What Happened on א״אייר
What Happened on א״ניסן
What Happened on א״תשרי
What Happened on י״תשרי
What Happened on י״ז תמוז
What Happened on ו״ סיוו
What Happened on ט״ו ניסן
Who counted the Jews?
What Sheavet was not counted?
How were the Jews counted?
Why Did Hashem count us so often?
Who was Gathered?
What Happens if a non- Levi goes near the Miskan?
What does הפקד Mean?
Finish the Sentence: Through the Negative......

Torah Word Search

Torah Word Search
Word Search

the twelve tribes
ten commandments
Yom Kipur

Judaism Crossword

Judaism Crossword

A big family dinner that is enjoyed at the end of Passover.
A holiday celebrating the freedom of Jews from slavery in Egypt.
This symbol represent Judaism. The ____ of David.
Where Jews go to worship.
The founder of the Jewish religion.
Celebrates the re-dedication of their holy temple in Jerusalem.
An inherited or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.
A holiday celebrating the Jewish New Year.
The belief in one god.
The candle holder that is lit each night during Hanukkah.
The location of the most holy Jewish temple that was taken over by the Greeks.
How many days is Hanukkah?
The holy or sacred text of Judaism.
A strong belief or trust in someone or something.
Bread without yeast that is eaten during Passover.
A spinning top, a game played during Hanukkah.
Jewish religious leaders.
A set of moral principles or values.
The scattering of the Jewish people outside of their homeland.
One who creates or establishes.
Going without food for a period of time.
Where did Judaism begin?

WW2 crossword puzzle

WW2 crossword puzzle

What was the name of the tank used by the U.S.?
What was the name of the beach where the most casualties happened during the D-Day invasion?
Hitler wrote this while imprisoned.
What was the name of the political party Hitler created?
Who was the dictator of the soviet union during WW2?
What political belief did Stalin want to spread through Europe?
What was the religion targeted by the Nazi party?
What was the name of Hitler's secret police?
This was the name of the German Air Force.
What was the German name for "lightning war"?
What country's troops were rescued at Dunkirk?
where was Hitlers second Blitzkrieg at?
The Allies attacked the Axis after what country was invaded?
What was Erwin Rommel's nickname?
What was the name of the operation where Germany invaded Russia?
This season turned German forces away from Russia.
What was the name of the massacre where many Chinese people were killed?
What was the name of the female riveter on U.S. propaganda posters?
This U.S. aircraft dropped torpedoes into the water to take out japanese ships.
This battle was a turning point for the U.S. in the Pacififc.
Who led the allies in North Africa?
What was the type of bomb dropped on japan twice?
This light machine gun was usually mounted on U.S. tanks and jeeps.
What was the name of the battle launched by Hitler as a counter attack?
The big three consisted of Roosevelt,Stalin and who else?
What was the name of Hitler's favorite battleship?
Towards the end of the war the The Big Three met where to discuss the future of the Soviet Union.
Who was the leader of the Nazi party?
This Japanese occupied island was a key to success in the pacific.
What was the name of the British Air Force's choice of fighter plane?
Who was the manufacturer for the the U.S. service pistol,the M1911?
What was the name for Japanese suicide pilots?
Hitler's troops marched through this during the invasion of France.
This was the name of the mass genocide of the Jews.
Which German deathcamp was known to be the most brutal?
This German death camp was the only camp where all the prisoners escaped.
This was the only state that got attacked during WW2.
What was the name of the U.S. naval base bombed during WW2?
Wher were the trials held for SS officers commited of war crimes?

Night Crossword

Night Crossword

The prisioners ate this and soup
The only son
The youngest of the Wiesel children
Dreamed of going to haifa with Elie & Yossi
They walked here from auschwitz
Elies inheritance was a knife & a ___
The town were Elie Wisel grew up
Elie wanted his family to move here
The reception center for auschwitz
He tried to warn the jews in sighet: ___ the beadle
Elie had surgery on his ___
Elie's fathers first name
Jews had to wear this to be identified as jews
The german security police
The jewish new year
Jewish musicans were not allowed to play this composers music
This movement rescued the prisioners at buchenwald
Elie Wiesel grew up in this town
The germans arrested the jewish leaders on seventh day of ___
Resembled a large railroad station
Told Elie he had n9t been written down
They liberated the men in the hospital
Elie did not do this on Yom Kippur
It ___ during the entire evacuation march
German jew who headed the block at buna
A small town on the Czechosolovakian border
These people beatted up the jew
Mr. Wiesel diedbin this camp
Mr. Wiesel had this ailment when he died
Mr. Wiesel did not recognize this cousin

Judaism Word Search

Judaism  Word Search
Word Search

Burning Bush
Ten Plagues
Ner Tamid

Social Psychology Crossword

Social Psychology Crossword

Tendency to overestimate our powers of prediction once we know the outcome of a given event.
A change in a person's behavior or opinion as a result of pressure.
Leon Festinger is best known for what theory?
The Bystander Effect states how many people are best to have around if we need assistance?
Diffusal of responsibility was seen in which researchers experiment about shock treatment?
This happens at the end of a study.
This can lead to an increase in suicide and divorces.
The concept that being exposed to recent information will influence your decisions and choices.
A mental shortcut.
Our social psychology book was written by?
When a person gives up a high degree of themselves in order to obtain a goal they may use this type of justification?
If someone hurts another person they may use this concept to make it ok.
Making choices without thinking about them.
What type of empathy are we using when we can understand how someone else experiences a event?
The type of empathy we are using when we know how to respond to another person's feeling about an event?
The hormone that rises when we become aggressive.
When using attributions to judge people it is more humane to assume things are happening due to?
In attraction, this can make a difference.

World War 2 crossword puzzle

World War 2 crossword puzzle

Who was the leader of Nazi Germany during WW2?
Who was the leader of Soviet Russia during WW2?
Who was the leader of Italy during WW2?
Who was the president of the United States during WW2?
Who was the leader of Japan during WW2?
An iconic American battleship sunk at pearl harbor?
The genecide againt jews during WW2?
Who was the leader of the US 7th army?
What was refered to as the British air force during WW2?
Who was the desert fox?
An attack on this country started WW2?
who was an iconic spokeswomen with the iconic phrase "We can do it!"?
A form of government where the leader has complete power?
The US program to build the atomic bomb?
Which form of government was the Allies (except Russia) trying to defend?
The abbreviation for women airforce service pilots
The allied invasion of Normandy June 6th 1944
The last major German offensive of WW2?
The battle which four japanese aircraft carriers were sunk in the Pacific Ocean?

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword

What was on the other side of the fence?
What is the name of the camp?
Why were there people on the other side of the fence?
What was happening to Bruno's memory?
How many floors were in Bruno's new house when he moved in?
Who helped Bruno when he got hurt and cut himself while playing on the tire swing he made?
What did Bruno see when he was walking down the other side of the fence?
What was Bruno's new friend name?
What happened to Shmuel's father?
Who was the soldier that Bruno didn't like?
How were the maids to address Bruno's father?
What happened when Pavel accidently crashed the bottle of wine?
Why was Shmuel in Bruno's house?
What was the big news Bruno had to tell Shmuel?
How does Shmuel sit on the ground when he meets Bruno?
What did Bruno see outside of his window
What did both Bruno and Shmuel think about Lieutenant Kotler
How many floors were in Bruno's old house back in Berlin?
What does Bruno bring to Shmuel when he meets him?
Why did Bruno move away from Berlin?
What did Bruno call her sister?

Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

We adapted a policy of _____________ when we fell into depression.
The economic crisis that happened in the US and many other nations beginning with the stock market crash in 1929 and continuing through most of the 1930's.
October 29, 1929; the day that the stock market crashed.
Buying a stock with little money down and the promise of paying the debt later in the future.
Banks demanded full payments of their loans; there was no protection in place to protect this from happening at the time.
The US fell into _____________ when the idea of loans took a wrong turn.
A rapid increase in the overall price level.
A continuous rise in the price of goods and services.
A payment plan that allows customers to make payments in set intervals until the debt is paid.
A series of reforms enacted by president Franklin Roosevelt between 1933 and 1942 with a goal to relieve and reform Americans and to end the great depression.
Roosevelt tried to relieve and __________ for the American people.
People went to the banks to withdraw all of their money before the banks closed.
A share of ownership in a corporation.
A system to buy and sell stocks.
Exercising control over freedom, will, and thoughts of others; authoritarian.
Most Americans struggled with ____________ during the Great Depression.

Probability Crossword

Probability Crossword

How likely something is to happen
When a coin is tossed, their are two possible
On a probability line, what is equal to 0?
On a probability line, what is equal to 1?
What is a event that is not by other events?
What is an event that is affected by other events?
Events that can't happen
How many possible outcomes are there when rolling a single, 6 sided dice?
Probability is always between two numbers. What are they?
On a probability line, give me a example of a number that would be likely.
As well as words, we can use numbers such as what to show probability?
Probability is doesn't tell us exactly what will happen, so we use as what?