Jordin's Smoking Crossword

A serious life threatening impact of smoking.
The legal age to purchase cigarettes.
What happens to teeth after prolonged smoking.
Is $40 the average price of cigarettes in Australia?
What is the most addictive ingredient in a cigarette?
What type of common cancer can passive smoking cause?
True or False: 600,000 deaths globally are caused by cancer each year.
Smoking causes the highest level of what type of deaths in Australia?
Smokers under 65 years are around three times more likely to have a (what?) than non-smokers of the same age.
What affects can women who smoke experience in trying to have a baby?
Which country sells the most expensive cigarette packets?
In Australia, what organisation do you call to get help to quit smoking?
How to immediately reverse the effects of smoking.
Being addicted means you will suffer what symptoms when you start to quit?
Are "light" cigarettes less harmful?

health risks of smoking Crossword

health risks of smoking Crossword

non smokers breathing it affects smokers the same way
even if they dont smoke they still are more likelytto get heart disease, attacks, or strokes from shs
the amount of non smokers that die each year from shs
chemical in smoke, also in windex
chemical in smoke, also in gasoline
metal stronger than steel, also in tobacco
in batteries and smoke
once found in paint, now in smoke
poisonous gas from car exhaust and smoke
used to preserve dead bodies, also in smoke
happens to your baby when you smoke while pregnant
worse than first hand smoke
disease caused by smoking
smokers spend thousands of dollars a yeqar on cigarettes
about how many toxic chemicals there are in smoke
you are at it for many diseases when you smoke
smokers have a higher risk for it
cigarette smoking causes this many deaths in the US per year
people die this way when they smoke
when you quit, you have this for diseases
they smell bad when you or someone near you smokes
its bad when you smoke
you have one to cigarettes when you smoke
smoking is
impacts anywhere over the body in a negative way
there is no safe of smoking

Smoking Cessation Crossword

Smoking Cessation  Crossword

Why do most people smoke cigarettes?
It is hard to quit smoking because the nicotine found in cigarettes is a very ____ drug.
About half of all Americans who continue to _____ will die because of the habit.
the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end:
Smoking is the leading preventable cause of ______.
Most relapses occur within the first ____ months after quitting.
Quitting smoking will improve your chances of having a healthy baby if you are ____.
One benefit of not smoking is having extra _____ to spend on other things.
The most important factor when trying to quit smoking will be your own ______.
One step you can take to help you quit smoking is to ____ new skills and behaviors.
Parents who quit smoking protect their children from illnesses caused by _____ smoke.
What could cause lung cancer?
One _____ contains as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes.
Some smokers suffer negative personal appearance side effects such as stained teeth and _____ bad breath.
______ is found in substantial amounts in all forms of tobacco.

Tobacco Crossword

Tobacco Crossword

An addictive drug found in tobacco leaves and in all tobacco products.
Capable of causing a user to develop intense cravings.
A thick, oily, dark liquid that forms when tobacco burns.
passages through which air enters and spreads through the lungs.
a poisonous, colorless, odorless gas.
ground tobacco that is chewed or inhaled through the nose.
a condition in which passages in the lungs become swollen and irritated eventually losing their elasticity.
a process in which the body needs more and more of a drug to get the same effect.
a type of addiction in which the body itself feels a direct need for a drug.
Physical and psychological reactions that occur when someone stops using an addictive substance
Products that assist a person in breaking a tobacco habit.
a return to the use of a drug after attempting to stop.
Environmental tobacco smoke
smoke that comes directly from a burning cigarette, pipe, or cigar.
smoke that is exhaled by a smoker.
A nonsmoker who breathes in secondhand smoke
pressure you feel to go along with harmful behaviors or beliefs of others your age.

Smoking Crossword

Smoking Crossword

What is the most addictive substance in a cigarette ?
What gender smokes the most ?
What does smoking Cause ?
What do you need to breathe ?
What do you call someone who smokes ?
What is it called when you breathe in someone else's cigarette smoke ?
What's the sticky substance in a cigarette ?
What's the best thing for smokers to do ?
What is the most common cancer to get ?
What can become bad once you have talents 10 cigarettes
What does smoking do to your teeth ?
What can smoking cause your heart to have ?
Is smoking legal or illegal ?
What is the legal age to smoke ?
When is the most dangerous time for women to smoke ?

tobacco education Crossword

tobacco education Crossword

Smoke that burns off the end of a cigarette
To be dependent on tobacco
when tissues become diseased and die
hard yellow-white patches that from in the mouth
substance that speeds up your heart, blood pressure, and nervous system
an inflammation of the larger airways
hazardous gas from a burning cigarette
cancer causing substance
to stop smoking using patch or support group
dark sticky substance
smoke from a smoker
disease of long term smoking
the substance that makes smokers "hooked"
when the body gets used to a drug and needs more and more
the physical feelings when a drug wears off
dried leaves from the nicotiana plant
build up of fat in the arteries
tobacco that is not smoked
environmental smoke that is breathed in from someone else
finely ground tobacco put in the nose
to stop or quit using without the use of cessation products
chewing tobacco or unground leaves that are placed in the back of the mouth

smoking Crossword

smoking Crossword

it is an addictive chemical in cigarettes
most common cancer from smoking
harmful chemical in cigarette smoke
what dieses risk is incresed when you smoke
a main reason teenages begin smoking
a telaphone line to help you stop smoking
a chewing gum that will decreas your erge to smoke
a health professional who can help me quit
name a short term affect from smoking
name a long term affect of smoking
a non physical cost to smkoing that doesnt harm your body
type of smoke that affects a non smoker
long periods of smokng can cause dange to your
increase risk of .......... clots
age when oyu can legaly buy cigarettes

SMOKING Word Search

SMOKING Word Search
Word Search


Teens and Tobacco Crossword

Teens and Tobacco Crossword

Chewing tobacco has ____ times the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, making it highly addictive
What happens to your muscles when you smoke(*Hint: add an S to the end of this word)
A big factor for why teens start smoking
Found in chew less tobacco and motor oil
Addictive substance in tobacco
Chemical in the brain that acts as a false stress reliever
More than 600,000 non-smokers die yearly from _____smoke
The state your lungs are in as an adult when you have smoked as a kid
babies born to parent who smoked hookahs weight less and have an increased chance of having a _______ disease
Smoking tobacco you are more likely to suffer from emotional or _____ distress
Other than smoking, how else can you use tobacco
bout 8.6 million US citizens have a serious illness caused by
One can of chew able tobacco = ___ packs of cigarettes
Another name for hookah
Disease of the mouth caused by smoking tobacco ___ disease
Substance that is found in nail polish and is also found in tobacco
Chewing tobacco 8-10 times a day you are exposed to the same amount of nicotine as you are when you smoke __ pack of cigarettes a day
What happens to your blood pressure and heart rate when you smoke (*hint: add an S to the end of this word)
______ is located in chew less tobacco and can cause bladder cancer(*hint add an S to the end of this word)
another name for a cigarette

Vaping Crossword

Vaping  Crossword

A highly addictive substance in any form and is commonly vaped.
________ is the use of high-tech, advanced electronic devices such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes),
Appealing flavorings are a marketing endeavor to attract adolescents, disguise harsh tobacco, and facilitate nicotine _________.
Flavorings/________ were among the 3 most commonly reported reasons for e-cigarette use among teenagers
______ adults encompass over 20% of the population in the United States.
58.8% of _____ school students in 2015 reported using e-cigarettes and additionally combustible tobacco products.
During adolescence while the _____ is developing, nicotine can result in addiction and harmful consequences such as behavioral and cognitive impairments, memory issues, inattention, and executive function impairments.
E-cigarette use among middle and high school students _______, rising from approximately 660,000 to 2 million students.
The vaping culture of using non–cigarette tobacco and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) is the latest ______ among adolescents and young adults.
Only 10% of the adolescent research participants stated they were using e-cigarettes in an attempt to ______ smoking regular cigarettes.
Almost half a million people ____ each year in the U.S. because of tobacco use through cigarettes making it this nations greatest cause of preventable death.
These products appear to replicate the appearance of an extended flash drive or stick and are popular among adolescents and young adults
Reasons reported for using-curiosity, taste, and belief that cigarettes are _____ harmful than other tobacco products.
Everyday more than 3200 children aged 18 years or younger ______ their first cigarette.

tobacco teaser Worksheet

tobacco teaser Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

cigarette smoking is the most ? cause of death in america
highly addictive drug found in all forms of tobacco
to breath into the lungs
smoking can cause ? which can make your face look older
? contain more nicotine,tar and carbon monoxide than cigarettes
regular users of tobacco become ? to nicotine
odourless,colourless,poisonous gas found in tobacco smoke and car exhaust
the legal age at which tobacco products can be purchased
a type of cancer caused mainly by cigarette smoking
sticky brown substance found in tobacco smoke
organs found in the chest that can be severely damaged by cigarette smoke
a regular smoker who stops smoking will experience ? symptoms
the plant from which cigarettes are made
there are many ? causing chemicals in tobacco smoke