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OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.

Rabbity Crosword Crossword

Rabbity Crosword  Crossword

Smallest rabbit in New Zealand
How many teeth does a rabbit have
How many dew claws does a rabbit have
how many eyelids does a rabbit have
What breed has a long coat
What is a male rabbit called
The physical state of the rabbit with reference to health
Excessive fat or looseness of the pelt
The hindquarters of a rabbit
The birth of a litter
The white mark on the hind feet of a Dutch
Which breed in NZ, only comes in white
Minimum number of hops for a rabbit in it's permanent home
A rabbit can look dead when it's
Pine cones can be used as
To cool a rabbit down you wet it's
Clover can give rabbits
Two spots at the root of the ears in some colour patterns
Slim, trim, alert
What colour is a rabbit when the ears, nose, feet & tail are black & the body is white
A colour of a Flemish Giant
What are the smellers on a rabbit
You give lots each day to your rabbit and its very dry
What breed has tuffs of fur on their ears
To scent and mark things, a rabbit does what
Longer and stranger hairs found in a coat are called
B.I.S is

Vocabulary GA 8 U2 (native - wagon) Crossword


Two horses are pulling a ...
opposite of above
Rings, bracelets and chains are.... (BrE)
an area in the USA where only Native Americans live
when you ........ two sticks of wood together you can start a fire.
I want to see the Van Gogh ....... at the museum.
"English people only drink tea." That's a .....
(to) look carefully because you're trying to find something
a small ball of glass or wood with a hole in the middle
another word for "native"
what people wear on their head on special days
one part of an idea or problem

Employment Words Crossword


what you use to punch in at work
earn this every payday
people who buy things
your boss/manager
appropriate behaviour at work
tells you what hours you will be working
clothes/shoes you are expected to wear at your work
cooperation with coworkers
when people eat their lunch
a person you work with
the ability to do something well
to do a job for a period of time
being on time
able to be trusted to do what is needed

A simple crossword for my lovely girlfriend


Where do you place on the beauty scale?
Mall with good cinema area
What is your surname?
What is my surname
What is your nephew's favorite superhero
Yours and my favorite position?
Your favorite colour
What is your birth month
The day we went for karaoke then to that bar
The tool we are using to erase our past and draw our future
What day in January 1989 was Akihito is sworn in as Emperor of Japan
My biggest turnoff is if your personality is?
Before you sleep you gotta drink this?
After hearing both versions of my turnons you felt?
How old do you look?

Grammar Crossword

Grammar Crossword

incomplete sentence/ lacking a complete subject or predicate
double quotation marks around the first speakers words
a punctuation mark indicating a pause between parts of a sentence
it is used to create a paper trail that the reader can follow to locate the sources you are writing about.
misplaced words in a sentence or words that almost always distort the intended meaning
These strengthen or emphasize the importance of a word or phrase in a sentence
usually the name of a book or short story. Usually written in all caps or italicized
a sentence usually containing two or more clauses not connected by the correct conjunction or punctuation
this happens when the writer shifts from one person to the next without any reason.
this happens when the writer shifts from one tense to another without any reason. (Past tense – present tense)

Winter Crossword Puzzle


3 letters to describe something that makes the road slippery
4 letters to describe what falls from the sky when it is below 32 degrees
5 letters to describe what you wear to keep your feet warm when shoveling snow
6 letters to describe what you feel when it is cold outside
7 letters to describe a top you wear to keep warm
8 letters to describe a liquid that tastes even better with marshmallows on top
9 letters to describe what you can sit in front of to keep warm inside your home
10 letters to describe what starts on December 21st
11 letters to describe a sweet treat with hints of ginger and cinnmamon
12 letters to describe a type of rainfall that when cold enough can freeze bridges, roads and vehicles

Respiratory Therapy week Oct 24-30 Crossword


The only organ in the body that can float is...
The surface area of the lungs is roughly the same size as...
What is the quickest way to get a oxygen reading
Who would you call if a patient is having SOB?
If a PT. has a saturation of 90%. what would you place the pt. on?
When a patient stops breathing you use what?
When the Patient is apneic, The Doctor can order a
When the Patient is apneic, The Doctor can order or
Who are your RT therapists?
Do we own a ventilator?

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Tom’s Christmas Crossword

Custom made jacket crafted at speed, by a bird? Indeed. (6,5)
Cure to a panic attack. (3,4,2,4,4)
Zebras and tea could be quite tart. Remove top undergarment with an excited fart. (5)
Our lady (3,3)
Looks like my hair but will definitely get your calories up. (7)
All that’s left of these would make a terrible furry companion. Smothered in butter to start the day like a champion. (8)
The last thing I say before we drift away. (5,5,3)
Could be a small furry creature in danger but also a powerful chat with one born in a manger. (4)
A King before Jesus he may be but that’s totally gross and heard on TV. (2,5)
August 24th 2022 (7)
The women you love but have yet to see. The larger comes first as it always should be. (6,7)
What we do most when we snuggle close. (7)
The meal we love to eat but never cook. (8)
The Sound of Music? You are mistaken. Hold me tightly and I’ll do the making. (5,4)
My favourite colour of jacket (6)
My favourite animal (7)
Where we met. (15,6)
Two things that should never mix (9,7)
The thing that makes us different. (6)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy (4)
What you order when you have a seafood allergy. (4)

Safety and sanitation notes Crossword


__________ is a virus commonly associated with raw chicken
How long should you wash your hands
Which virus is the most common in the US
how soon after do most food borne illnesses show effects
__________ Is the most deadly foodborne illness
what is the minimum that you can do to prevent virus spreads
why do some restaurants use different colored cutting boards
why are dented cans dangerous
Where do you stick the thermometer in to the food
Why do you wash your hands