Where do you go to catch the bus? Bus Station
Where do you go to watch a movie? Cinema
Where do kids play? Playground
What is the central part of a city called? City Centre
Where do you go to read and take out books? Library
Where do you go to look at artifacts and exhibitions of art? Museum
Where can you pay to stay overnight? Hotel
What place sorts and sends out mail? Post Office
Where do you go out to eat? Restaurant
Where do you go to shop for groceries? Supermarket

Places around the city Word Search

Word Search

post office
sports centre
shopping centre

Places around town Crossword


It's a place where you buy food and drinks. Supermarket
It's a place where doctors and nurses work. Hospital
It's a place where you watch movies. Movie theater
It's a place where you buy stamps and send mails. Post office
It's a place where you deposit money and get cash. Bank
It's a place where you wash clothes. Laundromat
It's a place where you get medicine. Pharmacy
It's a place where you pay to eat meals. Restaurant
It's a place where you put gas in your car. Gas station
It's a place where you buy fresh bread and cakes. Bakery
It's a place where you read and borrow books. Library
It's a place where you take children to play Park
It's a place where you pray. Church
It's a place where you do exercise and keep fit. Gym

Places In A City Crossword


Place to travel by plane aeropuerto
Department Store almacen
Where do you borrow books? biblioteca
You get your coffee there cafe
Vehicles drive on the... calle
Malls, shopping center centro comercial
You watch movies here cine
Boston is a... ciudad
You send and pickup mail here correo
The Empire State... edificio
Place to travel by train estacion de tren
The New England Pats play in a... estadio
Where you get treated when hurt hospital
You stay here during a vacation hotel
Where religious people go iglesia
You buy books here libreria
You discover new things here museo
The bus stops at the... parada de autobus
A place to walk around and buy things plaza
Place to eat new things restaurante
Nike, Adidas, Target are all... tienda

Places in a town Crossword


A place with lots of luggage. BUSSTATION
A place with popcorn and a large a tv screen. CINEMA
A place where children swing, jump and laugh. PLAYGROUND
A place of business with busy streets. CITYCENTRE
A place where people read quietly. LIBRARY
A place where fossils and paintings are on display. MUSEUM
A place to sleep over for a short visit. HOTEL
A place that all letters and packages go to. POSTOFFICE
A place for a lovely dinner with friends. RESTAURANT
A place to buy fresh groceries for home. SUPERMARKET

Travel and Tourism Crossword


When your plane is leaving take off
when you arrive at a hotel check in
when you tour a city to see all of it's important places sightsee
a person who brings you to a city's important places tour guide
a document needed to travel to different countries passport
money in a different country foreign currency
an important statue, building, or structure monument
when you do not know where you are get lost
a very tall building skyscraper
a structure that projects from the shore over the sea pier
to tan (at the beach/pool) sunbathe
when someone is lost and you help them givedirections
when your plane arrives land
where you pack your clothes suitcase
suitcases and other bags when travelling luggage
if an attraction is busy you must... wait in line
gifts you buy while travelling souvenirs
a place where art and other artifacts are displayed museum
a carved figure of a person statue
a place to keep your money/credit cards wallet
a car that you pay to drive you somewhere taxi

Places Around Town Crossword


cathedral cathedrale
town hall hotel de ville
hotel hotel
town square place
post office poste
restaurant restaurant
bank banque
stadium stade
parc park
movie theaer cinema
museum musee
garden jardin
pharmacy pharmacie
pool piscine
cafe cafe
store magasin
specialty clothing store boutique
farmer's market marche
community center (abbreviation) MJC
house maison
(at) my house chez moi
building immeuble
subdivision lotissement
neighborhood in Paris arrondissement
suburd banlieue
apartment appartement
bridge pont
city ville
town village
subway metro

Places in Town Word Scramble

Word Scramble

city centre
bus station
post office
bus station

Hospitality Crossword


Restaurant person who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional sommelier
A hotel employee whose job is to assist guests by booking tours, making theatre and restaurant reservations concierge
Maid in a hotel who cleans the rooms housekeeper
A person employed in a hotel to receive guests and deal with their bookings receptionist
Hotel employee who handles calls from guests who want to make a room reservation reservationist
A professional cook chef
Person who accepts orders from the dining room, relays them to the appropriate stations of the kitchen, and checks each plate before it leaves the kitchen aboyeur
Tip Gratuity
Food list Menu
Employee who delivers luggage to your hotel room porter
A place to stay with lots of rooms Hotel
Another term for a booking reservation
Head waiter Maitre d
Person responsible for washing up, cleaning and basic food preparation kitchen porter
What you need to pay at the end of your meal Bill

Ma Ville Crossword


Where do I go if I need to buy food? un supermarche
Where do you go every Sunday? une eglise
Where are football games hosted in? un stade
If you broke your leg where would you go? un hoptital
Rows and rows of books. une bibliotheque
Kids with backpacks walk through the halls of? une ecole
A temporary home. un hotel
Where do I go if I want a cappuccino? un cafe
Where would you go if you don't want to eat at home? un restaurant
when shopping you go into a __________? un magasin
When a new movie comes out where do you go to see it? un cinema
______________________ has many stores in it? un centre commercial
Where would you go to see the Nutcracker? un theatre
If you want to see and learn about art or science you would go to? un musee
Jump into _____________ when you are hot. une piscine
Sand, waves, sun une plage
Perfect location for dog walking and reading. un parc

Los Lugares Crossword


airport in spanish aeropuerto
hospital in spanish hospital
library in spanish biblioteca
market in spanish mecardo
museum in spanish museo
pharmacy in spanish farmacia
police station in spanish estacion de policia
restaurant in spanish restaurante
school in spanish escuela
bank in spanish banco
shop in spanish tienda
park in spanish parque
movies/cinemas in spanish cine
supermarket in spanish supermercado
beach in spanish playa
farm in spanish granja
house in spanish casa
gym in spanish gimnasio
post office in spanish correo
country side in spanish campo