Price Integrity Crossword

What does TPR stand for
Maximum price point we apply 10% discount without question
How do we create a label on the floor
What colour is a TPR ticket
What colour is a Clearance ticket
What is it called when we discount our price to match another store, on a same stocked item
What is it called when we mark an item down for customer satisfaction
When should Team requested labels go up
Do shelf labels have a date on them
When are Pricing Increases put up
When implementing a Price Match, what is one example which must be considered in the final costs
What must we remove before putting up a clearance ticket
Do we put new labels on the shelf, without first removing the old label
Can Team maintain Label quality
If you have any further questions, who can you speak to

netball! Crossword

netball! Crossword

What you year to show your team colour
The other shooter apart from Goal Shooter
Passes the ball first
How many players on a team?
marks wing attack
how many feet can you move after catching the ball
where is the goal shooter allowed?
how many are there of each space in a team
when the other team is out, you get a
what you score in
how many people in a team can score
a goal is worth...
marks goal attack
marks one teams centre
marks goal shooter
what is a netball court divided into?
turning on one foot is
how many substitutes can you have?
other players must stay -------- away from the person with the ball
after catching the ball,you have ---- steps.

Social Skills Crossword

Social Skills Crossword

Back and forth conversation- like a tennis match
The thing that you do to make your appearance neat and clean
View of someone of something
Where you go to get the job done
It is important to do this when working on a team
The limits
Information to help you improve
Meet each other halfway
What your face says
Communicating with no words
Speaking up for yourself to get what you want or need
Acting in a way that respects others and your job
Adjusting to changes
Combined effort, communication is key!
Feeling anxious or being upset by something or someone

ACT Prep Crossword

ACT Prep Crossword

How many questions is on the Reading?
What is a perfect score on the ACT?
Process of _____________________ is a testing strategy that can be used on the main sections.
Vertical ______ test is a testing strategy used on the English section.
What kind of punctuation can only come between two complete ideas?
What sort of punctuation can never come between two complete ideas?
In STOP punctuation, we use a comma with what else?
What is the first thing we read in Reading?
What is the hardest topic on the Mathematics?
What Mathematics testing strategy do we use when we have numbers in the answer choices?
In Math, we have _______ in the answers when we use Plugging In.
What kind of words do we underline in the questions for Reading?

Patient Safety Crossword

Patient Safety Crossword

What are two patient identifiers before administering medications
Label containers for in the presence of the patient
Before initiating a blood transfusion match it to the
This is needed when administering blood
Critical test results must be called to the
What you do to medications you have drawn up ahead of time
labeling medications should include the
label each medication as soon as it is
Use premixed medications whenever they are
use approved preixed bags when they are
Continuous heparin IV should be administered on a
All patients should be asked for their list of current
Going over a patients medications upon discharge is medication

Personal Hygiene Crossword

Personal Hygiene Crossword

I do this once a day to remove food in between my teeth.
I put clean clothes on every day, especially this!
I never do this into my hands. I use a tissue whenever possible.
I do this before eating, after using the bathroom, sneezing or playing with pets.
Keep this neat by styling and brushing.
I clean these often so I don't get wax in them.
Keeping my body __________ is an important part of staying healthy.
Always get your beauty _________.
Do this to avoid gingivitis, cavities and bad breath.
I trim these weekly. I keep them short and clean.
Doing this every day or two is a must, and always after sports practice or playing outside.
I always use this when I wash my hands and body.
My hair always smells so fresh and clean when I use ______________.
I always try to keep fresh ____________ in my purse.
It's also nice to keep a ______________ in my purse.
Before you go to bed don't forget to wash your _________.



They investigate all health and safety accidents
This stamp or Mark ensures that materials and components are the correct standard
What ACT covers the reporting of accidents
Who is theopperative that deals with minor accidents on site
Modern colour of the live wire in a plug
Colour of a 110v scocket
Test for electrical equipment
Elevated platform that can be moved
Act about health and safeyt
Controlls Hazardous substances
A disease that affects the skin
Used to protect aghinst hearing damage
One item that employers must provide on a building site
The most common accident in construction
This is Carried out before a task is undertaken
Produced to put systems in place to counteract hazards
What must you do before changing tooling on power tools
These protect your hands when lifting and carring
Protection for your feet
Protection for your head
These protect your eyes
This ensures your seen on site/workshop

Horse Words Crossword

Horse Words Crossword

What can you tell by looking at your horse's teeth?
What is the fastest gait (speed) of the horse
The person who trims the horse's hooves (also called blacksmith)
The piece of equipment the horse wears on it's head when being ridden
The two-beat gait
What is the long hair that grows on your horse's neck called?
A large, white spot on your horse's forehead
What do you put your feet in while you are riding?
When you're trotting, what is it called when you stand up and down?
The mane for a baby horse
An orange coloured horse. Also the word for the scabby bump on the inside of a horse's leg
How many inches are there in one hand?
What do you yell when you enter the arena?
An equine that is under 14.2 hands tall

Customer Service Week Crossword

Customer Service Week Crossword

Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
Transmit information
A form used in making a request
When a customer's service is not working we submit a ____ ticket
Someone who pays for goods or services
The opportunity to pay a bill late without having services shut off is an
Hear with intention
Watch your ______ when speaking to customers
Work done by one person or group that benefits another
To add autopay a customer must log into
Being of service or assistance
A facial expression characterized by turning up the corners of the mouth; usually shows pleasure or amusement
The first known use of a ______ was in 1885
Customers that put their services on vacation over the summer are called
If the caller is upset, stay

OPSEC is not Puzzling Crossword

OPSEC is not Puzzling Crossword

What you should do to your anti-virus software on a regular basis
What you should do to all papers with PII or other sensitive information
Where you should keep your badge when off-site
An adversary is considered a _________
"Computer1234" would be a bad example of this
Actions that mitigate a threat
An option to protect your credit
What potential harm from poor OPSEC is called
What you must do to emails containing Critical Information
What a weakness in our practices or defenses is called
The type of information that OPSEC protects
The number of steps in the OPSEC process
The Freedom of Information Act is for what type of information
It is very important to use privacy settings on _______________
What you should remove each time you walk away from your NMCI computer
What you cannot take with your smartphone or camera anywhere onsite
What you should practice whenever you discuss your work with anyone
OPSEC is a _______ effort
What is the abbreviation of the list that shows the commands Critical Information
The kind of email account you can't use to conduct Government business

ServSafe Crossword

ServSafe Crossword

Temperature Time Control
41 degrees fahrenheit -135 degrees fahrenheit
You should not wear ________ in the kitchen.
What is the first step in washing dishes?
What is the second step in washing dishes?
What is the third step in washing dishes?
Before every task make sure that your hands are ________.
Employees should always have good _________.
After every task, employees should change what?
When cooking or preparing different foods, keep utensils and surfaces clean and/or separate to prevent __________ _________.
How many inches should food be stores off of the ground?
Employees must always wear an ________ in the kitchen.
Follow the correct safety procedures to prevent the growth of _______.
Make sure the thermometer is always correctly __________.
Any illness resulting from the food spoilage of contaminated food, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food.
If a chemical is transferred into a new container, be sure to add a ________.
Always be sure to clean and sanitize the necessary items in the kitchen if someone has an _______.
Always cook for to the correct __________.
_____________ of food should always be separate from ___________ of chemicals.
TCS foods have a ________ of seven days.
___ __________ have a shelf life of seven days.
The Food and Drug Administration
When chemicals are stored, a ________ should always be present.
Employees nails should be free of ____________.
First in, first out.