This is the website we direct Agent Offices to when they call regarding Agent's Draft Authority (ADA) or reimbursement of an ERS bill.
Our glass only claims are handled by ______.
You create a ________ Loss Report if we know the policy but it does not attach in LIT.
If the customer advised there is an Order of ________ in existence, complete the loss report in LIT but do not do any additional activities.
AUTO ILR associates can file claims for _____________ states. Licensed state losses are reported by ILR.
EVRT should be ran for all non-drive vehicles, except those that are over 30 years old or is not drivable solely because of stolen wheels, flat tires, etc. or if the vehicle is already at NPS or ________ ________ shop.
The conclusion of all calls, regardless of whether the call will be transferred, should include an ___________ of next steps.
When recording a lienholder claim and the date of loss is unknown, enter the date of ____________.
When recording a lienholder claim, you select _____________/Lienholder in the reported by field.
When recording a lienholder claim and the time of loss is unknown, enter the time of repossession, if that is unknown then enter _______ am.
The Select Service assignment needs to be sent in ECS (not LIT) when the loss occurs in Michigan, NI is 50% or less at fault for the accident and NI carries _______ collision coverage.
If a customer sustains a loss in Mexico and is being detained by the authorities, you complete a partial loss report in LIT and ______ transfer to the MRU representative listed in the SCP.
If Customer is on the phone when the associate recognizes that a __________ is necessary, proceed to Transferring Calls and handle accordingly.
When reporting weather claims, if the loss is on a _______ Cat and routed to Cat team, no additional activities should be set.
AUTO ILR will need to set up a claim when reporting glass only and _________ are involved.
Police report will need to be ordered when handling a single car loss involving a pothole or other roadside hazard for which a city, county, state agency, or one of its contractors may be _______.
Liability is clear when the reported facts of loss indicate that a party is __________ responsible for the loss and no apparent dispute or exposure exists.
Liability can be finalized when _________ reported the loss and the facts indicate either participant is 100% liable.
A _____ day calendar needs to be set when a V*1 vehicles still needs to be qualified for coverage.
A 45 day _______ calendar should be set when liability is established and no call out is needed.
When doing a _____ and or vin request for AL, AR, AZ, CA, HI, NH, NY, OK, PA, VA, & WA license plate/tag number is required.
When updating a customer’s contact number in LIT, you should use _________ to update the number.
___________ should never be used when updating numbers in LIT.
________ can file a claim if they are a Named Insured, interpreting for an adult, or has permission from their parental/guardian to report the loss.
ERS cannot set up a claim when the vehicle has damage caused by a ____________.
__________ is a third party administrator that handles SF tows .
If the caller/company is interested in doing ________ with State Farm, direct them to: WWW.B2B.STATEFARM.COM and ask them to complete the “contact us” form.
Customers can easily check the status of their claim online on the State Farm website by using the ________ ________ ________.
______ _______ should be used when using Bid Review in PA or OH.
The __________ Payment Direction template should be used when setting up any inspection other than Select Service or Staff Estimate.
How many days should be authorized when sending an original rental assignments to Hertz/ERAC through the claim?
_____ _______ should be used for inspection of specialty vehicles as they are not eligible for VIS or Staff inspection.
Call ________ Disclaimer should be used anytime a caller is brought into the call.
If customer is reporting a double insured loss and no claim has been filed under either policy, be sure to file a claim under ____ policies when warranted.
If the vehicle the insured was driving was not the described vehicle on the policy, the involved vehicle should be indicated in the Loss Intake Tool (LIT) as a ____ ____ car.
If the Insured does not have or cannot provide their policy number, then the associate should file ______ Loss Report using the Insured’s name they are providing as the First Named Insured after CH has exhausted all search options.
When a claimant or someone other than an NI calls to report the loss, at a minimum, the caller should be able to verify either the ______ name and DOL or Policy Number and accurate description of the vehicle associated with the policy number.
_________ User should be verified in OH if the driver of the described vehicle is someone other than a named insured or resident relative.
In MI, we may have ________ rights against the claimant if they are substantially at fault and do not qualify for tort immunity.
_____ ______ _____ applies when an Indiana Policyholder has a loss and the vehicle is the current year or five preceding model years old. This applies to described, Newly Acquired Car, Temporary Substitute Car, and Non-owned Car vehicles as well as motorcycles and motor homes.
Written ____ ___ _____ is needed in claim for NJ claims before issuing payment to a licensed auto body facility.
In _________ , we must provide the owner of a vehicle with a Completed Work Claim Form (CWCF) on first party claims if we do not have a direct payment plan or the owner of the vehicle chooses not to accept payment under a direct payment plan. The purpose of this form is to ensure that the repairs have been completed prior to making payment on the claim.

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