Book Club 2020 Crossword

A Man Called Ove was written by Fredrick _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7)
Three Women was the story of Lina, Maggie and _ _ _ _ _ (5)
Another Marian KEYES bestseller, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8)
This time last year we were celebrating here, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7)
Where was Mustafa and Nuri hoping to get to? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The winner of the 2019 Miles Franklin Award?
Eggshell Skull was about the legal system in which Australian state?
The main character in Fleishman is in Trouble (first name)
The cheapest book we have ever read?
Our last book was once named? Ten Little _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7)
Such a Fun Age was set in?
Author of Two Brothers?
The name of the island in the Wife and the Widow, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (7)
17 year old character in Call Me Evie, _ _ _ _ (4)
Author of Three Women, _ _ _ _ Taddeo (4)
The amount of months we have had "zoom" bookclub?
Who loves love? (3)
The name of the baby girl born in this our sixth year of bookclub? (6)
The name of the baby boy born in the sixth year of book club? (6)
The surname of the family in Grown Ups? (5)
Name of the mansion in Forbidden Promise? (10)

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

Famous Books and Authors Crossword

This man wrote 'A Christmas Carol'.
Who wrote the 'Harry Potter' series of books?
'The _____________' was the first of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events' series.
_____________ Wilson wrote about Tracy Beaker.
What is the first name of the main character in 'Holes'?
This is the surname of the man who wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'.
This is the name of a famous book by Roald Dahl.
Which creepy series of books did R. L. Stine write?
This is the name given to a fiction book.
Who wrote 'Mr Stink' and 'Gangsta Granny'?
Michelle Magorian wrote '______________ Mr Tom'.
Suzanne Collins wrote this trilogy of books which is now also a series of films.

Brave New World Crossword

Brave New World Crossword

author of book
group of genetically identical cells descended from a single common ancestor
first conditioning mechanism
the highest caste
an abscence forbidden word from the past
they do not need books to perform their social functions
process that makes multiple "twin" embryos
community,__________, stability
gamme of
was considered something pleasant in the brave new world
babies were conditioned to hate these and flowers
bernards last name
director of ________ and conditioning
no civilization without _________ stability, no _________ stability without individual stability
went with bernard to see the savage reservation

The Glass Castle Crossword

The Glass Castle Crossword

The checkout style the family employs when they can't pay for their hospital bill
The name of the main character/narrator
The name of the baby that died
The baby sister that was born after Jeannette
The name of the car Jeannette fell out of while her father was driving.
What Rex always promised his children he would build them when he struck it rich.
The name of the cat Rex threw out the window when they left
What Rex calls it when they leave in the middle of the night
The number of months that Mary claims she was pregnant with Lori
What Jeannette was making at three years old when she caught fire
What Jeannette's father gave her for Christmas when she turned five
What Mary and Rex bought for the house that she ended up getting stuck in the yard; musical instrument
The nationality of the little girls who jumped Jeannette after school
The name of the only brother Jeannette has
What her mother and father choose to be
The name of the room that Jeannette and Brian caught on fire.

Parts Of The Bible Crossword

Parts Of The Bible Crossword

he was crucified on the cross
his name starts with M
the series of books before jesus was born
the series of books after jesus was born
the mother of god
he separated the ocean for the Israelites
the book when god separates the ocean
he wrote the longest gospel
his name was originally Simson then jesus changed it to...........
what is christmas celebrated for? it is four words
when does lent start. what day
when did lent finish this year. what day
what day is easter celebrated each year
What month is christmas celebrated in.
the first book in the old testament
the first book in the new teatament
the second book in the old testament
the second book in the new teastament

child development Crossword

child development Crossword

when a baby's mouth is stroked, baby will turn head and _____ in the direction of stroking
startle reflex is also known as the _____ reflex
stroking babys palm causes baby to ____
expressions of happiness and amusment
produce tears in pain or distress
baby lying on stomach helptd them to push up and roll over
start tummy time soon after _____
by three years, child learns through the ______
4 year olds can tell the didference between ____ and different
6 and 7 year olds have a longer _____ span
5 year olds start learning how to _____
to hold something like a crayon or a pencil
to write is to have ___________
milk provides _____
first teeth appear around 6-8 _______
by three months baby discovers hands and _____
babies at one month prefer to look at high contrast _______
at one month baby starts to trust _______
will cry if over or under
at five months shows interest in _____
9-12 months _________ the phrase come here
wants to explore things by _______ them
your baby learns to control his _____ before his shoulders
a baby's weight ______ in the first year of life
at 6-12 months baby can _____
every child develops at a different ______
3 year olds love make _______
6 and 7 year olds start making ______ decisions
at 4 months baby is aware that people and things have _______
at 15-18 months _________ anxiety is less strong

Oliver Twist Crossword

Oliver Twist Crossword

What is the author's last name who wrote Oliver Twist?
What point of view is this story written?
Oliver has to ask his master for more of what?
What character falls deathly ill in the countryside?
Who is shot in an attempted burglary?
What is Nancy's profession?
Which character’s real name is Edward Leeford?
After Oliver's mother died what did Mrs. Mann steal from his mother?
Who was lurking in Mr. Brownlow's window with Monks?
Where was Oliver born?
What happened to Oliver's mother shortly after his birth?
What kind of mission was Oliver sent on with two other boys?
Where does Monks die?
What was Fagin's punishment?
How does Fagin die?
Oliver was what until he was nine years old?
When Oliver turned nine he went back where?
Who kidnaps Oliver and brings him back to Fagin while Oliver is delivering the books?
Who was Oliver's nurse, employed by Mr. Brownlow?

Tears of a Tiger Crossword

Tears of a Tiger Crossword

who is Keisha's best friend
The coaches name
The author
Andy's therapists name
The name of the high school
Andy's girl friends name
Who dies at the beginning of the book?
What is Andy's punishment for the car accident?
Who was driving when the car accident happened?
Which one of the boys doesn't drink alcohol?
What did someone call Andy when he goes back to school?
Who dated Tyrone?
Why didn't Gerald go in the car?
What in Andy’s life does he compare to a giant slide at a swimming pool?
What did Andy worry about Rob feeling in the cemetery?
What play by Shakespeare were the students reading in class?
What did Monty ask Andy regarding tigers?
What event did Andy agree to be the “Master of Ceremonies” for at school?
In his letter to Andy, who does Tyrone tell Andy to say hi to for him?
What does Andy’s dad go by at work?
What year was the book published?

A Man Called Ove Crossword

A Man Called Ove Crossword

Ove's wife's name.
Contents of 1st container of food neighbor sent to Ove.
Ove author.
Make of Ove's car.
Patrick's job.
Car Rune bought after his son moved to the US.
Parvaneh's reaction re: Ove's heart problem.
What Parvaneh's children came to call Ove.
What birthday gift did Ove give Parvaneh's oldest daughter?
What Ove called anyone who worked for the 'establishment'.
Country where Ove & Sonja took vacation.
Ove's nickname for Parvaneh's husband.
The number of daughters Parvaneh & Patrick have.
Type of lessons Ove gave Parvaneh.
Where Ove's father worked.

Women's Suffrage Crossword puzzle

Women's Suffrage Crossword puzzle

Where did the first women's rights convention take place in the U.S?
Who drafted the decleration of sentiments and resolutions?
Who was the president when women got the right to vote?
How may years did the silent sentinels last for?
Who gave the Ain't I a women speech?
Who formed the NWP?
What does the NWP stand for?
Who was the president of NAWSA after Anna Howard Shaw retired?
Lucy Stone and who else founded the AWSA?
What was the name of Fredrick Douglass' newspaper?
Who said they would rather have theri right arm be cut off then have black men have the right to vote before women?
Who did Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton work with to start their own newspaper?
What was the name of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony's newspaper?
Who was in London with Alice Paul?
What state did Sojourner Truth give her Ain't I a women speech in?
Who was the secretary at the Seneca Falls Convention?
Who chaired the convention at Seneca Falls
Who was the speaker at the Seneca Falls Convention?
Where was the Women's Suffragist Parade held?
Carrie Champan Catt became president of NAWSA after _ resigned?

Shakespeare's Life and Theatre Crossword

Shakespeare's Life and Theatre Crossword

Whom did Shakespeare marry?
What nickname do we use for Shakespeare?
What was the name of England's very first theatre?
Shakespeare's birthplace
Shakespeare's works were first published in this.
First Theatre Troupe Name
Second Theatre Troupe Name
Main time period in which Shakespeare lived.
Name of Shakespeare's theatre
Name of first monarch Shakespeare wrote under.
England's James the First was first this country's James the Sixth
Shakespeare's plays are mostly written in this verse
Anne Hathaway was how many years older than William?
How many children did Shakespeare have?
What caused the theatres to close down for breaks?
How many people could The Globe hold?
In 1613, during Henry VIII, this set off a fire that burned down The Globe.
What group destroyed The Globe after the English Civil War began?
These people paid one penny per ticket and stayed in the "pit" or "yard."
The troupe of actors that traveled to give performances were called "The
The name of Shakespeare's eldest daughter
Play thought to have been the first performed at The Globe.
Performances were held during the
Shakespeare lived for how many years?