She is a third-generation slave who has lived on a Georgia plantation since she was born.
The first state that Cora lives in and the place that the story begins in.
The first place Cora travels in the underground railroad.
The character that unexpectdedly follows Cora and Ceasar on their escape from the Randal Plantation.
Cora's master.
Another more cruell master that has been beating children since he was a child...
The second state Cora travels through.
The third state Cora Travels through.
The last state that Cora must travel to in the book.
The character that asks Cora to run away with him.
The first character that helps Ceasar and Cora get to the underground railroad.
The slave catcher chasing after them.
Cora's mother
The government in South Carolina has termed what when Cora and Ceasar first arrive there?
The first job Cora takes in South Carolina is as a:
The second job Cora gets in South Carolina is:
Where does Ceasar work in South Carolina?
Whose house gets burned down?
The station agent in North Carolina.
The maid that Cora must hid from in fear of her reporting her to to state authorities.
What disease has taken over much of Tennessee?
Ridgeway's colleague who wears a necklace made of human ears.
Cora's fellow prisoner who is shot in the face for singing.
Who comes to rescue Cora from Ridgeway and Boseman?
Whose farm does Cora stay at while in Indiana?
Sam tells Cora that doctors are experimenting with back men and infecting them with
Ceasar is torn limb from limb by a rabid ________?
Martin Wells is the son of a recently deceasesd ___________?
In the book North Carolina is in the midst of a state-sponsored genocide killing its slaves and replacing them with underpaid ___________ ______________?
Sam and his wife Ethel hid Cora in the eaves of their_________.
Through a hole is the wall of the attic that Cora is staying in she can see a park where festivals are held every Friday and runaways swing from the_________.
Cora is stuck in the attic for many
Martin and Ethel are tied to a tree and
Ridgeway packs Cora into his _________ and sets off towards Tennessee.
One night while Ridgeway buys Cora a new ______ and takes her out to dinner.
As they eat dinner together Ridgeway tells Cora the story of _________'s capture and subsequent death.
Bose man attempts to _______ Cora as they sleep on the road.
Who comes with a group of three black men to rescue Cora from Ridgeway?
when Sam and Cora are reunited he tells Cora that Terrance Randall is _____.
Sam also tells her that Ridgeway is alive but his _______ is in tatters.
A peculiar 10-year-old, he is Ridgeway's driver and a former slave.
Martin's wife
A renowned orator of mixed race
A prominent political figure in the farm community
Ridgeway is quiet _________ with Cora and capturing her.
Cora says that she ______ her mother, but her actions belie the words.
When Cora escapes from the Randall plantation she takes her _____ with her just as her mother did.
Royal is seen as the most _______ character of the book.
Cora is _________ to become romantically involved with anyone because her mother abondonded her when she was a child.
But Cora expresses emotional ______________ in front of Royal.
After Royal's _______ ,Cora admits that she loved him, and she has a dream wherein they consummate their relationship.
Cora tries to ______ a child from from Terrance's blows after he spills a drop of wine on his cuff.

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