England's deepest body of water Wastwater
Town established by Romans in AD 122 and known initially as Alauna Maryport
England's highest mountain Scafell Pike
The 44th most protected food in the UK (hint it is made by Cumbria butchers) Cumberland sausage
Home to the world's largest pencil Keswick
Who got distracted by the local ale when he was supposed to be invading the Whitehaven Harbour John Paul Jones
Collection of the 214 peaks in the Lake District Wainwrights
England's only true mountain forest Whinlatter
Square in Workington town centre Washington
Famous poet (Surname) from cockermouth Wordsworth
The only city in Cumbria Carlisle
The only lake in the Lake District Bassenthwaite
Village served by Braystones railyway station Beckermet

The Lake District Crossword


Where did Beatrix Potter live? Hill Top Farm
What type of rock is Skiddaw made from? Ordovician
Where is the Lake Disrict? North West
What type of smelting did they do? Iron Ore
What is the name of Englands deepest lake? Wastwater
What is the largest lake in England? Windermere
What is the highest mountain in England? Scafell Pike
What action produced U-shaped valleys? Glacial
Where is the Beatrix Potter Gallery? Hawkshead
What is the name of the narow gauge railway? Ravenglass and Eskdale
Who owns 30% of the land? National Trust
What is the main contributor to the economy? Tourism
Who wrote the famous walking guides to the Lake District? Wainwright
Where can you find "Gondola"? Coniston Water

Cumbria Word Search

Word Search

crinkle crags
Ruskins View
Lake Grasmere
Saint Bees
Santon Bridge

Blengside Cottage Crossword


Lane by Blengside Cottage ROW
One eyed cat FLOSSY
Deepest lake WASTWATER
Pub in the square GLOBE
Fell in the centre of Wasdale Middle
Big black birds on the bird table early in the morning Rook
River past the cottage Bleng
Hamlet in Gosforth Wellington
Pub in Gosforth, on the bank kell
Second highest peak in Wasdale Scafell
This town 25 miles North of Gosforth flooded again last year Cockermouth
Old name for Sellafield Windscale
Village where nearest petrol station is to Gosforth Holmrook
Most common bird on the bird table Chaffinch
Type of duck that visit garden Mallard
Gift shop in Gosforth Nice stuff
Caraven site just south of Gosforth seven acres
Where the Ratty ends Dalegarth
Fell at the head of Wasdale _ _ _ _ _ Gable Great
Housing estate in Gosforth near the Church Denton park
Who made the cross in Gosforth church yard Vikings

Russia / soviet union Crossword


longest river in Asia ob river
longest river in Europe Volga river
deepest lake lake Baikal
old capital St. petersburg
coldest climate in Russia siberia
between Russia and Alaska Bering sea
the border of Europe and Asia ural Mountains
capital city Moscow
nature reserve kamchatka
a union soviet union
race to space / dominates cold war
leader of the bolshevik revolution Lenin
premier of the soviet union Gorbachev
president putin
government now federal

Glaciation Crossword


A sharp, narrow mountain ridge Arete
The process of wearing down or rubbing away by means of friction. Abrasion
An elongated lowland between ranges on mountains, hills or other uplands Valley
A small mountain lake Tarn
A crevasse at the head of a glacier Bergschrund
Loose rock or debris covering a slope Scree
A round hollow in a hillside Corrie
The upper part of a glacier where the snow turns to ice Neve
A scenic area of north-west England including the Cumbrian mountains and some 15 lakes Lake District
Granular, partly consolidated snow that has been passed through one summer melt season but is not yet glacial ice Firn
Water that has frozen into a solid ice
A flow of water that is either to small or large to have eroded the valley in which it flows Misfit Stream

Physical Features of Canada Crossword


The largest Great Lake. Lake Superior
This river connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. StLawrence River
The largest ocean of the 7 divisions. Pacific Ocean
The only Great Lake located entirely in the U.S. Lake Michigan
A large area of exposed igneous and high-grade metamorphic rocks that goes through Nunavut, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, and the Northwest Territories. Canadian Shield
The smallest Great Lake in surface area. Lake Ontario
The second largest ocean after the Pacific. Atlantic Ocean
The 4th largest Great Lake. Lake Erie
A 2,400 km long mountain range that goes through the U.S. and Canada. Appalachian Mountains
A large body of saltwater in Canada with a surface area of 1,230,000 square kilometers. Hudson Bay
The second largest Great Lake. Lake Huron

Lake District Towns or Lakes Word Scramble

Word Scramble

Grange over Sands
KirKby Lonsdale

Wax Lyrical Crossword


Who opened the Lindal Offices in 1990? Princess Diana
Which is the largest lake in the Lake District? Windermere
Although all of the large bodies of water are commonly known as "Lakes" which is th eonly true lake in the Lake District? Bassenthwaite
Coming from the Old Norse word for 'pool', which word usually refers to a small mountain lake or pool? Tarn
What percentage of the Lake District National Park is covered in woodland? Twelve
What is the name of the highest mountain in the Lake District? Scafell Pike
What is the forename of Mr Wainwright MBE, who wrote guidebooks about the Lakeland Fells Alfred
What is the name of the large industrial town near to Lindal-In-Furness famed for its Nuclear Submarine building? Barrow-In-Furness
What is the name of the 100ft monument that looks down on Ulverston? Hoad
What is the name of the deepest "lake" in the Lake District? Wastwater
What is the first name of the author who lived at Hill Top Farm, and wrote about a naughty rabbit called Peter? Beatrix
A person who makes candles is traditionally known as a...? Chandler
Which breed of sheep is known for being hardy and strong in tough weather conditions and thrives in the Lake District Herdwick
What is the name of the flower William Wordsworth wrote a poem about after walking along the shore of Ullswaterwith his sister on a stormy day? Daffodils
Ulverston is linked to which Bay by the shortest canal in Britain? Morecambe
What do you call the part of a candle that is lit? Wick

North America Crossword


The ____ Mountains stretch from Canada across the United States including Colorado Rocky
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area Greatlakes
Ships can cross from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean using this canal PANAMA
Largest country in North America by population UNITEDSTATES
The capital city of this country is San Jose COSTARICA
Puerto ____ is a U.S. territory in the Caribbean Sea RICO
The tallest mountain in North America MCKINLEY
Country located between Honduras and Panama NICARAGUA
Ocean located to the west PACIFIC
The capital city of this island country is Havana CUBA
Body of water stretching from Mexico to Florida GULFOFMEXICO
This city is the capital of Greenland NUUK
Longest river in North America MISSISSIPPI
The largest city in North America by population is ____ City MEXICO
The French speaking province of Canada QUEBEC
The Appalachian ____ are located in the eastern United States MOUNTAINS
Country just south of Mexico GUATEMALA
This country is considered the largest island in the world GREENLAND
Largest country in North America by area CANADA
The island of Hispaniola includes the Dominican Republic and this country HAITI
Most populous city in Canada TORONTO
Largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area SUPERIOR
The Rio ____ forms the border between Texas and Mexico GRANDE
The capital of Canada OTTAWA
North America is the 3rd largest__________ continent
countries make up the continent of North America Twenty-four
Death Valley, in California, is the ________point on the continent. lowest
North America was named after the explorer_____ Americo Vespucci.
About 502 ______people live in North America. Millon
Italian explorer Christopher Columbus was the first European to navigate to North America in______ 1492

William Wordsworth- Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood Crossword


William Wordsworth's mom ANN COOKSON WORDSWORTH
What is one of the most essential parts of the poem CHILDHOOD
Where William Wordsworth was born? COCKERMOUTH
What did Wordsworth have a passion for? DEMOCRACY
William Wordsworth based the poem of of what? NEOPLATONISM
What figurative language is: shadow is light? PARADOX
What type of poetry would this poem be classified into? ROMANTICISM
What is the tone of the poem? SOMBER
What does light symbolize in the poem? TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE
Who is the poet? William Wordsworth
What is the poem? Ode: Intimations of Immortality