Park Location for Annual Dogwood Festival
Tea Room that has been serving Southern Cooking for 70 years
30 acre garden near 3 Across
Former Railway corridor
Most recognized and photographed landmark
Critic described as a Westside "foodies' crack den" fronting Bacchanalia; Star ___________
Cable News Network abbreviated
No Fishing is allow in this pond at the Georgia ___
Motto is "Buying a Bigger Home doesn't have to mean...Spending More Money"
Where your Tea will Pop
Former Home of 32 Across ____Field
Museum devoted entirely to African-American History
Politician, 82nd Governor of Georgia
Author and Home Museum for Gone with the Wind; Margaret _________
Mascot Ramblin' Wreck, Buzz, for________
1995 World Series Champions
Serving Contempoary Southern Cuisine   _______________Kitchen
Two-wheeled Touring of Midtown
3 Stories of Natural Sciences
It's population was estimated at 463,878 in 2015
Site of the 1996 Olympics; ________Park
Mall Home for the Pink Pig
Luxury Hotel Chain
Famous for Chicken & Waffles and the Pips
"Welcome to ________" (include the apostrophe)
Home to 20 Across & 36 Down
Small Amphitheatre outdoor venue in Buckhead
 Former President and  Library
Atlanta Zoo Home for 39 years for a Western Lowland Gorilla
Food Truck Park Locale and Farmers Market
Park built on the site of the old Ponce de Leon amusement park
Shopping and Entertainment Located in 5 Points
Former Historic Sears, Roebuck & Co
Oldest City Park in Atlanta
World Famous Rib Shack
Attorney, Politician and 59th Mayor of Atlanta
Former Movie Palace for the Performing Arts
Market located in Inman Park
NFC Champions
Affluent uptown District in Atlanta
Renowned Collection of Classic/Contemporary Art
A Museum Not intended for Pepsi Lovers
"What'll ya Have?! at this Worlds Largest Drive-Thru
Embodies the essence of 300 year old European coffeehouse; Cafe _____
Family center featuring toy displays, rides, 4D films
5 Star Hotel in Midtown

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