This unlocks a door. key
Buffalo Sabres hockey
On Thanksgiving we eat this. turkey
October 3rd we have a birthday ________ for you. party
Beautiful is another word for pretty
A 4 leaf clover is ______. lucky
This is a flower. daisy
Painting can be _______. messy
You use this word to ask a question. what
Aleah has _______ toys. many
I want it to be sunny _______ day. every
_______ is your crossword puzzle. here

Spanish thanksgiving Crossword


The main dish of Thanksgiving. Pavo
Some people cram this inside of the turkey. Relleno
Thanksgiving is good with turkey and seasoning, but the season is better! otoño
turkey meat can be a bit dry, but this will soften it up a bit. Jugo de carne
The "Fall" dessert. pay de calabaza
A sweet oval that came from the dirt Boniato
Who you spend most of your thanksgiving with. Familia
Strawberry sauce, blueberry sauce..._________ sauce salsa de arándanos
They traveled to the United States on the mayflower. peregrinos
Thanksgiving is for... generoso
A _________ spice latte calabaza
these fall off of trees hoja
A national tradition of television Fútbol Americano
thanksgiving's main color naranja

Thanksgiving Crossword


turkey eats duck, duck eats chicken? turducken
The turkey of the west coast sometimes dungenessCrab
who said the idea of thankgiving was, "The most ridiculous idea I have ever heard" thomasJefferson
"Horn of Plenty" cornucopia
stuffing or __ dressing
who celebrated the first Thanksgiving with "Tejas" Coronado
The money worth a breadstick and 2 bagels wanted the USA's national bird to be a turkey benjamin Franklin
Libby's canned pumpkin is not pumpkin, but is another squash. What is the name of the squash? Dickinson
in 1953, Swanson had too much extra turkey left after thanksgiving (260 tons). What new product did that lead to? TV dinners
a large group of people family
what you need to make sure you clean after Thanksgiving teeth
The penultimate school day Thursday
Fresh baked __ go well with your dinner rolls
3.1459265358 + Halloween symbol pumpkin pie
What does the thanks in Thanksgiving express gratitude
what the average person spends a third of their life doing sleep
what you don't eat during the feast leftovers
where the Pilgrims landed plymouth rock
the pilgrims' ship mayflower
what makes turkey topping cranberries
traveling religious people pilgrims

St. Patrick's Day Crossword


Something likened to the metal in brightness or preciousness GOLD
March in a procession PARADE
An occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment PARTY
An arc of colored light in the sky caused by refraction of the sun's rays by rain RAINBOW
A staple food of Ireland POTATO
A small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers FAIRY
A plant of the genus Trifolium CLOVER
Achieved independence from the UK in 1921 IRELAND
Another word for 3-leaf clover SHAMROCK
A humorous verse form of 5 anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme aabba. LIMERICK
The day of the month of St Patrick's day SEVENTEENTH
A mischievous elf in Irish Folklore LEPRECHAUN
A special kind of clover FOURLEAF
Resembling the color of growing grass GREEN
A story about mythical or supernatural beings or events LEGEND
Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland SAINTPATRICK
A branch of the Indo-European languages that was spread widely over Europe in the pre-Christian era. CELTIC
To publicly party CELEBRATE
A form of money COINS
Highly valued as a gemstone EMERALD
An inherited pattern of thought or action TRADITION
The Celtic language of Ireland IRISH
Any art that invokes supernatural powers MAGIC
Occurring by chance LUCKY
A month of a year MARCH
Invoke upon WISH

Harry Potter Spells Crossword


Produces a stream of water from your wand Aguamenti
Used to unlock doors Alohomora
The Blasting Curse Confringo
Causes objects to swell in size engorgio
Spell used to heal minor injuries Episkey
An Unforgivable Curse Imperio
Turns one's wand into a light source Lumos
Used to erase memories Obliviate
The Shield Charm Protego
Used for battling a Boggart Riddikulus
Who needs a megaphone when you have this? Sonorus
Stunning spell Stupefy

NHL Hockey Teams Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Winnipeg Jets
Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins
Edmonton Oilers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Chicago Blackhawks
Vancouver Canucks
Philadelphia Flyers
Calgary Flames
New York Rangers
St. Louis Blues
Tampa Bay Lightning
Detroit Red Wings
Washington Capitals
Ottawa Senators
Buffalo Sabres
San Jose Sharks
Minnesota Wild
Vegas Golden Knights
Anaheim Ducks
Los Angeles Kings
Colorado Avalanche
Columbus Blue Jackets
Dallas Stars
Nashville Predators


luck of the Irish Word Search

Word Search


superstitions Crossword


thro me over your sholder if im spilt salt
lucky fuzzy charm rabbit foot
bad luck always coms in _____ threes
its bad luck if i cross your path black cat
a_______ brings 7 years bad luck broken mirror
bad luck if you wal under me ladder
you do this if you tempt fate knock on wood
find a ______. pick it up. all day long you'll have good luck penny
you make a wish with me on thanksgiving wish bone
bad luck to open me inside umbrella
unlucky number thirteen
place me over your door for good luck horseshoe
what you say when somone sneeses bless you
small lucky plant four leaf clover
_______ means you will come into money. itchy palm

Autumn Words Puzzle Crossword


This is found on a tree leaf
You have to rake these in the fall leaves
People do this to pumkins for Halloween carve
This is a chore you do in the fall rake
The trees look like this in the fall colorful
Fall is one of these Season
People buy these in October pumpkins
Many first graders go to the orchard in September and buy these apples
You gets lots of this on October 31st candy
Some kids dress up like these for Halloween goblins
You have to wear these when fall comes jackets
The mornings feel like this in the fall chilly
This is another name for fall autumn
Halloween is during this month October
Thanksgiving is in this month November
During this holiday kids get candy Halloween
This is something you say to get candy trick or treat
You carve a pumpkin to make this jack o' lantern
The air feels like this in the fall morning crisp
You can purchase this it's a type of gourd squash

Love Crossword


Month of our dream wedding December
A sassy sabertooth feline Pete
What I love most about you Humor
How you make me feel every day Thankful
Our first date Tutto Pasta
Location of a pretty lame party Park terrace west
Three little words I can't say enough I love you
Paradise, a.k.a. our honeymoon Island Turks and Caicos
Day of the week we said our "I do's" Saturday
Number of years we've been together Nine
Day you asked me to be your wife NYE
How long I will love you for Forever
Our original anniversary month November
How I know you'll make a great dad someday Mom and dad
Location of our first vacation together Hawaii
What I admire the most about you big heart
What I am because I have you Lucky
What my life is with you in it Adventurous
Husband and _______ Wife
How many years we were engaged for Two
You are my ________ Soulmate

"The Great Gatsby" Crossword


The author of the book "The Great Gatsby" Scottfitzgerald
The narrator of "The Great Gatsby" Nickcarraway
she is a professional golfer in the story Jordanbaker
Tom cheats on Daisy with her Myrtle
What is the setting of this novel Newyork
Gatsby buys his house to be close to her Daisy
Nick and Tom both went to college here Safehaven
What color is Gatsby's car Yellow
Gatsby and Nick both live in this egg Westegg
Fixed the World Series in 1919 Meyerwolfshiem
The name of daisy's child Pammy
What is at the end of daisy's dock Greenlight
What does Gatsby host at his house Parties
How many years was Gatsby in war Five
Gatsby's real name Jaygatz
Who does Daisy say I love you to in front of tom Gatsby
Who kills Gatsby Mrwilson
What does nick invite Gatsby to do st 9 am Hydroplane
How many true friends does Gatsby have One
Who does Mr. Wilson think hot Myrtle Tom