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Respiratory System Crossword


The primary organ of the Respiratory system
produces the voice, prevents food and beverages from entering the trachea, and regulates the volume of air that enters and leaves the lungs
A system of the body used in breathing and include organs like the lungs, trachea and pharynx
The Passageways that connect your windpipe to your lungs
tube composed of cartilaginous rings and supporting tissue that connects the lung bronchi and the larynx; provides a route for air to enter and exit the lung
small, grape-like sac that performs gas exchange in the lungs
opening between the vocal folds through which air passes when producing speech
Plural form of cilium; lining of the epithelium
piece of elastic cartilage that swings to close the trachea during swallowing
located between the nasal conchae and the esophagus and trachea

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Most common disease contributing to the need for dialysis.
Milk products, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, potatoes, beans and tomatoes are all high in this.
Excess fluid in the body can cause ____ (swelling).
The number one way to reduce infections. (2 words)
One of the main functions of the kidneys is to ____ waste from blood.
Goal weight when you leave dialysis. (2 words)
Chewing ____ can help with thirst.
Lean meats, eggs, and fish are all good sources of ____ to keep albumin levels up.
What you need to get your medication from the pharmacy. (Only providers can give this.)
Too much of this in your diet can increase thirst.
A condition of reduced blood cells.
What is the name of the facility?
Fruit that is toxic to dialysis patients.
Treatment for people who have kidney failure.
Too much fluid can cause a strain on which major organ?
Fistula, Catheter, and Grafts
A doctor who specializes in kidney failure.
The second leading cause of kidney failure in the United States after diabetes.
Someone who provides an organ or tissue for transplant.
A symptom of high blood pressure.
Phosphate binders should be taken ____ meals.
Kidneys are only about the size of your ____.
Medication that controls the phosphate level in your blood are called phosphate _____. (Hint: Renvela or Calcium Acetate/Phoslo)
High ____ levels can cause itchy skin, weak bones, and damage your heart.
High phosphorous levels can make your skin ____.

Family First Names Crossword


12/28/62 P
4/27/90 T
2/12/90 K
2/11/16 J
3/01/20 A
5/13/96 L
7/07/97 J
11/23/64 P
8/23/61 B
10/2/85 E
8/10/09 S
2/19/87 C
5/30/85 A
8/09/17 L
8/03/21 A
8/10/93 H
2/13/15 E
6/16/95 E
6/18/90 B
4/14/16 E
5/2/88 K
1/19/67 D
9/24/66 D
12/19/91 D
8/19/92 H
2/15/14 T
1/12/17 H
3/21/21 S
6/19/ B
4/3/86 C
6/25/18 A
7/28/99 E
7/29/71 A
3/13/87 F
7/17/96 D
6/22/09 J
10/27/10 A
3/13/12 C
1/30/73 M
8/03/75 J
1/17/06 K
11/10/97 S
12/20/95 L
8/26/10 A
7/16/96 K
12/12/99 H
4/9/21 A
5/4/20 J

numbers Crossword



Winter Crossword Puzzle


3 letters to describe something that makes the road slippery
4 letters to describe what falls from the sky when it is below 32 degrees
5 letters to describe what you wear to keep your feet warm when shoveling snow
6 letters to describe what you feel when it is cold outside
7 letters to describe a top you wear to keep warm
8 letters to describe a liquid that tastes even better with marshmallows on top
9 letters to describe what you can sit in front of to keep warm inside your home
10 letters to describe what starts on December 21st
11 letters to describe a sweet treat with hints of ginger and cinnmamon
12 letters to describe a type of rainfall that when cold enough can freeze bridges, roads and vehicles

CNRA Life Crossword


Implies that a specified quantity of drug was rapidly administered IV.
Branch of medicine dealing with operative procedures to correct deformities and defects.
Medication to relieve pain.
A physician who specializes in the practice of anesthetics.
Flexible tube that is inserted into a vein or artery tp deliver medications, fluids or remove fluids from the body.
Instrument used to open the throat and larynx so that intubation is possible.
Combination of drugs used to medically-induce a state of reversible unconsciousness.
Form of anesthesia, interrupts pain sensation along a nerve in certain parts of the body. injected in or around a nerve.
State in which there is malleable rigidity of the limbs, generally unresponsive to to aural, visual, or minor painful stimuli.
Form of anesthesia, loss of sensation in one localized part of the body.
Form of anesthesia, uses paste or gel on specific area.
Opioid analgesic used to supplement general anesthesia during and after surgery to control pain.
Registered nurse who has received additional education and training in the administration of anesthetic medications.
"Breathing Tube"; Placed in trachea to ensure the airway remains open and protected so air reaches the lungs.
Lying face up and on an incline with head lower than legs.
Loss of motor response (movement) due to paralysis of motor nerves.
Endotracheal tube has be removed from the airway.
Deprived of adequate oxygen supply.
Entry of liquid or solid material into the trachea and lungs.
REM Stage of anesthesia.
Colorless, nonflammable inhalent
Flammable anesthetic no longer used.
Muscle relaxant

Medicine Through Time Crossword

Medicine Through Time Crossword

A drug that puts the patient into a deep sleep so that they can be operated on
Putting donated blood into the body
An injection given as a precaution against getting the disease
Spread easily from one person to another
A serious disease that infects the lungs and is highly contagious
An operation by a doctor on a patient in a hospital
When doctors cut into someone's body to repair or remove a damaged part
An antibiotic that stops germs from growing
A drug that is used in medicine to kill bacteria and to cure infections
A workplace where scientists do experiments

Disease Transmission Crossword

Disease Transmission Crossword

Trade name for Glutaraldehyde
Process starts in the OR
The number of microbes/amount of organic debris on an object at any given time
Appropriate for use on animate surfaces
Study of invertebrates
Most important factor in a ST's role of preventing SSI's
Inanimate objects that harbor microorganisms that contribute to environmental contamination
Process involves immersion, rinsing and drying
Multiplication of organisms in tissues of a host
The body's first natural line of defense
Process of binding minerals in the cleaning solution
Used to confirm sterilization
Has filters and removable locking devices
Organisms that are either unicellular or multicellular
Following of moral or ethical principles
The ease of liquid and gas passing through something
The study of fungi
Nonliving particles that rely on the host cell for survival to cause disease
Proteinaceous, non-living, infectious particle
Free of all microorganisms including spores
Contamination caused by passage of microorganisms through a sterilized package

Atoms and the Periodic Table Crossword


Non-metal with a mass number of 19 (8)
Metal harder than sodium and in the same group (7)
Gas used to stop Cs and Rb from oxidising in storage (5)
Process that causes reactive metals to discolour in air (9)
Negatively-charged sub-atomic particles (9)
Part of the atom comprising protons and neutrons (7)
Protons have a ______________ charge (8)
Protons and neutrons have a relative ________ of 1 (4)
Na is the chemical symbol for ____________ (6)
The only non-metal Group 3 element (5)
H is the ______________ of hydrogen (8,6)

Atmosphere/ Heat Transfer Crossword

Atmosphere/ Heat Transfer Crossword

a thin layer of gases surrounding Earth.
0-17km above Earth's surface, site of weather, organisms, contains most atmospheric water vapor.
2nd layer of atmosphere; extends from 18-30 km up; location of ozone layer. Absorbs 95% of UV radiation.
layer of Earth's atmosphere immediately above the stratosphere
uppermost layer of the atmosphere, in which temperature increases as altitude increases.
the outer layer of the thermosphere, extending outward into space
transfer of heat by the movement of fluid.
direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching.
energy that is radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves of particles
a substance that reduces the transfer of thermal energy.
a measure of the pollutants in the air that is used to express how clean or polluted the air is
a scale that ranks levels of ozone and other air pollutants
Gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Water Vapor.
a measure of how much of the sun's energy is reflected off an object back out to space.
the effect of Earth's rotation on the direction of winds and currents.
a sedimentary rock consisting of mainly calcium
thermal energy in transfer from one body of matter to another.
the pressure caused by the weight of the atmosphere.