Rehab Week Crossword

Clock In/Out
Focus on the ______________. (Encompass Values)
Always put ______________ first.
Take threats seriously but refuse to be ___________.
87% of strokes are ________________.
This type of stroke happens when a blood vessel ruptures
Ischemic stroke is when a __________________ gets stuck in the brain and blocks blood flow.
A blood clot that forms somewhere in the body and travels through the blood stream to the brain.
Blood flow is interrupted due to a blockage to one or more of the major arteries supplying blood to the brain.
This can be a serious warning sign of an impending stroke.
5-14% of those with a _____ will have another within a year.
This happens when the muscles that help control urine and stool are weakened, thus making it more likely to have an accident.
This is common after a stroke because the brain does not understand normal messages sent from the body in response to touch, warmth, cold.
This is caused by sudden disorganized electrical activity in the brain.
If this enzyme, which activates plasminogen, is given in adequate time, patients were 33% more likely to recover with less disability.
This reduces the risk of blood clots and existing ones from getting bigger.
NEVER _____________ for a patient.
Have _______________ patients point to desired items.
A disorder where the patient is unable to perform tasks or movements volitionally
Be a good _____________, allow the patient to state why they are upset.
This program provides access to counselors, crisis intervention and community resource referrals at no cost to you.
I can review benefit information, view my paycheck and receive company news in this app.
What does EAP stand for?

Stroke Search Crossword

Stroke Search Crossword

Brief moment of no Oxygen to the brain with no permanent damage
Brain Attack
Medication that helps prevent the aggregation of platelets
Medication that prevents clot formation
Most common classification of CVA
Ischemic CVA that occurs during sleep or rest
Ischemic CVA that is not preceded by a TIA
First line diagnostic test used to rule of hemorrhagic stroke
Inability to attach meaning to an object
Difficulty carrying out sequential steps
Denying affected side of their body
Double Vision
Clot busting drug

Cardiovascular Disorders Crossword

Cardiovascular Disorders Crossword

Medical term for chest pain due to coronary heart disease. Heart muscle doesn't get as much blood.
A disease of arteries characterized by deposition of plaque/fatty materials on inner walls.
Blood poisoning. Occurs when a bacterial infection else where gets into the blood stream.
Clotting of blood in a part of the circulatory system.
A sudden neurological impairment. Occurs when blood gets blocked or limited to the brain.
Caused by inflammation and by group A streptococcus.
Disease where bone marrow produces increased numbers of leukocytes.
A herediatary genetic disorder that impairs the body's ability to control blood clotting.
A sudden or fatal occurence when one or more of your coronary arteries get blocked.
Enlarge twisted veins due to valves not functioning properly.
Hardening and thickening of the artery wall due to build up plaque.
An enlargement of an artery caused by the weak artery wall.
Abnormally high blood pressure.

Stroke Month Crossword

Stroke Month Crossword

Difficulty swallowing food and liquids
The single highest risk factor for stroke
Difficulty listening and talking
Sign of stroke: if this is drooping, call 911
Sign of stroke: if this sounds strange, call 911
Sign of stroke: if this drifts downward while raised, call 911
Look here to see if a patient has a modified diet
With a stroke, " ________ lost is brain lost"
This type of stroke occurs with a shortage or blockage of blood flow to the brain
This type of stroke occurs when blood vessel(s) in the brain rupture
This disease deals with "sugars" but if uncontrolled, increases the risk of stroke
A common physical deficit of stroke, often on just one side of the body
Difficulty planning or sequencing desired movements
Difficulty controlling bladder & bowels
Imbalance of muscle tone
Absence of muscle tone (a "limp" arm or leg)
Development of a blood clot in the vascular system

Obesity Crossword

Obesity Crossword

Term for Really Fat or overweight
Things with seeds
A drink high in sugar
Found in all foods
Good for you but expensive
Starts with M and ends with t
Better boiled then fried
Something you have to do 30 minutes of this daily
With lots of abdominal exercise you could have a .......
Recommend to have 2 litres of this daily
Must have 5 serves of this daily
When a blood flow to the brain is blocked
When a clot blocks blood flow in to the heart muscle
Heart pain from heart disease
Body mass index
..... Good for you heart
Red vegetable
non-communicable diseases
When you pause in breathing while asleep
When the muscle of the air way relaxes to much during sleep and vibrates making noise
Arthritis caused by build up uric acid chrysalis in joints
Orange Vegetable
Too much = fluid retention
Another word for high blood pressure
Stones which develop in the gall bladder
What lowers cholesterol
What is rich in antioxidants
What contains vitamin C and is high in antioxidants
High in omega 3
Foods that ease digestion

Stroke Crossword

Stroke Crossword

Poor blood flow to brain resulting in cell death
A type of stroke resulting from an obstruction
Type of stroke associated with blood vessel ruptures
Key risk factor
Acronym for identifying onset of a stroke
How many times more likely are you to suffer from a stroke if you are black
What may be a physical post stroke effect
A treatment for ischemic stroke
A surgical treatment for Hemorrhagic stroke
A common misconception about stroke prevelance
Possible recovery time
A sign or symptom of stroke
Uncontrollable risk factor

Medical Terminology Crossword

Medical Terminology Crossword

Low RBC count
Difficulty eating
Too much sugar in the blood
Looking at blood vessels with dye
Slow heart rate
Without fever
Suffix meaning sagging/ falling out of place
Root word for cartilage
Suffix meaning hernia/tumor
Suffix meaning dilation/stretching
Difficulty breathing
Commonly known as 'blood poisoning'
Blood group system
Abbreviation for the medical term of stroke
Deficiency of WBC
Examination of the abdomen with a ------scope
Urination occuring at night
High blood pressure
Blood clot under the skin
Red blood cell
Root word for skull
Ovary root
Term for tube
Suffix meaning breakdown or separation
Root for lung
Root for rib
Excessive; too much
Many; much
Requiring the presence of air
Removal of a kidney
Under the skin
Cutting of a tube/vessel
BID; 3 words
PRN; 2 words

Coronary Artery Disease puzzle Crossword

Coronary Artery Disease puzzle Crossword

Our presentation is on _________ Artery Disease
These can gather plaque on their walls leading to strokes and heart attacks
A _______ occurs when things like inflammatory cells, lipoproteins, and calcium get stuck in an artery
This gathers on the walls of arteries and restricts blood flow
This is another name for plaque that gathers in an artery
A _______ Stroke occurs when and artery to the brain is blocked
A _______ Stroke occurs when and artery to the brain bursts
The symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease are almost all a form of _________
______ of breath is another symptom of Coronary Artery Disease
This is something that Coronary Artery Disease is commonly mistaken for

CPR Crossword

CPR Crossword

A first aid procedure that supplies oxygen and blood to the body until normal function resumes.
When performing CPR this needs to be pinched to make sure airflow travels to the lungs of the victim.
When performing CPR this part of the body needs to be tilted back in order to open the airway.
30 of these are given during CPR.
2 of these are given during CPR.
If someone is in need of CPR and have by lying there for more than ____ minutes, brain death is probable.
If you start performing CPR within the first _____ minutes, brain damage is unlikely.
The Department of Health requires that the ambulance service reaches 75% of category A (life-threatening) calls within ________ minutes.
This type of CPR is used by doing compression's only until help arrives.
This is used when a person is unconscious, has a heartbeat, but is not breathing.
A portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
If an INFANT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
If an ADULT is lying on the floor with no heartbeat and is not breathing, it is most likely because of a ___________ issue.
The right depth and rate of compression's will help _______ flow to the brain.
When preparing for possible CPR, the very first thing you do when you come upon someone whom you believe to be unconscious is check for __________________.

All about Strokes Crossword

All about Strokes Crossword

type of stroke that occurs when blood vessel in the brain breaks leaking blood into the brain
type of stroke that occurs when arteries are blocked by bloot clots or by the gradual build up of plaque
inability to recogonize and interpret objects, people, sounds, or smells despite intact primary sense organs
responsible for basic life functioning ( breathing, HR, and BP)
the lobe of the brain that is responsible for emotions, judgements and impulse control
treat __________, as it may mimic stroke symptoms
slurred speech
medication that should prescribed for any stroke patient with history of or with current atrial fibrillation
Any patient with a _____ higher than 100, should be placed on a statin
lobe of the brain associated with language processing
inability to speak
leading preventable stroke risk factor
a buldging formation on the artery, usually caused by hypertension or excessive amount of fatty deposits
inability to communicate ideas in written language not due to mechanical dysfunction; typically results from damage to the parietal lobe
________and stroke can occur together or in close proximity
lobe of the brain associated with visual processing
stroke patients must remain _____ until passing a dysphagia screen
hardening and thickening of the walls of the arteries
stroke patient teaching must be ________ to the patient's risk factors for stroke
stroke is the _____ leading cause of death in the US
the B in BE FAST stands for

Cardiovascular Disease Crossword

Cardiovascular Disease Crossword

Various diseases involving heart and blood vessels
Inactive Lifestyle
Ranked #2 in deaths in the U.S.
Consistent High Blood Pressure
“Bad” Cholesterol
“Good” Cholesterol
This type of diabetes is biological
This type of diabetes is environmental
Blood pressure range Below 120 and Below 80
Blood pressure range 120-129 or 80-89
Another name for genetics
Coronary artery is completely blocked
Blocked blood supply to a part of the brain
Stroke caused by blockage in a blood vessel
Stroke caused by burst or ruptured blood vessel
#1 Risk Factor
overall condition of body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury
expands the idea of health to include the ability to achieve optimal health, all dimensions
Any body movement
Internal Dialogue
planned, structured, repetitive movement intended to improve or maintain physical fitness
Length of a workout
Pressure when the heart is beating
Pressure when the heart is relaxing
Peak of an exercise plan, most intense