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River Landscapes Crossword


A type of erosion process; stones carried along scratch the river bed and banks (like sandpaper).
A type of erosion process; rocks being transported bump against each other and break into smaller, smoother, rounder particles.
Particles in running water, which are transported along the river bed. Generally, the bedload in the lower course is smaller and more rounded compared to the bedload in the upper course, which is bigger and coarser.
A type of river profile; shows what a cross-section of a river’s channel and valley looks like.
The process of depositing or dropping off any material when a river lacks energy for transportation.
The process of wearing away rock and soil in a river bed and banks; also, breaking of rocks carried by the river.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; where river meets sea; river slows down and broadens; tides clear out materials into the sea; remaining sediments form mudflats.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; wide and flat land around the river; covered during floods, the river reduces energy and deposits alluvium (fertile silt/sand), which is good for farming.
A type of erosion process; the power of flowing water smashes against the river banks, causes air to be trapped in cracks, and eventually breaks the rock.
An example of erosional landforms in the upper course; a series of land ridges protruding interchangeably from either side of a valley with the river zigzagging between them.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; natural embankment along the river banks; bigger particles deposited closest to the river and build up after many floods.
A type of river profile; a line representing the change in gradient (steepness of slope) with distance from river’s source to mouth.
One of the stages that features the following: more deposition; large amounts of load but very small and rounded (fine sediment); channel is deepest and widest; flat land.
Example of erosional and depositional landforms in the middle course; large curves in a river; forms when lateral erosion widens the river to the right side then left side with more water and more energy.
One of the river stages that features the following: more lateral erosion and deposition; load is smaller and less angular; channel is deeper and wider; U-shaped.
An example of erosional & depositional landforms in the middle course; cut-off part of a meander; forms when erosion tightens the neck and during flood, higher discharge of eroded materials breaks the neck, leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped loop.
A type of transportation process; small pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
A type of transportation process; minerals are dissolved and carried along in water
A type of erosion process; water reacts with chemicals and dissolves rocks.
A type of transportation process; lighter material (like sand, silt, clay) is suspended or carried in the water.
A type of transportation process; large stones are rolled along the river bed.
The process of picking up sediment and carrying it downstream.
One of the river stages that features the following: vertical erosion; load is large and angular; channel is shallow and narrow; steep sided V-shaped valleys.
A measure of how rapidly the water moves over a quantified distance (speed = distance/time). It usually rises with increasing distance downstream, as more water is added to rivers.

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Crossword


A resource that can be found on Earth that can be used by people
A resource that cannot be replaced for thousands or millions of years.
A natural resource that can be replaced or renew itself
The process when water turns into a vapor
Process in which water vapor turns back into liquid
Water that falls to Earth
Provides the support and nutrients to help plants grow and thrive
Energy from plants is fuel for almost all?
Used to make furniture, paper, and building materials.
Cattle, Chickens, and Pigs are raised as a source of?

Perfect Ten Crossword

Perfect Ten Crossword

an actor's part in a play
an artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of boats or ships inland or to convey water for irrigation.
in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city:
an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress
denoting or relating to the wedge-shaped characters used in the ancient writing systems of Mesopotamia, Persia, and Ugarit, surviving mainly impressed on clay tablets
the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings
the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another
a two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle used in ancient warfare and racing
fine sand, clay, or other material carried by running water and deposited as a sediment, especially in a channel or harbor.
a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation

Photosynthesis Crossword


The green pigment in plants that captures radiant energy
The process by which plants use energy from sunlight to produce glucose
Glucose is stored as ...
A small pore on the surfaces of leaves that regulate the flow of gases in and out of the leaf.
The gas produced as a result of photosynthesis
Part of the plant where photosynthesis generally occurs
The radiant energy is used to combine water and ...
Oxygen is used in plants and animals during ...
Water is absorbed by the ...
Glucose provides this type of energy to plants and other organisms

Cell Crossword (Choice Board Project)


in 1675 he was the first person to observe
permeable boundary between the cell and the external
proteins made by the rough ER travel to the Golgi in sacks
biggest cell
smallest cell
degrade hydrogen peroxide and toxic compound that can be produced during metabolism
storage center of the cells DNA
converts energy stored in food into energy for work
gives temporary storage wastes water and nutrients
receives proteins from the rER and the distributes them to other organelles
plays a major role in mitosis
a support system for organelles, maintains cell shapes
the location of proteins synthesis
which piece of technology was instrumental in the development of the cell theory
boundary that surrounds the plant cell outside of the membrane
is involed in the synthesis of lipids and is not covered with ribosomes
intracellular highway
makes large amounts of proteins and covered in ribosomes
breaks down food particles
living things are made up of one or more (blank)
contains salt minerals and organic molecules
is chloroplasts in animal cells? (yes or no)
which scientist found that all plants are made of cells
are vacuoles larger in plant or animal cells?
the cell membrane is also called....

science crossword molecules and atoms

science crossword molecules and atoms

the reigon of negative charge surrounding the nucleus
an ion that has more protons then electrons
no overall charges
an atom that gained or has lost an electron
a substance made up of only one type of atom
an alloy of iron and carbon
a surface that repels water
a substance that releases hydrogen iron into an aqueous solution
a substance that releases hydroxide ions
containing more than one atom
one-billionth of a metre
the basic unit in a polymer
a molecule made of repeating units formed into long chains
carbon fibres or polymer fibres embedded in a plastic matrix
a tiny cylinder of of carbon atoms are 100 nm long
a rustless alloy of steel that includes chromium and nickels
a mixture of base metal and small amounts of other metal
the number of protons in a nucleus
a pure substance that is made up of two or more different types of atoms chemically joined
a grid like structure of atoms or ions in which each particle is bounded to all of its neighbouring atoms
shatters if hit

Cell Structures Crossword

Cell Structures Crossword

the basic, functional unit of life
a tiny structure within a cell's cytoplasm that carries out a specific function
acts as a control center of the cell
an organism composed of one cell
an organism composed of two or more cells
any cell that possesses a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles
any cell that lacks a nucleus
outer layer of the cell that controls movement of materials into and out of all cells
tough but flexible layer outside the cell membrane in plants, fungi, bacteria and some protists; provides support and protection
in plant and algae cells; contain chlorophyll
gel-like substance that fills the cell
network of tubular passageways used in transporting proteins
stacked membranes that receive proteins from the ER and then processes and packages them
where chemically stored energy in food is released as ATP
made of RNA; where proteins form
contain digestive enzymes to break down food and worn out cell parts

Point of Use Treatment of Endoscopes and Instruments Crossword


Preclean flexible endoscopes and instruments at the point of use to moisten, dilute, soften, and remove organic soils (e.g., blood, feces, respiratory secretions) and to reduce the formation of: BIOGUNK, BIOFILM, BIOFILL, BIOJUNK.
If organic soil and biofilm are not removed completely, the subsequent HLD or _______________ process might not be effective.
Preclean flexible endoscopes and accessories at the point of use as soon as possible and before organic material has dried on the surface or in the INNARDS, CHANNELS, CHAMBERS, CANALS of the endoscope.
The presence of dried organic material makes cleaning DIFFICULT, GRUESOME, EASYASPIE, IMPOSSIBLE.
Nearly irreversible ATTACHMENT, MAGNATISM, CLINGONISM, occurs as the microorganisms begin to multiply and form a mature biofilm.
Microorganisms within a mature biofilm are protected by the secreted extracellular substances and may not be easily FENESTRATED, IMPREGNATED, PENETRATED, SPONGENATED or killed by antibiotics, HLD, or sterilization.
Certain conditions are necessary for biofilm formation, including the presence of colonizing microorganisms, sufficient FERTILIZER, NUTRIENTS, CHLORIDES, PEPSIDIDES acceptable temperature conditions for growth, and time required for the formation of biofilm.
Biofilm can form on the inner surface of endoscope channels and is especially prone to form when these inner channels become scratched or REPAIRED, DAMAGED, PEANUTBUTTERED.
Effective precleaning processes may help to prevent patient COMPLAINTS, REPORTING, INFECTION, SCRATCHING.
If precleaning process will be delayed (e.g., an endoscope is used for intubation and remains in the procedure room for potential reuse), wipe the external surfaces and channels with SALINE, WATER, ENZYME, EVOOS.
After endoscope is used, wipe the outside with enzymatic solution followed by sterile water and suction BACTISTATIC, ENZYMATIC, VIRIOMATIC, CHORAMATIC solution followed by sterile water through the channels.
Surgical instruments are AFFECTED, INFECTED, EFFECTED, SUSPECTED, by biofilm formation and require precleaning during and immediately post surgical procedures.

Cross word puzzle PE

Cross word puzzle PE

A place where you work out
Something that helps your body stay with perfect health
Something that is apart of your body that helps you move around
A body part that gives your body blood
A materiel that gives you strangest
Something that is a liquid that you can see in rivers, oceans, etc
Your body going down into a sitting position but your butt isn’t touching the ground
A fruit that is either green or red that you can pick from trees
spreed your legs apart while your jump in in the air then you bring your legs back together when your standing
You go into a triangle position while having your hands on the ground and your staring at the ground making a triangle shape with your body and your back flare in the air
It is filled with vegetables and with lettuces and you can put any dressing on it
A bench that you do sit-ups on
Something red that has millions of seeds inside and outside of it and it’s really small
Something orange that comes from the ground
A orange fruit that comes from trees and it has the same name as its color
Walking but in a fast pass
Something that grows on trees and is yellow and it has a moon crescent type of shape
A fruit that is named after a magical creature that can fly and can breath fire
Is blue and is named berry
A purple fruit that is really small and it looks like a berry

Chapter 5: Change in Nature Crossword


Preserved remains of plants and animals.
This type of froms when a buried organism decays and leaves behind only a thin layer of carbon.
Petrified wood is an example of this type of fossil.
This type of fossil may consist of all or part of the original organism. Amber is an example.
Fossilized footprints, imprints, burrows and bite marks are all examples of this type of fossil.
Suggests that all of Earth's physical processes, such as erosion, happen at the same rate in the present as in the past.
Random changes in DNA.
The blending of Darwin's theories of natural selection with mutations and genetics
Attempts to date rocks or fossils by their location within layers of rocks.
Attempts to date rocks or fossils by measuring the amounts of stable and unstable isotopes within them.
Illustrates how accumulating mutations actually make organisms less fit for survival.
___________________ view mutations as evidence of the increasing disorder in creation as a result of the fall.
The ______________ is a copy of the original organism.