the people cannot be denied(Amendment)
Amendment 9
Reserved Powers(Amendment)
Amendment 10
Qualifications of Senate(Article,Section)
Article I Section 3
Powers Granted Congress(Article,Section)
Article I Section 8
Powers Denied Congress(Article,Section)
Article I Section 9
When was the Inflation and Shay’s Rebellion (month day, year)
November 1,1786
when the Virginia Plan Debated(month day, year)
May 30,1787
when was the New Jersey Plan(month day, year)
June 15,1787
when was the Great Compromise(month day, year)
July 16,1787
Constitution Published and Distribute(month day, year)
September 19,1787
It could be legal justice, or civil rights justice, or just to be left alone.
Establish Justice
It was in response to Shay’s Rebellion.
Insure Domestic Tranquility
This means that there would be a sound military in order to defend our borders and protect our citizens.
Provide for the Common Defense
This can mean different things depending on whether you have a strict or loose interpretation of the Constitution.
Promote the General Welfare
The Legislature(Article)
Article I
Qualifications of House of Representatives(Article,Section)
Article I Section 2
Right of Association.
Right of Assembly

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