The process by which specimens are logged in, labeled, and assigned a specimen identification code
Ribonucleic Acid
A plan identifying employees at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens and providing training in methods to prevent exposure
Exposure control plan
Disease affecting many persons at the same time, spread from person-to-person, and occurring in an area where the disease is not prevalent
The process of detecting errors in any operational system
Quality Control
Water that has had most of the mineral ions removed
Deionized Water
Comprehensive written safety plan detailing the proper use and storage of hazardous chemicals in the workplace
Chemical Hygiene Plan
A CDC isolation category designed to prevent the transmission of infectious disease, such as measles, that are spread by the airborne route
Airborne Precautions
An upright, straight-sided container with a flared base and a volume scale
Graduated Cylinder
A sub-family of retrovirii that is cytopathic and causes chronic diseases
The ability to detect small quantities of a measured component
An infection of birds with one of the influenza A viruses
Avian Influenza
The process of checking, standardizing, or adjusting a method or instrument so that it yields accurate results
A virus that has the potential to spread rapidly and therefore must be handled with extreme care. Examples include the Ebola virus and Hantavirus
Hot Virus
A liquid added to a solution to make it less concentrated
The selective copying of a gene or any sequence of DNA
A highly infectious filovirus that causes a hemorrhagic fever
Ebola Virus
A specific causative agent of disease such as bacterium, virus or chemical etc
Risk or hazard to health or the environment from biological agents
The division of a sample into at least two smaller size vials
A component of a kit used to carry out a chemical reaction to determine levels of different analytes
A device that draws contaminated air out of an area and either cleanses and recirculates it, or discharges it to the outside
Fume Hood
Agreement between your test result value and the true value
An assayed sample that is sent as an unknown to laboratories participating in proficiency testing programs
Blind Sample
An instrument that uses pressurized steam for sterilization
A serum based material with assigned target values and acceptable ranges to evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of a diagnostic assay
A highly sensitive test that can detect and/or DNA fragments of viruses or other organisms in blood or tissue
A virus that infects lymphocytes and is the cause of infectious mononucleosis
A liquid solution containing a combination of chemicals, which control and maintain the pH of any other solution it is added to
A form of severe immunodeficiency caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus
Subtypes have been associated with the development of cervical cancer
The lead scientist in a research project
Causes chicken pox in children and may reappear in adulthood
The fundamental unit of life
Deoxyribonucleic acid
1996 Act of Congress, a part of which guarantees protection of privacy of an individual's health information
Pathogens that can be present in human blood (and blood-contaminated body fluids) and that cause disease
Professional society and credentialing agency for clinical laboratory personnel
Agency that offers accreditation to clinical laboratories and certification to clinical laboratory personnel
Formerly called "non-A/non-B" hepatitis
The clear, non-cellular, fluid portion of the blood
A class of viruses, which copy genetic material using RNA as a template for making DNA
Commonly called "serum hepatitis,"
A common human virus causing mild or no symptoms in healthy people, but permanent damage or death to an infected fetus, a transplant patient, or a person with HIV

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