The famous actor (notably Western movies), who applied to the United States Naval Academy in the late 20s but was offered a nomination the following year and declined because he had already completed a year of varsity football at USC.
USNA graduate of 1958 who wrote the song “California Dreamin” which was about standing a Sunday afternoon main office duty watch.
Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft moved the original Naval Academy (Naval school) from this city to Annapolis reportedly in order to rescue midshipmen from “ the temptations and distractions that necessarily connect with a large and populous city.”
The president that urged Congress to establish a Naval Academy for the formation of scientific and accomplished officers which was not acted upon for 20 years (First, Middle, and Last).
The custom that has evolved from armored knights raising their visors to identify themselves when they rode past royalty.
The average number of torpedoes it took to sink a ship in 1944.
The age of the youngest US servicemen, Calvin Graham, USN, who was wounded and given a dishonorable discharge for lying about his age.
The oldest weapon still in use in the American military arsenal carried by officers in the US Marine Corps dating back to the Barbary Pirates Wars of 1801 to 1807.
Technology 1st developed by the British in World War I as a solution to the trench warfare stalemate and referred to as water carriers to preserve its secrecy.
The United States Navy strike fighter tactics instructor program founded during the Vietnam War, where pilots would engage in realistic dogfight training against aircraft comparable to the enemy of the day to improve performance.
Famous TV game show host who was a Navy fighter pilot.
Famous TV game show host who was a Navy fighter pilot.
The ship deck where sailors eat.
The bathroom on a ship.
Where sailors sleep on a ship.
Another name for an aircraft carrier (two words).
The first Admiral in the Navy who is famous for quoting “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” in Mobile Bay.
The former Fort where the current USNA campus resides.
Graduates of the Naval Academy are commissioned as____________ into the Navy.
The nickname for midshipmen first class also known as a senior at other schools.
The Academy’s Latin motto is Ex Scientia Tridens, which means “Through Knowledge, _____ _____” (two words).
The academy grad with the lowest QPA which includes academic standing, military standing, and aptitude for military service (two words).
The nickname for a 4th class student (freshman).
The 1873 graduate who returned to the Academy to teach, and through his experiments with optics and the physics of light, developed the first accurate measure of the speed of light.
The class of boat midshipmen use to learn basic navigation and communication flow on the bridge. Fun fact: the 704 series has a 4 degree list to port due to a design flaw where the engineers forgot to account for the airconditioning unit (two words).
The late Rear Admiral who piloted the Freedom 7 which was America’s first space capsule to fly 116.5 miles into space on 5 May 1961 and marked America’s first step into the space race.
The student body is known as the ___________ of midshipmen.
The student body is known as the ___________ of midshipmen.
The nickname for the campus.
The statue of the familiar Native American figurehead of the ship of the line facing Bancroft Hall. It is considered a good-luck "mascot" for the midshipmen, who in times past would throw pennies at it and offer left-handed salutes whenever they wanted a 'favor,' such as a sports win over West Point, or spiritual help for examinations. These days it receives a fresh coat of war paint and is often decorated in various themes during football weeks and other special occasions such as Commissioning Week.
___________ensigns are famous flags of the U. S. Navy and capture flags from enemy ships
Headwear of a first year student.
Common phrase most often said after the singing of the Academy’s Alma Matre. Also is a phrase commonly said by plebes while squaring corners (two words).
Common phrase most often said after the singing of the Academy’s Alma Matre. Also is a phrase commonly said by plebes while squaring corners (two words).
The official midshipman handbook considered to be their Bible (two words).
Funny nickname of the Naval Academy by those from “other” institutions.
During Plebe Summer, new midshipmen most often wear this working uniform based on a uniform for enlisted sailors?
At regular intervals before brigade formations, plebes are charged with reporting to assigned stations in their company areas to recite certain information such as the menu for the next meal, uniform for formation, and officers on duty. They must do this as loudly and as fast as they are able. This is called ___________ ________.
Plebe year is almost over and Commissioning Week is about to start. ________ is the greased monument plebes must climb in order to be recognized officially as midshipmen fourth class and shed the disgusting label of plebes.
___________the Goat has been the Naval Academy mascot since the early 1900s. Legend has it that a Navy ship once had a goat for a pet, and on the way home to port the goat died. Two ensigns were entrusted to have the goat stuffed, but got distracted by a Naval Academy football game. One of the ensigns allegedly dressed up in the goatskin and pranced around at halftime. The crowd loved it and Navy won the game.
The word to designate those men who were stationed "amidships," i.e. in the waist or middle portion of the vessel, while on duty. It is the official rank of a student at the Academy.
The traditional ending to graduation and commissioning ceremonies at all the service academies, originated at the Naval Academy in 1912 as following the reception of their diplomas and hence no longer needed their Midshipman’s hats called the hat ___________.
The ____________salute is a long honored tradition in all the United States armed services where a newly commissioned officer gives a silver dollar to the first enlisted person or Midshipman who salutes him. It is believed that the one dollar allotment given an officer for an aide in the early 19th century is the origin of this custom. The silver dollar signifies the deep sense of gratitude an officer has to the enlisted ranks for the knowledge they pass on and for the respect they give in providing a greeting by their salute.
This man is famous for saying, “I have not yet begun to fight!” and “I wish to have no Connection with any ship that does not sail fast for I intend to go in harm’s way.” During the Revolutionary War, he circled the British Isle to let the British know the Americans could bring the fight to them. He went ashore, stole some silver from the British governor, and eventually returned it. He is currently buried in the basement of the Chapel.
President who said, "A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guaranty of peace."
President who said, "I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy."
Midshipman dormitory know as Mother B.
Dahlgren Hall houses a replica of the first naval aircraft (1911) named for its inventor – the ______ Flier.
Famous Academy Heisman trophy winner nicknamed “Captain America” who played for the Dallas Cowboys after his service commitment.
Famous professional basketball player (San Antonio Spurs) nicknamed “The Admiral” who grew seven inches while at the academy and is well known for his civic contributions.
Father of the Nuclear Navy.
The only President to graduate from the Academy.
The name of the refueling plane for the Blue Angels (two words).

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