medical word for high blood pressure hypertension
name of instrument used to measure blood pressure sphygmomanometer
type of high blood pressure with no known cause primary hypertension
a raised or ___ blood pressure should be reported to your doctor elevated
type of blood pressure with a known cause Secondary Hypertension
Too much _______ in the diet may contribute to high blood pressure Salt
A blood vessel that carries blood to the body Arteries
Cigarette ____________ adds to the problems created by high blood pressure Smoking
Another term for the " lower" blood pressure reading diastolic
High blood pressure is more common in ____________ people African
Proper treatment should leave to a _________ in blood pressure Decrease
The force of blood against the walls of the arteries is called ___________ Blood pressure
Instrument used to listen to sounds during blood pressure measurement stethoscope
Another word for the upper blood pressure readingS Systolic
Some individuals need prescribed _________ to control blood pressure medication
Untreated high blood pressure can lead to ___________ attack heart
Untreated high blood pressure can lead to ___________ stroke

Vital Signs Word Search

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vital signs
blood pressure

Measuring blood pressure Crossword


What is the term associated with high blood pressure? Hypertension
What is the highest measureable pressure called? Systolic
Place the stethoscope over what artery? Brachial
Definition of Hg in mmHg? Mercury
What is the lowest measureable pressure called? diastolic
Who defined the sounds into five phases? Korotkoff
Uses fingertips to palpate, what artery? Radial
Servere condition associated with high blood pressure in pregnancy? Preeclampsia
Piece of equipment containing a cuff? Sphygmomanometer
How much more mmHg should the cuff be inflated after palpating the radial artery? Thirty
What must be received before the procedure? Consent
What is one organ that is affected by high blood pressure? Heart
What safety precaution should be carried out before and after measuring blood pressure? hand washing
This procedure is considered as an ___________? observation



The reaction of the pupils to light Constrict
An irregular hear rhythm Arrhythmia
The correct term for a BP Monitor Sphygmomanometer
The bottom two chambers of the heart Ventricles
The bottom number in a BP reading Diastolic
The top two chambers of the heart Atria
The lack of a heart rhythm or a "flat line" Asystole
High blood pressure hypertension
Low blood pressure Hypotension
The top number in a BP reading Systolic
A slow heart beat below 60 BPM bradycardia
A fast heart beat above 100 BPM Tachycardia
The number of minutes it takes for a heart rate to return to normal after exercise Five
Low BP as a result of standing up quickly Orthostatic
What is Brandie's favorite color? Blue

High Blood Pressure Crossword


Another term for high blood pressure hypertension
One in every ______ adults has high blood pressure three
Drinking less of this can lower your blood pressure alcohol
The pressure as the heart beats and pushes blood through the vessels (number on top) Systolic
Recommended number of minutes of aerobic exercise per day Thirty
Treatment when lifestyle changes alone are not enough to treat the high blood pressure Medicine
Managing ______ can help lower high blood pressure Stress
A ___________ kidney will not function properly and fails to remove waste products from the blood diseased
This disease is caused when blood vessels narrow in the kidneys, possibly causing kidney failure Chronic Kidney Disease
Symptoms of high blood pressure Dizziness
The second leading cause of kidney failure in the United States after diabetes High Blood Pressure
Used to measure blood pressure Cuff

Cardiovascular Disease Crossword


Various diseases involving heart and blood vessels Cardiovascular Disease
Inactive Lifestyle Sedentary
Ranked #2 in deaths in the U.S. Cancer
Consistent High Blood Pressure Hypertension
“Bad” Cholesterol LDL
“Good” Cholesterol HDL
This type of diabetes is biological Type 1 Diabetes
This type of diabetes is environmental Type 2 Diabetes
Blood pressure range Below 120 and Below 80 Normal
Blood pressure range 120-129 or 80-89 Prehypertension
Another name for genetics Heredity
Coronary artery is completely blocked Heart Attack
Blocked blood supply to a part of the brain Stroke
Stroke caused by blockage in a blood vessel Ischemic
Stroke caused by burst or ruptured blood vessel Hemorrhagic
#1 Risk Factor Smoking
overall condition of body or mind and the presence or absence of illness or injury Health
expands the idea of health to include the ability to achieve optimal health, all dimensions Wellness
Any body movement Physical Activity
Internal Dialogue Self Talk
planned, structured, repetitive movement intended to improve or maintain physical fitness Exercise
Length of a workout Duration
Pressure when the heart is beating Systolic
Pressure when the heart is relaxing Diastolic
Peak of an exercise plan, most intense Workout

vital signs Crossword


You must use a stehoscope to measure this pulse apical
absence of breathing apnea
pulse below 60 bradycardia
pulse located on side of the neck carotid
difficult breathing dyspnea
pulse located at top of foot dorsalispedis
pulse located behind the knee popliteal
breathing in inhalation
breathing out exhalation
top number of blood pressure systolic
bottom number of blood pressure diastolic
120/80 is a normal ______ bloodpressure
98.6 is the normal average __________________ temperature
You use this to listen to your heart stethoscope
Pulse located beside wrist radial
60-100 is normal average adult ___________ pulse

Hypertension Crossword


An eating plan for hypertensive patients DASH
used to measure blood pressure Sphygmomanometer
Pressure exerted on the arterial walls during relaxation of heart Diastolic
Top number in blood pressure systolic
Hypertension that cannot be controlled by medications Resistant
Doing this daily will reduce risks exercise
Medication that can be used for hypertension and urinary output diuretic
Blood pressure is persistantly elevated Hypertension
Mineral that helps maintain normal blood pressure Potassium
A substance that elevates blood pressure alcohol
Hypertention increases the risk for heart attack and... Stroke
Another test used in diagnosing hypertention urinalysis
Not noticed until disease becomes severe Symptoms
Some medications work by doing what to the blood vessels relaxing
something that can be modified to help relieve symptoms lifestyle
A vital sign that is affected by hypertension medications pulse
one way to control hypertension medication
medication class used to control blood pressure antihypertensives
type of hypertension that does not have an underlying issuse primary
hypertension that is caused by an underlying issue secondary

Vital Signs Word Scramble

Word Scramble

apical pulse
vital signs
orthostatic hypotension
brachial pulse
cheyne-stokes respiration
radial pulse

Cardiovascular System Crossword


the fluid portion of the blood plasma
red blood cells erythrocytes
the oxygen-transporting pigment of erythrocytes hemoglobin
white blood cell leukocytes
a white blood cell with secretory granules in its cytoplasm (ex. eosinophil/basophil) granulocytes
the most abundant of the white blood cells neutrophils
granular white blood cells whose granules readily take up a stain called eosin eosinophils
white blood cells whose granules stain deep blue with basic dye; have a relatively pale nucleus and granular-appearing cytoplasm basophils
white blood cells with a one-lobed nucleus. no granules in cytoplasm agranuloctyes
agranular white blood cells formed in the bone marrow that mature in the lymphoid tissue lymphocytes
large single-nucleus white blood cell; agranular leukocyte monocytes
one of the irregular cell fragments of blood; involved in clotting platelets
formation of blood cells hematopoiesis
stem cells that give rise to all the formed elements of the blood hemocytoblast
the stopping of a flow of blood hemostasis
the stout wall separating the lower chambers of the heart from one another interventricular septum
begins at the base of the right ventricle, branches into two pulmonary arteries which deliver deoxygenated blood to the corresponding lung pulmonary trunk
bicuspid and tricuspid atrioventricular valves
cord-like tendons that connect the papillary muscles to the tricuspid valve and the mitral valve in the heart (heart strings) chordae tendineae
lub dub, lub dub heart sounds
a condition in which the heart produces or is apt to produce a recurring sound indicative of disease or damage murmur
abnormally high blood pressure hypertension
a disease of the arteries characterized by the deposition of plaques of fatty material on their inner walls atherosclerosis
the membranous sac enveloping the heart pericardium
a chamber of the heart receiving blood from the veins; superior heart chambers atria
discharging chambers of the heart ventricles
system of blood vessels that carry blood to and from the lungs for gas exchange pulmonary circulation
major systemic artery; arises from the left ventricle of the heart aorta
systems of blood vessels that carries nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to all the body organs systemic circulation
valves that prevent blood return to the ventricles after contraction semilunar valves
the contraction phase of heart activity systole
a period (between contractions) of relaxation of the heart during which it fills with blood diastole
a volume of blood ejected by a ventricle during systole stroke volume
sequence of events encompassing one complete contraction and relaxation of the atria and ventricles of the heart cardiac cycle

Circulatory System Crossword


what is the constriction of coronary ateries that lead to chest pain Angina Pectoris
Blood vessels that connect to arteries and capillaries arterioles
the upper chamber of the heart (receives blood) atrium
smallest blood vessel capillary
what is the volume of blood pumped per minute cardiac output
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR
they carry blood to the heart veins
lower ejecting chamber of heart ventricle
what the nurse feels for on your wrist pulse
i am located between the left atrium and ventrical mitral valve
myocardial infarction heart attack
high blood pressure hypertension
opposite of 12 across Hypotension
the circulation between the heart and lungs pulmonary
circulation of blood in the heart coronary
left AV valve bicuspid
pressure when you are relaxed diastolic
the opposite of diastolic systolic
ECG-Ventrical relaxtion t wave
ECG-atrial contraction P wave