construction safety  Crossword

workplaces chemicals that may be present in the form of dust, fumes, gases or vapors
the process of being deprived of oxygen that can lead to unconsciousness or death by suffocation
a person or system used to transport, carry or communicate items or information.
materials that can chemically destroy exposed body tissue and other materials examples include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.
The process of removing and neutralizing contaminants that are present on employees and equipment.
The term used to describe death or injury by electric shock
Work that includes the removal of soil or rock from a worksite using tools, machinery or explosives.
A chemical or material that can oxidize other substances.
symbols used to represent specific hazards.
The intentional addition of outdoor air to a room or building.
The scientific study of the adverse side effects of chemical exposure.

Robotics Crossword

Robotics Crossword

Computer aided design can be say in a short way is
Follows commands you tell the robot
An information processing device whose inputs are both the desired and measured position, velocity or other pertinent variables
The study of motion, the forces that cause the motion, and the forces due to motion.
removes drive power from the robot actuators, and causes all moving parts to stop.
able to add resources to the system, such as memory, larger hard drive.
The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location of a robot
It can determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model.
re-programmable multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices, through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks
I help the robot move it arms or move
This is commonly used as a non-contact sensor for robots. Robotic applications include: distance finding, identifying accurate locations, surface mapping, bar code scanning, cutting, welding etc.
industrial robotic arm transfers materials from one place to another.
devices or computers separate from the robot for later input of programming information to the robot.
It moves and use mostly on this I can work will out it
predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic base the look of it
It help the robot to determine the environment of the robot like light heat.
The robot predicting the behavior and the operation of a robotic, kinematics emulation, path-planning emulation, and simulation of sensors. See Sensor, Forward Kinematics, and Robot.
This items we use to build buildings fix robot house.
It can work without you can build fine and it not being supporter by something
object to the workplace by gravity. Usually, a chute or container is so placed that, when work on the part is finished, it will fall or drop into a chute or onto a conveyor with little or no transport by the robot

Acids and Bases Crossword

Acids and Bases Crossword

A basic solution.
Potential of Hydrogen
An Acid that is completely ionized in aqueous solution
An Acid that is only slightly ionized in aqueous solution
A solution of known concentration used in carrying out a titration
Process used to determine the concentration of the solution
A base that reacts with water to form the hydroxide ion and the conjugate acid of the base
A base that completely dissociates into metal ions and hydroxide ions in aqueous solution
Any substance that can accept a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond
Any substance that can donate a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond
The positive ion formed when a water molecule gains a hydrogen ion.
The particle formed when a base gains a hydrogen ion.
A compound that has a pH of less then 7.
A compound that has a pH more than 7.
Able to be dissolved in a solute.
A chemical reaction between an acid and a base that produces water and a salt.
A substance that changes colors to indicate a change in the pH.
Negative log of the concentration of hydroxide ion.
The point in the titration at which the indicator changes colors.
What is the pH of Lakes normally
Used to cure heartburn.
Any process that results in the formation of an ion.
A molecule or ion that is a proton donor
An ionic compound composed of a cation and the anion from an acid.

bacteriology & decontamination Crossword

bacteriology & decontamination Crossword

sodium hypochlorite is an effective __________ for all uses in the salon
most effective type of decontamination against microbes
disinfectant label must have an _____ registration number
material safety data sheet
removing pathogens and other substances from tools or surfaces
substances that kill microbes on contaminated tools and nonporous surfaces
most quats disinfect in ________ minutes
quaternary ammonium compounds
bacteria or germs
one of the two classifications of bacteria

Decontamination and Infection Control Crossword

Decontamination and Infection Control Crossword

Something that makes a place or substance no longer suitable for use
The process that completely destroys all microbial life including spores
Chemical germicides for use on skin; registered and regulated by the FDA
Chemical process that uses specific products to destroy harmful organisms (except bacterial spores) on environmental surfaces
Chemical that destroys fungus
Chemical products that destroy all bacteria,fungi,and viruses (but not spores) on surfaces
Information compiled by the manufacturer about product safety, including the names of hazardous ingredients, safe handling and use procedures, precautions to reduce the risk of accidental harm or overexposure, and flammability warnings
What level disinfectants are effective for cleaning blood and body fluids
Created as a part of the U.S Department of Labor to regulate and enforce saftey and health standards to protect employees in the workplace
Chemical that destroys viruses

Weathering and erosion Crossword

 Weathering and erosion  Crossword

The process that breaks down rock and other material at Earth surface
The process by which ice wind water and soil move weather rock
Rock is physically broken down into smaller pieces
Breaks down rock with chemical changes
The geological principle that the same geologic processes that operate it today in the past to change
Grinding away of rocks by other rock particles carried in water with ice or wind
Sports rock when water seeped into cracked and freezes and expands
Chemical change in which substance combines with oxygen as when iron oxides forming rest
Characteristics of material that is full of tiny connected air spaces I can see through
Loose weathered material and earth surface in which plants can grow
Dark colored organic material in soil
Organisms that breakdown the remains of organisms and I just them

Acids and Bases Crossword

Acids and Bases Crossword

A substance that can donate hydrogen ions (H+).
A substance that can accept hydrogen ions because it has an hydroxide ion (-OH).
Chemicals that change colors in the presence of hydrogen and/or hydroxide ions.
A common used indicator to determine the pH of acids and/or bases.
What a substance is considered if it has a pH of 7.
A measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is.
The reaction of an acid with a base to produce a salt and water.
A base can also be defined as a proton...
A acid can also be defined as a proton...
How a base feels.
How a acid tastes.
How a base tastes.
To break down.
A scale in which numbers 0-14 are used to determine the pH of a substance.
How a acid feels.
What acids/bases do in substances in solutions to produce either hydrogen or hydroxide(depending on substance).
The ion found in a acid.
The ion found in a base.
The word used when acids reacts with active metals.
The process by which a precipitate forms.

Acids and Bases Crossword

Acids and Bases Crossword

a scale that determines how acidic or basic a solution is
chemicals that change colors when put in an acid or base to determine what it is
a substance that can donate hydrogen ions
a substance that can accept hydrogen ions because it has a hydroxide ion
a solution that isn't an acid or a base
an indicator that turns red in an acidic solution
the process of turning an acid more basic and a base more acidic
a liquid mixture that could be defined as an acid or base
pH stands for potential....
a basic solution used to clean drains
an acidic solution that comes from lemons
a proton is a hydrogen ion so acids are often called...
since the hydroxide ion in a base can combine with a hydrogen ion, bases are often called...
an acid with a pH of 1
an acid with a pH of 6
a base with a pH of 14
a base with a pH of 8
an acid can donate these ions
bases have these ions
the processby which a precipitate forms

Chemical Compound Common Name Crossword

Chemical Compound Common Name Crossword

sodium hydrogen carbonate helps regulate pH
hydrogen peroxide is used to remove stains
sodium tetraborate decahydrate
lead (II) sulfide
calcium sulfate dihydrate
sodium thiosulfate
calcium oxide
calcium carbonate
sodium hydroxide
calcium carbonate
potassium carbonate
silicon dioxide
sodium chloride
potassium nitrate
dinitrogen oxide
hydrochloric acid
iron disulfide
isopropyl alcohol
ammonium chloride
potassium chloride
calcium hydroxide
sodium carbonate decahydrate
methyl alcohol
magnesium sulfate

Weathering Crossword Puzzle

Weathering Crossword Puzzle

The breaking down and weathering of a rock from mechanical weathering
Rocks break by chemical weathering
Metallic element combines with oxygen and causes chemical change
chemical Reaction between water and another substance to form two new substances
conversions of a compound into a carbonate
Percipitation that contains a high concentrarion of acid
Weaker rocks weather away at a faster rate than harder rocks
Mixture of minerals, water, gases, and remains of dead organisms
Layers of soil
Horizontal layer of soil
Dark, organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals
Process were Earth's surface are loosened, dissolved or worn away
Water removes topsoil
Movement of a large mass of sediment or a section of land down a slope
Slow, downslope flow of soil
Slow downhill movement of weathered rock material

Infection Control Crossword

Infection Control Crossword

One- celled microorganisms that contain plant and animal characteristics.
Removal of dirt and debris.
Removal of blood and all other potential infectious materials on an items surface.
Process of elimination of most microbial organisms.
Register all types of disinfectants sold and used in the United States.
Government agency that was established in 1906.
Set guidelines for the manufacturing, sale, and use of equipment and chemical ingredients.
The ability of the body to destroy, resist, and recognize infection.
Create label standards to be used around the globe and includes pictograms to indicate possible safety concerns
Created the hazard communication standard.
Organisms that grow feed and shelter on or in another organism.
Chemical process for reducing the number of disease causing germs.
Regulate licensing enforcement and conduct.
Process that destroys all microbial life.
Submicroscopic particles that infect and resides in the cell.