Food Hygiene Crossword

When food goes off we call it food s___________?
One way to tell a food has spoilt is by it's a____________?
Micro organisms in food can double every ____ minutes.
WE can get ill by eating spoilt food. This is called food________.
Micro organisms need food, time and what else to grow?
The ideal t__________ for micro organisms is 5 degrees to 65 degrees
Ready to eat foods, like cooked chicken, need to be kept c______?
Micro organisms can't grow in d____ food.
Check l_______ to find out where to store food.
Prepare ____ food away from cooked food.

Food & Safety Crossword

Food & Safety Crossword

A cup marked in graded amounts, used for measuring liquid ingredients in cooking.
Keeping work areas free from dirt or bacteria.
This is a type of bacteria found in contaminated water.
This is a safe and quick way for thawing frozen food.
This is used to check the temperature of meat to make sure it is all the way cooked.
Use these to take out hot cookware from the oven.
Foods that can become unsafe or spoil easily if not refrigerated or frozen.
Home canning that is incorrectly processed
Is a another name for a frying pan.
Found in milk and dairy products, and becomes contaminated when humans do not wash hands.
When food is left at room temperature for too long, usually with meats and mayo salads.
This tool is usually made of narrow metal strips or wires attached to a handle
Tiny living creatures visible only through a microscope.
The process by which bacteria are unintentionally transferred from one substance to another.
Keeping yourself clean.
Cooking food at a safe internal temp.
Found in soft cheese, hot dogs and deli meat.
This a durable board on which to place material for cutting.
Used for cutting bread.
Used to get vegetables out of a heated pot.

Chapter 1 Food Safety Crossword

Chapter 1 Food Safety Crossword

Food safety involves activities, standards and procedures necessary to keep foods from becoming__________ Pg 3
_________foods are foods that a won't make you sick or hurt when you eat them. Pg 4
Food contamination may be either biological or ________________Pg 4
Living organisms found in or on foods that can make us sick are called ________hazards. pg 4
There are four basic types of biological hazards: Bacteria, Viruses, _______and Fungi. Pg 5
______are single-called organisms that can live in food or water and also on our skin and clothing. Pg 5
A ______is an example of a fungus. Pg 6
The living cell that a virus invades is called the ____. Pg 6
______are a type of parasite often found in pork and wild game meats. Pg 6
Hair, food packaging, or a bandage are examples of _____hazards you can find in food. Pg. 6
Bug sprays, cleaning compounds and fertilizers are examples of _____hazards found in food. Pg. 6
A course in food safety that teaches food handlers safe practices is called a ______certification. Pg 7
Botulism is a bacteria found in ______foods. Pg 8
E. Coli is a bacteria most often found in raw and uncooked ground ______. Pg 8
______is a bacteria found in eggs, poultry and shellfish. Pg 8
A virus found in shellfish from polluted water is called _________A. Pg 8
The "T" in FAT TOM stands for time and _______ Pg 10
Temperatures from 41 to 135 degrees are in the range called the ______zone. Pg 11
Aw is the abbreviation for _____activity and is the amount of moisture available in a food. Pg 11
______contamination means that a disease-causing substances is introduced directly to a food. Pg 11
Cross-contamination occurs when a food that is safe, comes in contact with biological, ________, or chemical contmainants. Pg 21
To avoid cross-contamination, raw meat and raw _____should not be on the same work surface. Pg 22
Keeping yourself clean, well groomed and healthy is called personal _______. Pgs 13 & 15
One of the most important elements in keeping food safe is proper _____washing. Pg 13
Disposable _____prevent your bare hands from coming into contract with ready -to-serve food. Pg 14
A chemical hazard found in fish that is released in the air through industrial pollution is called _____Pg 16
Sanitizing means that you have used either _____or chemical to reduce pathogens to a safe level. Pg 16
Cleaning is a three-step process. You wash, _____and sanitize. Pg 16
Mice, flies, cockroaches and mosquitos are examples of ______Pg 14
The ___of food is the route food takes from the kitchen to the customer. Pg 21
Two types of perishable foods are those store in the refrigerator and those stored in the _____Pg 22
Flour, tea, sugar, rice and pasta are known as _____goods. Pg 22
FIFO stand for _____in, First out. Pg 22
32 _ 36 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal storage temperature for meat and _____Pg 23
________should be kept between 36-40 degrees fahrenheit. Pg 22
There are three ways to thaw food: Refrigerator, under running water and the _______Pg 26
Keeping hot food in steam tables and cold foods in refrigerators until ready to serve is called _____food. Pg 27
The "A" in HACCP stand for ______Pg 31
Another name for a health inspection is called a food-safety _____Pg 30

Food borne illnesses Crossword

Food borne illnesses  Crossword

A Foodborne________, commonly referred to as food "poisoning" is a disease carried to people by food or water.
A Foodborne__________, is an incident in which two or more people experience the same illness symptoms after eating a common food.
___________ or other microorganisms that have contaminated food cause most food borne illness.
The temperature ________________ is between 41 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
A foodborne illness can result from a harmful ________ getting into a food that is then eaten by a person.
_________ are another potential source of contamination
___________ contaminated include dirt, hair,nail polish flakes, insects, broken glass, and crockery, nails, staples, metal, or plastic fragments, and buts
To prevent foodborne illness, foodservice personnel must follow procedures for good personal ___________
The temperature danger zone is between _____ degrees to 140 Degrees
___________-temperature relationship problems occur because, food is not stored, prepared, or held at required temperatures
One of the most common causes of foodborne illness is ______ contamination, the transfer of bacteria from hand to hand, food to food, or equipment to food.
the ___________ method is used most often unless a thermometer cannot register a temperature of 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)
______________ method may be less reliable than the ice-point method because of variation due to high altitude
An easy way to determine if hands are rubbed and lathered for 20 seconds is to sing one verse of______________________
cuts, burns, or any kind of break in the skin could harbor harmful__________ that can contaminate food and cause a foodborne illness
________ to food cross contamination happens when harmful microorganisms from one to such as unwashed produce, contaminate other foods.
Bacteria may pass from ___________ to food when the equipment that has touched food has not been properly cleaned and sanitized before being used to prepare another food
Foodservice ___________ are responsible for learning about food safety and following food safety requirements and guidelines
The foodservice __________ is responsible for knowing and implementing the state and local public health department regulations regarding food sanitation and safety
The 3 main________ illnesses are Biological, Physical and Chemical
The harmful microorganisms called ___________ can come from a variety of sources
__________- spreading pest, such as cockroaches, flies or mice which are attracted to food preparation areas, may contaminate food, equipment, or device areas.
_________ spread organisms from their bodies to food by unclean hands, coughing, sneezing.
____________ facilities and equipment may spread harmful organisms to people of food
___________ microorganisms may contaminate food during preparation and serving
The ______ primary ways of preventing foodborne illness are practice good personal hygiene, control time and temperature of foods, and prevent cross contamination

Ecology vocabulary crossword puzzle

Ecology vocabulary crossword puzzle

What are animals called that eat meat?
Animals that eat plants are?
If animals eat both plants and meat they are called
If the number of organisms that an environment can support due to limited resources it is
If an organism cant carry out photosynthesis then they will have to eat on other organisms they are called ?
A section of biospheres that has different types of organism intereacting with each other and with their environment is called
If a animal feeds on a herbivore and they are carnivores their known as
The living things that lives in an area and interacts with each and also depend with each others are called
The non-living things that living things need in order to survive are called
A diagram that shows the transfer of food energy from one organism to the next organism is called
A web that is made of more than two food chain inter connect is
A herbivore that feeds on plants are called
Are plants and algae they produce their own food thought process of photosynthesis are
A plant that uses photosynthesis to store energy is called
The struggle between members of the same species or different species for limited reasources is called
If the number of specfic organism in an area is known as
A symbiotic relationship in which both organism benefit is called as
A close long term of relationships between two organism of different species is called
A type of symbiotic relationship in which one organism benefits while the other is neither helped or harmed is called
A role of an organism in an ecosystemis called a

Food Safety and Sanitation Crossword

Food Safety and Sanitation  Crossword

Also known as food poisoning
microscopic living organisms
show signs of something
maintain cleanliness
To expect or prepare for
The spreading of harmful bacteria from one food to another
What can occur if foods are not wrapped properly?
foods that spoil easy
Food poisoning often is seen as..
Type of bacteria found in raw eggs
Organisms that feed on living things
Leftover soups, sauces, and gravy should be ___ before eating
Temperature range in which bacteria grow the fastest
You should never keep foods under the___?

Food and Nutrition Crossword

Food and Nutrition  Crossword

The starches and sugars present in foods which are made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are used to store energy for the body.
An indigestible complex carbohydrate that is found in the tough, stringy parts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
The amount of energy required by the body to maintain minimum essential life functions.
Nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissues which are made of long chains of molecules called amino acids.
Substances in food that your body needs to grow, to repair itself, and to supply you with energy.
A fatty substance that does not dissolve in water.
Units of heat that measure the energy used by the body and the energy that foods supply to the body.
The long stiff fibers that make up the walls of plant cells which are made of long chains of glucose (sugar) molecules linked together.
The kinds and amounts of food and drinks a person usually consumes (eats & drinks).
The total of all the chemical reactions an organism needs to survive. The process of chemical digestion and its related reactions.
The Nutrition Label helps you determine the amount of calories and nutrients in one serving of food.
Special carbohydrates that are found in foods like rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, and peas.
Specific chemical compounds which are the building blocks of proteins.
When the amount of calories you consume is EQUAL to the amount of energy calories your body uses during activity during a day.

Food Handler Crossword

Food Handler Crossword

How much bleach per one gallon?
After you handle trash or garbage you should?
If you eat food that has unsafe germs you could get?
41 degrees to 140 degrees is the ___ ___?
To kill germs you?
What is found in dairy, poultry, and eggs and can cause serious illness?
You should wash your hands before putting these on?
When working you should wear a ___ net.
___ causes food borne illness.
Tiny worms that live in fish and meat are called ___?
Rat baits and chemicals are ___ and should be kept away from food.
Reheated foods, stuffed meats and poultry should be cooked at ___?
Is a disease you can get by eating worms in pork that was raw or uncooked.
Found in raw or uncooked ground meats
In Oregon you only have __ hours to thaw foods.
In Oregon you must have your food at ___ degrees in two hours.
You should heat food very quickly when its being ___?
Do not thaw food at room temperture or in ___ water.
___ packages or Jelly, candy or sugar can be reserved.
When hand washing dishes you have to 1)Scrape 2)Wash 3)___ 4)Sanitize 5)Air Dry
When Commercial dish washing you have to 1)Scrape 2)___ 3)Air Dry
Liquids in foods that a sick person touches is called a ___?
A virus a person can have without knowing is called ___?
Cut large toasts and turkey into pieces no larger than ___?
___ only when on break and wash your hands thoroughly when done?
___ and clothes need to be cleaned and neat.
If you have loose bowels you need to talk to manager and go___?
A sanitizer (state checker) will ___ the sanitize bowl first.
After eating you ___ to wash your hands

food handler Crossword

food handler Crossword

measurement of bleach per gallon of cold water
illness caused by foods with many germs or unsafe things
41 degrees to 140 degrees
liquids and foods that a sick person touches
a virus a person can have without knowing
a food that needs to be cooked to 165 degrees
cut large toasts and turkey into pieces no larger than ___?
all meat cannot be room temperature longer than ____?
reheat foods to ____ degrees
scrape, wash, rinse, _____, air dry
cool oils to ___ degrees before disposing of them
when food is contaminated
to kill germs using heat of chemicals
a germ with only one cell
sickness from eating food that was not safe
after you eat you need to?
form of bacteria found in dairy foods, poultry, and eggs
disease from eating worms found in pork
found in meats that are raw of undercooked
you should wash your hands before putting ___ on
when working you put back your ___?
tiny worms that in fish and meats
____ should be kept away from foods
In Oregon you have ___ hours to reheat food
in Oregon you must have food cooled down to __ degrees in 2 hours
you need to heat food very quickly when it is being _____
_____ packages of jelly and candy can be reserved
don't thaw food with ____ water
_____ before you prepare food
cover, ____, and date dry foods



An immersion probe is an example of a
Hazards that make food unsafe are biological, physical and
Reduces pathogens on a surface to safe levels.
The first-in, first-out system is known as this
Four types of pathogens that can contaminate food and cause foodborne illness are bacteria, viruses, fungi and
The ice-point method or boiling-point method is used to do this
Visible soil
Worn when handling ready to eat foods
Tiny, harmful lifeforms that cannot be seen, touched or smelled are known as
Total seconds needed to properly wash hands
Bacteria needs six conditions to grow. What is the abbreviation for them?
This bacteria is linked to poultry and eggs, meat, and dairy products
This bacteria is linked to ready-to-eat foods and beverages
Raw or undercooked ground meat is linked to this bacteria...
. Foods that are easily contaminated by hands, such as salads containing TCS food is linked to which bacteria?

ServSafe Crossword Puzzle

ServSafe Crossword Puzzle

________ needs six conditions to grow.
Includes yeasts, molds, and mushrooms.
A contaminant that food can become contaminated when objects get into it.
A protein in a food or ingredient that some people are sensitive to.
An important tool used to identify allergens in the products that you purchase.
The most important way to prevent bacteria from causing a food-borne illness is to control....
This virus is mostly found in the feces of people infected with it. Also linked with ready-to-eat food and shellfish from contaminated water.
______ cannot be destroyed by cooking or freezing.
They require a living host to grow.
Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, and Fungi are types of.....
______ comes from raw and under cooked food, and contaminated produce.
The six conditions that bacteria use to grow is called....
A food borne symptom which causes they eyes and the skin to turn yellow.
What does the "M" in FATTOM stand for?