About Me  Crossword

first date
our anniversary
favorite flower
fear of...
middle name
lucky number
my birthday
eye color
breakfast date place
my "go-to" happy place
"my spot"
late night food spot
"go-to" college meal (1)
"go-to" college meal (2)
favorite animal
favorite food
future career
favorite netflix show
favorite color
favorite singer
favorite sport
favorite candy
favorite restaurant
favorite drink
future dog
cats name
dream vacation
state I want to live in

Commonly Confused Words Crossword Puzzle

Commonly Confused Words Crossword Puzzle

___ apple is my favorite fruit.
__ cake is my favorite food.
The ________ of his illness is cancer.
____________ Bob did that, he will have to work by himself.
to change or become different
an elevated structure place or structure, as a mound or platform, at which religious rites are performed
to give counseling to; to offer an opinion or suggestion
an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action
Whether you like it or not, I'm going __________.
a nonstandard word for anyway
______ does she think she is?
With ______ did you stay?
contraction of who is or who has
_________ drink did I take?

Physical Education Crossword

Physical Education Crossword

Shorts Color
Shirt Color
Roll Call
Number of Make ups per absence
Best way to contact my PE teacher
My PE teacher's name
A Male PE teachers name
A Male PE teacher's name
A Female PE teacher's name
What I use to enter my fitness scores
Where I go for rentals
How many points to I get for a non dress
Push up test measures...
Sit up test measures....
Jumping Jacks and Stretching
Second unit
Laps to equal a mile
The heart system
My favorite class
There are how many fitness tests per semester?

Valentine's Day Crossword

Valentine's Day Crossword

Blank and chill
This show's theme song is the backdrop to our relationship
What Aaron does, guaranteed to make Katy freak out
First "real" date movie
This activity was the first time Katy saw Aaron get overly competitive
"Surprise Date" location
Aaron's least favorite meal of the day
Favorite brand of whiskey
Upcoming life goals: becoming a ___________
Cause of the fateful first kiss
Netflix and chill location (oops)
What was chucked at Aaron's head and accidentally caused him massive amounts of pain
One of Aaron's favorite snaps to receive
Mutual love for this author
Aaron loves that Katy likes this day at the gym
Food that is beloved by Aaron and Katy both as a snack, and a weapon
Flavor that Katy loves but Aaron only tolerates occasionally
Sport at which Aaron excels and cherishes
Childhood TV show that Katy and Aaron both loved
Frequent date location at Keuka College
First country concert together
Everyone from Buffalo is _______ (according to Katy)
Saxophonist and car
Summer vacation spot
Katy's back-up career
Aaron hates this condiment (...or does he?!)
Food of the Gods



Favorite Color
1st Favorite College Basketball Team
2nd Favorite College Basketball Team
Month of My Birthday
Our song
My Major
My 2nd Major
Favorite Animal
Animal that I am Allergic too
Boxers or Briefs
High School
its on the
My most desired vacation
Favorite Sport
2nd favorite sport
What is my middle name?
Favorite season
What is my favorite thing to do is_____ ____________
favorite restaraunt
year I graduated high school
phone number
color of my eyes
favorite show
favorite movie
shoe size
what is my moms name
One place that I desperately want to visit
Shower in the morning or night
nickname that family calls me that i hate
my bestest friend besides youq
favorite sex position

All about you Crossword

All about you Crossword

Favorite game
Favorite Netflix show
Favorite date place
Eye color
Late night food stop
Middle name
Favorite food
Current cat
Lucky number
Future animal
Go to meal (1)
Favorite candy
Go to meal (2)
Go to place to eat
Breakfast date place
Favorite restaurant
Favorite thing to do
Dream vacation
First date
Birthday in roman numerical
Favorite drink
Anniversary in Roman numerals
State we are going to live in
Favorite color

All About Us-I Love You Mikhlyn<3 Crossword

All About Us-I Love You Mikhlyn<3 Crossword

First Date
Anniversary in Roman Numerals
Sunday Date Place
Fear Of...
Your Middle Name
My Middle Name
Your Lucky Number and Basketball Number
Your Birthday in Roman Numerals
Your Eye Color
Our Breakfast Date Place
Go to Place to Eat
Late Nigh Food Stop
Go to College Meal #1
Go to College Meal #2
Your Favorite Food
Favorite Thing to Do
Show Were Watching Together
Your Favorite Netflix Show
Your Favorite Color
Your Favorite NFL Team
My Favorite MLB Team
Your Favorite Sport
Your Favorite Candy
Your Favorite Restaurant
Your Favorite Drink
Your Favorite Movie
Your Dream Vacay
Your Future Career
My Future Career
Your Favorite Alcohol

J + A Crossword

J + A Crossword

street we first met
our date
first candy you gave me
my favorite color
your favorite food
my favorite ice cream flavor
what do you hate?
my birthday
my favorite desert
my favorite food
another food you love
a drink i hate
my favorite store
your favorite store
my favorite animal
"our" restaurent
our first date restauant
your favorite color
one of our future kids name (girl)
one of our future kids name (boy)

m i t c h e l & j i l l i a n Crossword

m i t c h e l  &  j i l l i a n Crossword

Our anniversary
First date restaurant
First date activity
First road trip
First overnight getaway
Our future dog
Jillian ____ Craig
One hobby you enjoy that I don't
My favourite activity to do together
Colour of my eyes
My birthday
Our future vacation
"Go to" meal to make
Your favourite hot beverage
My favourite hot beverage
Our age
Restaurant we've gone to the most
Brunch date location
Favourite Netflix show (1)
Favourite Netflix show (2)

All About Us Crossword

All About Us Crossword

Your Favorite Sports Team
My Favorite Sports Team
Our Favorite Pet
Our First Date
My Favorite CLE Restaurant
My Eye Color
Our future Daughters Name
Anniversary Month
My Middle Name
Your Middle Name
State We Are Visiting This Summer
Your Favorite Fast Food
My Favorite Fast Food
Your Favorite Candy
My Current Favorite Movie
Our Last Name
Where We Met
City We Met
Your Home City
My Home City
My Birthday Month
Your Birthday Month
Luna's Birthday Month
State We Are Going To Live In
My Favorite Grocery Store
Your Favorite Color

All About Each Other I Love You <3 Bre Crossword

All About Each Other I Love You <3 Bre Crossword

Favorite Sport (me)
Favorite Food (you)
Current Cat
Current Dog Breed (me)
Lucky Number (me)
Dream Vacation (me)
First Date
Future Dog (Both of Us)
Fear of...(me)
When we had our first kiss
When we became official (inclludes the day)
My eye color
your eye color
when is my birthday
how old am i
Favorite netflix show (you)
My favorite netflix show
Your dream date
Middle name (me)
your middle name
my go to meal at chiles
Favorite candy (me)
your favorite candy
my nickname in my family
your nickname in your family