A form of malicious code that displays unsolicited advertising on your computer.
A saved link to a website that you can click on rather than retyping the web address.
A program that les you find, see, and hear material on web pages.
A Friends a user interacts with online through various media such as instant message and chat.
A location online that allows multiple users to communicate electronically with each other in real time.
A piece of information about your visit to a website that some websites record automatically on your computer.
People who willfully and repeatedly inflict harm through the medium of electronic text such as emails, blogs, or social network posts.
To copy a file from one computer system to another via the internet.
Allows you to block certain types of content from being displayed.
A security system usually made up of hardware and software used to block hackers, viruses, and other malicious threats to your computer.
Participating in internet games which can be played individually or by multiple online users at the same time.
A tracking feature of Internet browsers that shows all the recent websites visited.
The site that is the starting point on the web for a particular group or organization.
Private, real-time text conversation between two users (2 words).
Instant Messaging
Stands for malicious sofware or code, that is designed to damage the computer or collect information.
The act of parents tracking the websites or e-mail messages that a child visits or reads.
Rules or manners for interacting courteously with others online.
Specific features or software that allow parens to manage the online activities of children (2 words).
Parental Controls
A secret word or number tha must be used to gain access to an online service.
A type of online fraud, where someone tries to trick the victime into revealing sensitive details.
Online communities where people share infomration about themselves (2 words).
Social Media
Any unsolicited e-mail, or junk mail.
A wide variety of software installed on people's computers, which collects information about you withour knolwedge or conesnt and sends it back to whoever wrote the program.
Browsing around various websites following a particular personal interest.
To send information from your computer to another computer.
The name a suer selects to be identified on a computer, network, or in an online gaming forum.
A software program that typically arrives through email attachments and quickly exhausts the computer's memory.

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