Do You... BINGO
Bingo Cards

Have 3 or more children
Listen to the gospel station
Work from home
Have grandkids
Own any pets
Love to karaoke
Have a garden
Are you wearing heel?
Are you wearing jeans?
Been on a cruise
Are you left handed?
Are you a home owner?
Drive stick shift
Can you bake a cake?
Can you double dutch?
Own a Facebook Account
Are you the only child?
Have on a dress
Know how to swim
Travelled outside the US?
Have allergies to animals
Attended a HBCU?
Wear glasses/contacts
Like the Outdoors


Bill of rights crossword puzzle

Bill of rights crossword puzzle

Which amendment protects you from searches without reason?
Which amendment stops soldiers from staying in a home without the owners consent?
You have the _ to a speedy and public trial.(what is the blank)
Amendment 1 allows you to practice your what dreely?
Acoording to amendment 2 You have the right to
How many amendments are in the bill of rights?
Crime that is punishable by the death sentance
If you are the defendant you have the right a?
You have the right to peacefully _ ?
First ten amendments of the costitution?
Cops need this to search your home.
Gathering signatures to make a change is called a ?
The 7th amendment gives the right to a trial by a ?
Amendment 9 gives you rights not listed in the
What is a abreviation for the president?
You can't make a law removing your freedom of ?
Amendment 5 does not allow _ jeopardy
Amendment 5 does allow?
Amendment 6 gives you the right to a __ Jury
Amendment 2 says there can be a well regulated?


Bingo Cards

I have owned my own business
I've taught high school
I have 8 grandchildren
I don't like chocolate
I have been to Las Vegas
I wear hair pieces
I have been a Girl Scout
I am a Minister
I have been to Jamaica
I know how to sew
I can bake home made bread
I talk to GOD
I have feed the hungry
I have given Blood
I have visited a Nursing Home
I like to write/read poetry
I have been in snow before
name all books of the Bible
I go to the Gym Twice a week
play a musical Instrument
I've always lived in Florida
Struck out in Baseball before
Jumped from Airplane before
I Can quote Bible Verses


Accounting Basics Crossword

Accounting Basics Crossword

Anything you own
Assets, Liabilities, and Owners Equity appear on this form
When expenses are greater than revenue you have a
An example of Revenue is
When you owe money
In accounting at least ____________ accounts are affected in a transaction
This affects owners equity
Revenue, expenses and net income/loss are shown on
__________ is an asset
When a customer owes you money
When you owe money
Sales minus expenses
The fourth step in the accounting cycle is
The _________________ entries come from the worksheet
The ___________________ entries are done at the end of every month

Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Cupcake Crossword Puzzle

Person who makes cupcakes for a living
Store that sells breads and pastries
tool used to scrape batter out of bowl
Stir your batter with a wooden _____.
This flavouring smells sweet but tastes bitter on your tongue.
Bake your cupcakes in an _____.
Don't touch a hot tray of cupcakes unless you are wearing oven _____
Edible decorations on top of cupcakes
Small unit of measurement used in baking
Crack these into the bowl but don't get shells in the batter!
_____ makes your batter sweet.
Cupcakes are not a main course. They are for _________.
A cake mix makes ___ done cupcakes.
Twelve cupcakes equal a _____.
The sweet topping on a cupcake is called _____.
To make chocolate cupcakes you need to have _____ in the batter.
This magazine is called "_______________ cupcakes."
TV's Cake Boss is a man named _____ Valastro.
Put a candle on your cupcake if it is your __________.
A cupcake without icing is a ___________.
A small iced cake is called a ______________.
There are at least 350 of these in a cupcake
Pour the _______ into the cupcake tins then bake.
Don't leave your cupcakes in the oven too long or they will ____.
After eating cupcakes you need to brush your _____.
When baking, keep your clothes clean by wearing an _______.
Don't ice hot cupcakes. Let them ____ first.
When you finish your cupcake the only thing left on your plate are ________.
Cupcakes taste great with a glass of cold _____.
What room in the house do you bake in?

Retreat People Finder Bingo Cards

Retreat People Finder Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Broken more than one bone:
Has more than one cat:
Can drive a stick shift:
Speaks another language:
Has a dog:
Listens to gospel music
Has gone camping:
Has twins in the family:
Loves to read:
I am a woman of God
Has a tattoo:
Laughed so hard I peed:
Has been to Canada or Mexico:
First time to retreat:
Has been to all 50 states:
Has broken a bone:
Has flown an airplane:
Has or had braces:
Is wearing brown:
Went swimming in the ocean:
Has been to retreat before:
Has been in a real blizzard:
Doesn't have a Facebook:


Sole Proprietorship Crossword

Sole Proprietorship Crossword

Owner of a business who receives all profits
A responsibility of a sole proprietor is to buy ______________
Owner enjoys all ___________
Owner is responsible for all the losses and might lose personal belongings (disadvantage)
Be your own ______
Operating your own business, under your name means you do not have to register with the _____________
_______ expensive to start compared to other forms of business
Money that is borrowed
Owner may not be familiar with all aspects of ____________
A form of business ownership
An example of a local sole proprietor: Norma's Therapeutic M__________
Direct control of __________ making
Lack of ___________ is when the business might end due to the death of the owner
Money to run business can come from __________
Sole Proprietorships are easy/hard to start and end

Safety Guru Crossword

Safety Guru Crossword

Choose a ladder that is
How often do you receive safety training?
When should you report an injury?
What is the document that contains all you need to know about a chemical?
Where can you find chemical labels and SDS sheets?
When cleaning a door you should __________ the tracks.
When you are cleaning a unit you should _______ the hasp.
What should you wear when cleaning?
You should never leave _____ in golf cart ignition.
You should utilize a _____to identify problem doors
Never ______ a rollup door open or closed.
You never _______ a heavy object alone.
Do not lift and ________.
When lifting, legs should be _______ width apart.
A ______________ is the basic source of information about chemicals that you are using in the workplace.
_______, __________, and ________ are our leading cause of injury.
Wear ________ footwear when snow/ice is present.
______ are the key to safety, so BE AWARE.
________ is PS program to enhance our employees' health and safety.
Wear _______ to protect against splinters, sharps, and insects.
Wear _______ to protect from dust irritation.
Use _____ masks as you feel necessary to protect from dust irritation.
We should always use safe _______ _________, regardless of the type of item you are lifting.
Perform outdoor tasks _____ in the day or in the ______ evening.
Drink ______ or other electrolyte replacement drinks.
Break up outdoor tasks into _______tasks and take rest breaks throughout the day.
If you are working alone, _____ another property and tell them you will be working outside.
If you suspect you or someone else is suffering from a heat stroke call ___ immediately.
What is one component of the public storage safety program?
The Safety binder should be updated with all _____ topics.
The ______ map should be present and posted.
The ______ inventory should be updated and posted.
The HazCOM program is also known as

Business Vocabulary Crossword

Business Vocabulary Crossword

A business or association usually formed to manufacture or supply products or services for profit.
A company legally separate from stockholders who own it and the managers who run it.
A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture.
A company owned and managed by two or more people who share its profits or losses. A partnership is not separate from its owners, who are liable for the company’s debts.
A corporation that doesn’t sell shares to the public. You cannot buy shares of a private company in the stock market.
The stock of a public company is owned and traded by individuals and institutional investors. In contrast, the stock is held by company founders, employees, and sometimes venture capitalists.
A company owned and run by one individual who receives its profits or its losses. A proprietorship is not separate from its owner, who is liable for the company debts.
Shares of a company that do not guarantee a dividend and have more risk and volatility than preferred shares. Common stock holders have the benefit of providing shareholders with the right to vote for the board of directors as well as on issues that come before the board at the annual meeting of shareholders.
A business that is owned by stockholders and has right and responsibilities as if it were a person.
Part of a company’s profits (earnings) that it pays as money to stockholders.
The amount of money that remains after subtracting the company’s expenses from its revenue.
Someone who risks funds by purchasing financial products with the hope the investments will increase in value over time.
The initial sale of stock to the public by investment bankers.
Shares of ownership of a company in which the shareholder is guaranteed a dividend if one is declared and whose shares are usually not as volatile as common stock. Preferred stock holders do not have voting rights in company elections and decisions.
A company that is owned by a person, family, or small group of investors that does not sell shares of stock in the company to the public.
A company that is owned by investors who buy shares of stock, partial ownership of the assets of a business, in the corporation usually through one of the stock exchanges.
The chance of losing all or part of an investment.
A type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim to a part of the company’s profits or losses. Companies usually issue stock to raise money for a variety of reasons, including expanding or modernizing their operations.
An announcement appearing in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal announcing a company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO.)
Indicates how much and how quickly the value of an investment, market, or market sector changes.
By law, each publicly held corporation must provide its shareholders with an annual report showing its income and balance sheet. In most cases, it contains not only financial details but also a message from the chairman, a description of the company's operations, and an overview of its achievements.
Process by which assets of a business are converted to money.
The condition of owning stock. The value of a long position is a stock’s current share price multiplied by the number of shares owned.
If you own common stock in a U.S. corporation, you have the right to vote on company policies and to elect the company's board of directors. You may vote in person at the annual meeting or authorize the board to vote on your behalf using an absentee ballot, or proxy,Which you can submit by mail or, increasingly often, by telephone or over the Internet.
An individual or company (including a corporation) that legally owns one shares of stock in a stock company. The shareholders are the owners of a corporation.

Business organizations Crossword

Business organizations  Crossword

Anything of value or belonging to you
A formal contract to repay borrowed money
An establishment formed to carry on commercial enterprise
A legal entity made up of shareholders
Refers to the entity responsible for the day to day operations of the business
Corporate profits paid to shareholders
When the company is taxed on its profits then shareholders are taxed again on the dividends they earn from the company
Makes decisions about CELL
A semi independent business that pays fees to a parent company in exchange for the rights to sell a good or service
Combination of two or more firms in the same market with the same good or services
Legally bound to pay debts
The owners of the corporation cannot lose more than what they paid for their stock if the corporation fails
The death of an owner ends the business and it must be reestablished in the new owners names
One partner is the general partner and the other is usually "silent" only providing money
Institution that functions as business but does not turn a profit
Everyone can compete in the market place
A business owned and managed by two or more people
Combines productive resources to make final goods or services
A business owned and managed by a single person
Ownership in a corporation
Products available in the marketplace
Ones personal assets can be seized to pay business debts
The combination of two or more firms involved in different stages of producing the same good or service

clothes Crossword

clothes Crossword

wear this to keep you warm
you need a pair of these
this holds things up
girls and boys can wear this
girls wear this
boys wear this
these help you see
this has bottons
this is to warm to wear in the summer
this is very formal
put these on before your shoes
these keep your hands warm
these keep your feet warm and dry
these are blue
girls love to wear this
wear these for sport