slavery crossword

what would take 6 to 12 weeks to travel to Africa
ships carried between … and … amount of slaves
only ... of the slaves would survive
most traders were ...
most of the 6 across chaps would sell there catch of slaves to the ... coast
it would take ... amount of ...for the slaves to get to the coast
sometimes they had to walk ... of miles
when they arrived at the coast they were imprisoned at ...s
other slaves were imprisoned in wooded stockades on the beaches these were called ...
slaves could be held in the answer to 13 across for up to ...
slaves were repeatedly ... by the ship owners
the most famous ship revolt happened in ... on the ...
troublesome slaves could be ...
sometimes they would ... the slaves mouths open to feed them

Slavery Crossword

Slavery Crossword

How slaves were made to keep fit and healthy
You couldn't be a slave if you were this skin tone
How many times a slave was fed in a day
Overall, about 12 million slaves were captured and taken to this country
Over 4 million slaves died in this country
Where slaves were mostly taken to work
A shape which represents the three different countries that slave ships travelled too
The year that lave trade ended
A type of drink that was sold in exchange for a slave
A line of chained slaves
The ship on which there was a slave mutiny
A word used for when the members of the public decided to turn against the slave trade

Slave Trade Crossword

Slave Trade Crossword

Country which provided huge amounts of slaves
Rural areas where slaves worked
Country which traded many mass produced products
Type of transport in which slaves were moved in
Main thing that was traded with Britain from Africa
Weapon used to beat slaves as a punishment
Luxury traded with America for slaves
Crossing the Atlantic with slave ships
Country who traded sugar and tobacco for slaves
Mass produced product that was traded with Africa from Britain
Form of purchasing slaves
Another word for lack of equal rights
Prejudice towards another race
Type of things slaves would be forced to do

Age Of Exploration Crossword Puzzle:

Age Of Exploration Crossword Puzzle:

In 1592______ sailed the ocean blue.
Conquered the Inca civilization.
Discovered New York State, Canada and Hudson Bay
Fierce sailors who raided towns in their free time
A navigation device which replaced the Astrolabe and the Cross-staff because it could be used on land and sea.
A faster and more efficient cargo ship invented for better sea tavel.
Famous Portuguese leader who created a school for navigational sailing.
A system used for mass-producing books and maps.
Long stories passed down verbally generation to generation.
Northern part of Europe which includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Eric The Red's son, viking explorer who discovered Greenland
A very long and sleek ship used by the vikings.
The Incan emperor that Francisco Pizaro captured and murdered.
Famous conquistador who conquered the Aztecs of Mexico.
Number of natives Christopher Columbus took back to Spain to serve as slaves.
Columbus's sons name.
Name of the biggest main ship Columbus sailed with on his most famous voyage.
Name the other two ships in the same voyage in number 17.
A term used by the vikings to describe the savage natives.
What the vikings were called/what they called themselves.
A famous explorer who has a game named after him and found a lot of the Silk Road
An enormous trading route from East Asia to Europe.

The Civil War Crossword

The Civil War Crossword

The bloodiest day of the war.
The bloodiest battle of the Civil War.
Northern group. This group was lead by Abraham Lincoln.
The southern group whose leader was Jefferson Davis.
Largest southern jail that help Union soldiers.
General of the Confederacy
Battle that started the war.
President of the United States during The Civil War.
Commander of the Union at the end of the war.
Confederate's strategy. They would export cotton to other countries hoping to become allies.
Northern strategy. The north would destroy the supplies and land of The South
Northern soldier, W.T Sherman, spread his army around the south and destroyed land and supplies.
Largest cause of the Civil War. Union believed the south should not enslave people, while the south thought otherwise.
Compromise set to make the north and south happy by making CA a free state, but other states would now be open to slavery. a very strict fugitive slave act was set. GA Platform was created because of this compromise.
Compromise set where Missouri became a slave state and Maine a free state. Slavery would now not be allowed above the 36,30 line of latitude.
Belief on whether state's rights are more important than federal rights. The south was for this while the north was not.
People opposed to slavery
Northern economic system during the Civil War
Southern economic system during The Civil War
Middle-class farmers. They usually owned less than 100 acres of land.
People who owned no land and got by the best they could. About 1 in 10
The North put tariffs on imported goods, forcing the south to buy goods from the north. SC was the first state to nullify this.

Chapter 11 Expanding West Crossword

Chapter 11 Expanding West Crossword

Created one of the largest fur businesses.
Fur traders and trappers who became known as
200 mile long trail that took 6 months
120 mile long trail that took 2 months
Search for gold
Gold seeking migrants to California
A group of western travelers who were stranded in the Sierra Nevada during the winter of 1846-1847
The U.S government paid mexico $10 million
American pioneer who built a fort a trading post on the California frontier
A revolt against Mexico to turn over much of its Northern Territory to the U.S.A
Spanish mission in San Antonio Texas that was the site of famous battle of the Texas Revolution.
Spanish colonists in California in the 1800s
Mexican general and politician and president of Mexico
A belief Shared by many Americans in the mid 1800s that the United States should expand over the Pacific Ocean
A Mexican priest led a rebellion of about 80,000
American colonizer in Texas he was imprisoned urging Texas after Anna suspended Mexico's Constitution
Agents who were contracted by the Mexican republic to bring settlers to Texas in the early 1800s
signed on February 2, 1848, ended the Mexican-American War in favor of the United States.
American religious leader who headed the Mormon Church after the murder of Joseph Smith

Atlantic Slave Trade Crossword

Atlantic Slave Trade Crossword

The slave trade undermined the Kingdom of?
Kongo went to war with who because of slavery?
The Kongo _______ was executed.
Queen ______ of Ndongo
____ was used for the trade of slaves.
What was the most momentous thing that linked Africa to the outside world?
_______ established a slave trade.
How many slaves were taken?
Horses and Europeans manufactured goods for slaves.
Took slaves to the Caribbean and Americas.
Transported produced goods to Europe.
Many slaves worked on what kind of plantations?
Cotton, sugar, and tobacco are _____ crops.
How many slaves were taken from Africa?
By 1888, the Atlantic Slave Trade was_____.
1518 was the first time that slaves were shipped to what plantations?

The New Imperialism Crossword

The New Imperialism Crossword

the domination by one country of another country
Why could Europeans know take over parts of Africa
France goal was to impose French _________ on their colonies and turn them into French provinces
British relied on a system of ____________ rule
In a _______ local rulers were left in place but were expected to follow the advice of European advisors
Across Africa's many regions, people spoke hundreds of __________ and had developed varied governments
What had long influenced the east coast of Africa ?
In early 1800s European nations began to outlaw the transatlantic ________ trade
Want kind of missionaries followed yeh explores of Africa
By want country was Egypt colonized ?
What powers met at an international conference in Berlin 1884
Who was the person who hand Congo as a personal colony ?
Who won the Boer war ?
Who fought the war against the Yao and Herero in east Africa ?
During the Age of Imperialism a western-educated African __________ emerged.
Who is sometimes called the "father of modern Egypt " ?

Slavery Crossword

Slavery Crossword

Slaves were kept in these on the beaches.
Slaves were kept in barracoons for up to ... months.
Child abuse is a form of this.
The slave trade between Africa, Europe and America.
The journey between Africa and America was known as the ... passage.
The pack where slaves lay on their backs.
The pack where slaves lay on their sides.
Slaves were sold at these.
Slaves were exercised every ... weeks.
The slaves tried to ... against the white people.
Slaves travelled by these.
Slaves were exchanged for these.
The shape that described the slave trade.
The city that had a big part to play in the slave trade in Britain.
Slaves were captured from this continent.
Slaves were known as this.
Slavery today is known as ... slavery.
Sailors used these to keep discipline onboard ships.
For exercise the slaves were made to do this.

Antebellum America, Slavery, and the Civil War Crossword

 Antebellum America, Slavery, and the Civil War Crossword

_____ were mainly people from the North and runaway slaves.
Lincoln had to _______ to get people to vote for him so he could become president again.
There were many _______ in the civil war. Shiloh, Antietam, Stones River, and Gettysburg were all some of the most violent and had the most ________ that America had seen.
The _______ were mainly from the south and wanted to stay seceded from the Union.
There were many _____ slaves so the enforced a law that states that if you help a _____ slave you could be imprisoned.
The battle of ________ was one of the most gruesome battles America had seen yet.
The South wanted to ____ the Union so they could have there own economy with no one trying to stop it.
____ was a big part of the economy for the South, but the North did not like it.
There were many _______ throughout the war. One of the North"s _______ was the Anaconda plan.
The _____ wanted the South to stay with them and slavery to end
The ______ wanted slavery because it was a big part of their economy
Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri were all ____________
Many men _____ to be a soldier in the War
In many battles the troops had to ______ their troops do to, too many casualties
armed pro-slavery people were also know as ___________

Global Wind Patterns Crossword

Global Wind Patterns Crossword

Modern name for horse latitudes (2 words)
Sun heats tropics more than other parts of Earth - warm, rising air creates low- pressure zone at surface in tropics
Another word for prevailing winds
Air pressures changes seasonally, directions of winds do the same
Three-celled _____________ model
Historical name for intertropical convergence zone
Causes land and sea breezes, as well as mountains and valley breezes (2 words)
Merchants used them, whenever possible, as trade routes for sailing ships (2 words)
There are temperature differences in the _________ and polar regions
Sailing ships were likely to becalmed by area, little to no wind, horses being transported would be thrown overboard to lighten the load (2 words)
If ________ did not rotate, there would be no Coriolis effect