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Economic Terms Crossword


The word for exchanging goods and services, sometime between countries
Something that a person would like but is not necessary for their survival.
When money or goods are traded or exchanged for other goods or services
When a company focuses on a small range of products in order to more efficient and their business more profitable.
The person selling the goods or providing the service.
When a person keeps their money instead of spending it.
What people must give up in order to get what they want the most
What a person requires to live - food, water, shelter
A decision that must be made, the object or lesser value is given up and exchanged for something of more value.
The person receiving the goods or services.
How efficient a good or service is produced in order to increase profit.
Something that motivates someone to buy an item.



Value of all final goods and services produced within the borders of a country
Compulsory payments made by individuals and businesses to the government
Goods and services produced in other countries and purchased by local businesses and individuals
Goods and services produced locally and then sold for consumption outside the borders of the country.
A negative economic growth for at least two successive quarters
A document that details expected revenue and projected expenditure
A business owned wholly or partly by the government and run by private authority, e.g ESKOM
An indirect tax on goods and services consumed in the economy
A sustained and significant increase in the general price level over a period of time; leads to a decline in the buying power of money.
An index that measure consumer inflation
An increase in the production of goods and services
People who want to work, are looking for work, but cannot find work

Money Matters: Workbook 1 - Spending Plans Crossword


Things you spend money on
Money you get from a job, benefits, or somewhere else
Things you must have and can't do without, such as food
A special savings account to help you save for your child's future education.
A plan for how you will spend your money so that you can best meet your needs.
Another name for "spending plan".
What you think is important in life.
Things that would be nice to have, but that you can live without.
Number of days in a week.
Number of days in a month.
Number of weeks in a year.

Auntie Kim's Get Well Game Crossword

Auntie Kim's Get Well Game Crossword

What you'll get when you leave the hospital
Best Will Ferrell Movie
A beer AND a pandemic
Emelia's favorite word
Something the whole family is thinking (3 words)
The Queen of Pop
TES's original nickname
Something Trump paid a lot of money for
He was the King of England AND shares a name with your loved one
You gotta fight for your right to....
To confuse or perplex
Your #1 favorite nurse
What hospital food tastes like
How many grandkids are in your future
Emelia's second favorite word
Your favorite appetizer at Northwood Public House
What Rich is doing while you're gone
In your next life you'll come back as a...
Jordan's real name

VAS Crossword


Closed Presentation, clipped on inside both sides
Non-Tucked, clipped on both sides, able to see both pockets from front
Closed Presentation, tucked on left side
can involve a tuck, NOT always
Can be placed in multiple areas based on given instructions
can be placed in one area, on 1 specific side
what side should be tucked for a single tuck?
If the letter "S" or word "Sizer" is not included in instruction, hanger should be?
on a single tuck, which side is NOT tucked?
How many inches should a size strip be from its instructed side?
What is put on the hanger to give more detailed information about the garment on it?
which way should the hook on the hanger be facing once completed instructions for processing.
what is received if product is sent out incorrectly/wrong?
Adidas wants __(blank?)__ over quantity?
what is the presentation that NEVER involves a tuck?
price tickets can go to on the front or back of these, what are they?
What does "VAS" stand for?
if the __(blank?)__ doesn't match remove the MSRP?
What is the price on the white tag called?
How many icons should be on each side of the garment when placing size strips?

running a venture Crossword


one of the 4ps of marketing
one of the 4 p's of marketing
one of the 4 p's of marketing
one of the 4 p's of marketing
The people you are aiming to sell your product to is referred to as the _____________ market
To understand the target market, it is important to do a ______________
Total $sales minus the total $costs is call the _________ __________ point
One of the 3 ps which measure success
One of the 3 p's which measures success
One of the 3 p's which measure success
A tool used to identify strengths and weaknesses of an idea
A name for a business person who takes risks, has a vision, is a leader,....
a good way to gather ideas is to...
a _______________ statement or purpose statement is the business declaration of how they will impact
posters, social media, daily notices are ways to promote your product. This is A_______
An intangible provided by businesses
Products are referred to as i______

KEY TERM TOPIC 2.3 Crossword


It is a measure of how efficiently this process is being carried out
Are things other people do far you such as cutting you hair
This is where a single items is made from start to finish , usually according to the customer’s specifications
Involves materials and components arriving at the workplace just in time for use and ‘finished’ products being immediately to customers with very little or no stock kept in case of problems with delivery or work in progress, etc.
Is the process of inspecting and testing products in ode to reduce the number of ejects in the production process and returns from customers
Is a series of activities designed to maximise the level of satisfaction that customers gain from purchasing product or service from a business
Is the raw materials and components , work in progress o finished goods a business holds at any one time
Is what is sacrificed when one course of action is taken over another
Involves the use of machines to carry out operational tasks
Is the length of time taken between two or more processes
Is a systematic approach to selling which involves a series of steps with the ultimate aim of making a sale

River Landscapes Crossword


A type of erosion process; stones carried along scratch the river bed and banks (like sandpaper).
A type of erosion process; rocks being transported bump against each other and break into smaller, smoother, rounder particles.
Particles in running water, which are transported along the river bed. Generally, the bedload in the lower course is smaller and more rounded compared to the bedload in the upper course, which is bigger and coarser.
A type of river profile; shows what a cross-section of a river’s channel and valley looks like.
The process of depositing or dropping off any material when a river lacks energy for transportation.
The process of wearing away rock and soil in a river bed and banks; also, breaking of rocks carried by the river.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; where river meets sea; river slows down and broadens; tides clear out materials into the sea; remaining sediments form mudflats.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; wide and flat land around the river; covered during floods, the river reduces energy and deposits alluvium (fertile silt/sand), which is good for farming.
A type of erosion process; the power of flowing water smashes against the river banks, causes air to be trapped in cracks, and eventually breaks the rock.
An example of erosional landforms in the upper course; a series of land ridges protruding interchangeably from either side of a valley with the river zigzagging between them.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; natural embankment along the river banks; bigger particles deposited closest to the river and build up after many floods.
A type of river profile; a line representing the change in gradient (steepness of slope) with distance from river’s source to mouth.
One of the stages that features the following: more deposition; large amounts of load but very small and rounded (fine sediment); channel is deepest and widest; flat land.
Example of erosional and depositional landforms in the middle course; large curves in a river; forms when lateral erosion widens the river to the right side then left side with more water and more energy.
One of the river stages that features the following: more lateral erosion and deposition; load is smaller and less angular; channel is deeper and wider; U-shaped.
An example of erosional & depositional landforms in the middle course; cut-off part of a meander; forms when erosion tightens the neck and during flood, higher discharge of eroded materials breaks the neck, leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped loop.
A type of transportation process; small pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
A type of transportation process; minerals are dissolved and carried along in water
A type of erosion process; water reacts with chemicals and dissolves rocks.
A type of transportation process; lighter material (like sand, silt, clay) is suspended or carried in the water.
A type of transportation process; large stones are rolled along the river bed.
The process of picking up sediment and carrying it downstream.
One of the river stages that features the following: vertical erosion; load is large and angular; channel is shallow and narrow; steep sided V-shaped valleys.
A measure of how rapidly the water moves over a quantified distance (speed = distance/time). It usually rises with increasing distance downstream, as more water is added to rivers.

A simple crossword for my lovely girlfriend


Where do you place on the beauty scale?
Mall with good cinema area
What is your surname?
What is my surname
What is your nephew's favorite superhero
Yours and my favorite position?
Your favorite colour
What is your birth month
The day we went for karaoke then to that bar
The tool we are using to erase our past and draw our future
What day in January 1989 was Akihito is sworn in as Emperor of Japan
My biggest turnoff is if your personality is?
Before you sleep you gotta drink this?
After hearing both versions of my turnons you felt?
How old do you look?

What, where, Who? Crossword


Pronounced differently to how it is spelt
This house is at the TOP - what is it called?
Near the salty air is the .......
A family history since 1949-whose family?
A cup of tea a good old book all you need is a place to ________
A Christmas gift but to use in the heat this is the season when we all meet.
a view of water a smell of salt a nice way to kick back and enjoy the ___________ view
A promise made to ride a raft all the grandchildren exited but where is the most stable surface to ride from?
A love for art and creativity and especially a horse is the second oldest grandchild called_______
The two who are as thick as thieves and into making rafts these two are two cheeky boys called ________________
Your son and daughter who both have 2 children each their names in age order are:_______
Your husband and a great sailor with a name which is______
A girl who loves sailing but gets very cold: _____