Meteor's Crossword

Won Season 1.
Meteor's favorite Algicosathlon II's character
The Legend himself.
Meteor's favorite character is ----- because of their...
The main host of Meteor Madness.
Tied for most evil character of Algicosathlon (Meteor's)
Last place in Season 2.
The place where eliminated contestants are sent.
Meteor's least favorite Algicosathlon II's character. (25th on his list)
Should not be eliminated this round.

Odyssey Crossword

Odyssey Crossword

Hero of the Odyssey
Odysseus' hood
Odysseus' Father
God that hates Odysseus
God that schemes with and assists Odysseus
King of Pylos
People who bring Odysseus home
Whirlpool of Doom
Serpentine Aqua Hydra
Main Evil Suitor
Odysseus' Son
10/10 Nymph
Our Lord and Saviour
Author of The Odyessey
King of Sparta
Name of Region Where Much of the Odyssey Takes Place
Wind God
Type of Ship that Odysseus Has
Name of Cyclops
Name of Goddess Odysseus Encounters While Adrift at Sea
How long was Odysseus at Sea
Location of Troy
Tactic that the Greeks used to infiltrate Troy
Prince of Troy
Greatest Warrior of Troy
Greatest Warrior of Greece
How many times does Odysseus disguise himself in the Odyssey?
Name of Guard Dog of the Underworld

Once Upon A Time Crossword

Once Upon A Time Crossword

actor that plays regina
Name of the saviour
Evil Queens adopted son
ship including hook & Emma
Man thats nown as mad
Name of Henrys biological father
who did emma become in season 5
which one of the ships is an actual thing off set
Real name of snow in storybrooke
what popular disney apears throughout season 4
Who plays Emma Swan
actor that plays Captain Hook
where did mary margaret first find henrys storybook
who was the dark one before swan
what colour is emmas car
what hung above the crib snow and charming made
what was emma for 28 years
when did Henry find his birth mom
whats the name of reginas oldest sibling
where are most of storybrooke originally from
whats the name of the evil queens cursed town
where is Storybrooke located
what gender is snowings child besides emma
what colour is reginas colour
whats reginas skin colour
how many people are there in the charming family
what did hook love more than anything before emma
whats on the tatoo of reginas soul mate
what character does Jamie Chung play
what character had flames on his head
what land does dorothy come from

Stargirl Crossword Puzzle

Stargirl Crossword Puzzle

A main character; she is different from everyone else
The person telling the story; he is Stargirl's love interest
The host of Hot Seat; Leo's friend
The popular girl at Mica High; she hates Stargirl
An old paleontologist who teaches kids at his house; tells Leo advice about Stargirl
The true friend of Stargirl
The pet rat of Stargirl
A teacher that supports Stargirl to win the oratorical contest for state championship
The highschool in which our main characters attend
A word that describes Stargirl; same as diverse
Mica High's TV show that interviews interesting students
The instrument Stargirl plays
Stragirl was a ___________ that cheered for the football and basketball teams.
Mica High's school mascot
The contest in which Stargirl gives an oral speech and wins first place in state championship
Stargirl was ________ after what she did at the basketball playoffs. A synonym for this word is avoid.
A special place where Stargirl visits to see the sunset
Something Stargirl can't be; something Leo wants her to be
The giant cactus found in Archie's backyard
Stargirl was the _____ for the school-spirit revolution.

Story Elements Crossword

Story Elements Crossword

the problem in a story
the "bad guy" in a story
the time and place a story occurs
the author's message to the reader
part of the story that introduces the characters, setting, and conflict
the action in the story
this kind of character changes because of the story's events
the turning point of the story
the final end of the story
the "good guy" in the story
part of the story where the author ties up loose ends
a struggle in the story
the kind of character that stays the same throughout the story
the development of the story
the main person, animal, or object in a story
where and when the story takes place
events that lead to the end of a story
this message can be stated directly or implied
part of story where the conflict is solved
the highest point of interest in a story
explains the basics of a story
this struggle can be internal or external
the sequence of events in a story
one who opposes the main character
the character does not change
an example of internal conflict

Infection Control Crossword

Infection Control Crossword

too small to be seen by the naked eye
micro-organisms that cause infection
small single cell organisms
resistant form of bacteria, remain viable for years
only grow inside animals
organisms that contains genetic material
decompose plants and animals to fill the soil with nutrients.
smallest and least understood of all microbes.
complex single cell organisms.
most micro-organisms do not cause infections
any place where pathogens can thrive or pose a threat, must have moisture, nutrients, and suitable temperature.
route through which blood, body fluids, excretions, or secretions leave the body.
most dircet way to break the cycle is prevention.
host is touched by infected person transmitting pathogens directly.
object has been in contact with pathogen.
infected arthropod as a host.
any medium that transports pathogens.
occurs with dust that contains spores or by droplet.
when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks, or sings
route pathogens gain entry into a host.
a pathogen lives inside.
a natural resistance.
born with a certian amount of immunity
occurs following an injection of prepared anitbodies
2 million hospitalized patients acquire annually
reducing the probability of speading infection
best way to avoid spreading infection

NBA Crossword

NBA Crossword

Brough the Lakers 5 NBA Titles and retired after the 15-16 NBA season
"White Chocolate"
"The Pistol"
"The Flash"
Scored 100 points in a single NBA game
"The Hick From Frenchlick"
NBA player who scored the most points in NBA history
NBA legend who brough the Bulls all 6 of their NBA Titles
NBA Team that has won the most NBA Titles
NBA player who has the most rings
"The Answer"
NBA Hall of Famer who was used as the model for the NBA logo
Team Sport played with 10 players on the court
Has the best regular season record in NBA history
Won the 15-16 NBA Finals

"A Christmas Carol" Crossword Puzzle

"A Christmas Carol" Crossword Puzzle

The main character in "A Christmas Carol".
The ghost that appears to make Scrooge change his miserly ways.
The first ghost to visit Scrooge that is sent my Marley. (The Ghost Of Christmas...)
The city in which "A Christmas Carol" takes place.
The man who works for Scrooge, and gets paid fifteen shillings a week.
The places in the Victorian Era, where the poor usually worked.
The author of "A Christmas Carol", and many other great, historical works.
The second ghost sent by Marley, to educate Scrooge in generosity. (The Ghost of Christmas...)
The third, and last ghost to appear before Scrooge sent by Marley. (The Ghost of Christmas...)
One of Bob Cratchit's many children, but essential to the plot. (He wears metal braces on his legs, and carries a crutch)
The name of Scrooge's nephew, whose mother is Fan. (In Act II, he cheers to Scrooge with his wife) his wife
A word meaning nonsense, used by Scrooge to describe Christmas. ("Bah,...!")

O.M.A.M Chapter 3 crossword

O.M.A.M Chapter 3 crossword

What card game was George playing?
Who shot candys old dog?
Name of the person who sent a letter to magazine.
"From his pocket Carlson took a little leather ______ " to tie around the dogs neck.
The name of the kind of lamps that Clara has in her whorehouse?
Curley thought _____ was with his wife.
Susy sand Clara both run a ___________________
Name the person who wants in on George and Lennie's dream.
Who is the Queen of tarts?
What part of Curley's body was crushed after Lennie defended himself?
Who comes in to tell slim that lennie is messing with the pups?
How many ladies does susy have in her lovely, whorehouse?
How much for a shot of whiskey at Clara's ?
How much does susy charge for a shot of whiskey ?
Actual first name of guy who wrote letter to magazine ?

Drag queens Crossword

Drag queens Crossword

Who wins season 7?
RuPaul brought back who in season 3?
Cynthia Lee Fontaine came back in season......
In the reunion of season 3 who got joined the group "The Heathers"
Who won the HIV Viva Glam challenge is season 1
Who was best friends with jujubee in season 2
In season 3, what song was it they performed in on the last episode?
In season 4 who gets sent kicked of the showw?
Who reports Willam in season 4?
In season 5 they performed to the begining and for the wind scene Alaska wore a....
Who was the other person in the top 3 of season 6, Bianca, Adore and....
After Trixie Mattels elimination she got brought back after doing an ugly sister look with who/
Who won season 8?
In the season finale Sasha lip synced her heart out when .......... fell out her wig
Who sings DTF
What season was Kameron Michaels in?
Really simple no depth
Why did Eureka get sent home and brought back later on?
What was Vanessa Mateos leaving statement?
Brook Lynn Hytes can dance what kind of style?
Who won season 1 of all stars?
Who won season 2 of all stars?
Who won season 3 of all star?

Meteor Madness Word Search

Meteor Madness Word Search
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