ACTS 3  Crossword

At what time did Paul and John go to the temple
Why did they go up to the temple
Where were Paul and John about to go through
What was so beautiful about it
If Peter had Silver or Gold how much did he have
How quick was the man healed
What did the lame man do when he could walk
Who are Isaac and Jacob
What Murderer was asked to be brought to them
To whom does Peter reveal of Healing the Lame man
Which Old Testament passage is Peter referring to in Acts 3:22-23
Who is the "Prophet" Moses prophesied about?
How did Peter heal the lame man
Did Peter doubt the lame man would be healed
What did the lame man do
How did Healing Serve God's Purpouse
How did they react
What is Peter doing
What had they done in ignorance
What is Peter Saying about Jesus

Acts Crossword

Acts Crossword

Who went with Barnabus and Saul on their missionary journey
Where were they when they met a sorcerer named Barjesus?
What did Saul say would happen to the sorcerer for a season?
Who preaches a great sermon in Perga?
Paul and Barnabus said they were going to preach to who because the Jews rejected them
What were some of the people in Iconium planning on doing to Saul and Barnabus
When they fled Iconium they went to the cities of?
What did Paul perceive that the crippled man had so that he could be healed?
Who did the people of Lycaonia think Paul and Barnabus after the man was healed?
What was the priest of Jupiter going to offer for Paul and Barnabus
Jews came from Antioch and Iconium to get the people to do what to Paul?
Who did the apostles ordain in every church before they left?
What did the men of Judea say had to be done before you could be saved?
Whose law did the men of Judea say that the new believers had to keep
Where did the apostles go for counsel on the dispute about circumsion
Who spoke at Jerusalem about the Gentiles being included

Paul's conversion Crossword

Paul's conversion Crossword

By what name is Saul better known?
To which city was Saul going? (Acts 9 v 5)
Who spoke to Saul on the road?
Saul was blind for how many days?
Saul came from T-----. (Acts 9 v 11)
Who healed Saul? (Acts 9 v 11)
When Saul was healed, it felt like ------ fell from his eyes. (Acts 9 v 18)
Saul got -------- as soon as he was healed. (Acts 9 v 18)
Where did Saul go to preach about Jesus? (Acts 9 v 20
In what was Saul put to help him escape from Damascus? (Acts 9 v 25)
Before Saul became a Christian, he was a -------? (Philemon 3 v 5)
At the beginning of the story, who was Saul trying to arrest?
What did Saul see on the road to Damascus? (Acts 9 v 3)
When Saul left Damascus, where did he go next? (Acts 9 v 28)

People in Acts (Ch 1 - 9) Crossword

People in Acts (Ch 1 - 9) Crossword

Who was the first of seven chosen serve the widows for the church?
Who was chosen to replace Judas as an apostle?
Who explained to the Jews in Jerusalem why the apostles were speaking in tongues?
Who healed the lane man at the temple gate Beautiful?
Who was the high priest that questioned Peter and John before the Sanhedrin?
Who is the husband who sold a field but lied about giving all the money to the apostles?
Who was the wife who lied about how much money she gave to the apostles and died?
Who is the Pharisee who spoke to the Sanhedrin about releasing the apostles?
Who was a man in the past who was killed for saying he was somebody and having followers?
To whom is the book of Acts addressed?
Who called the Sanhedrin stuff-necked people and then was stoned?
Who persecuted and tried to destroy the church?
Which of followers went to Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah?
Who was a sorcerer in Samaria but became a believer and was baptized
Who did Philip meet on the road to Damascus?
Who placed his hand on Saul and the scales fell off his eyes?
Who was blinded by a bright light?
Who brought Saul to the apostles?
Who was the paralyzed man in Lydda who was healed?
Who was the disciple is Joppa who died but was healed by Peter?
What was Tabitha's Greek name?
Who was one of the seven men chosen to serve who was from Antioch?

Jesus Heals a Lame Man Crossword

Jesus Heals a Lame Man Crossword

Town of
Type Man
A ____ with four porches
Type man
He was sick for 38
Do you want to be
When the
When the water is
Take up your
Take up your bed and
Do what
Who healed the man
The water must

Acts Chapters 1-4 Crossword

Acts Chapters 1-4 Crossword

The person to whom the author of Acts address his letter (1:1)
How many days Jesus appeared to the apostles after his resurrection (1:3)
The name of the man who was selected to replace Judas as an apostle (1:26)
What came to rest on each of the apostles at Pentecost (2:3)
What Peter told the people who were cut to the heart after hearing his message, along with being baptized (2:38)
The name of the temple gate where the lame man sat and begged for money (3:2)
What the lame man did in the temple courts after he had been healed, along with walking and praising God (3:8)
Where Peter and John were sent because they proclaimed the resurrection of the dead (4:3)
What the stone the builders rejected became, according to Peter's quote of Psalm 118 (4:11)
What happened to the place where Peter and John reported all that the chief priests and elders had said to them, after they had prayed (4:31)

The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 Crossword Puzzle

The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 Crossword Puzzle

"Good.____,say hi to your new classmates,please." pg.32
How did Byron feel about killing the bird?
What do the Watsons call their car?
What is Kenny's grandmas name?
What did kennys dad install in the car , page 109
What is the authors name?
"I'm going to put her in my room.Thank you_______."pg.128
What is Kennys dogs name? pg.105
fill in the blank...Byron set the parshutes on ______
what is mammas real name
what did kenny acually see that he thought was a bird?
what was the kind of hairstyle did buphead do to byron?
byrons ______ was stuck to the brown bomber.
What did byron kill that made him throw up?
Was larry dunn king or god of clark school
What did larry use to cover the holes in his shoes?
What did larry dunn steal from kenny
What did Rufus get from kenny because he forgot about lunch?
What is name of Rufus's brother
What did Mrs.Davidson give to Joey?

marks gospel Crossword

marks gospel Crossword

At Jesus baptism the gathered crowd and john were celebrating the good news about Jesus being the ?
what does john say that jesus would baptize the people with
what was the river called that Jesus was baptized in?
who was Jesus baptized by?
what descended onto Jesus like a dove?
when Jesus was baptized who was he voice that said “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”?
how long was Jesus in the wilderness being tempted for ?
why did jesus forgive the paralyzed mans sins?
what did the teachers of law accuse Jesus of ?
what did Jesus do so the paralyzed man could walk ?
what was wrong with jairus?
what did the synagogue leader beg and plead Jesus for ?
what was jesus response when people thought jairus was dead ?
what did Jesus say to wake jairus up?
what was jesus surprised about when he went back to his hometown?
how many people did Jesus feed with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish
what did peter respond with wehn Jesus asked who am i ?
how may times did jesus predict his death?
who appeared to peter james and john on the mountain with jesus
what happen to jesus clothes on the mountain ?
why were the women frightened when they visited the tomb ?
whats the greatest commandment ?
what did Jesus do for the man with leprosy ?
what happend when the women who suffered from bleeding touched jesus cloak

The Crucifixion of Jesus - Luke 23:26-49 Crossword

The Crucifixion of Jesus - Luke 23:26-49 Crossword

Who carried the cross behind Jesus?
How many others were crucified besides Jesus?
Jesus said: 'Father, __________ them for they do not know what they are doing."
What did the soldiers offer Jesus on the cross?
What was written above Jesus' head? "This is the _____ of the Jews."
Jesus said to one of the criminals, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with me in __________."
What happened during the sixth hour of Jesus' crucifixion?
What was torn into two?
What did the centurion do when he saw what had happened?
What was the last word Jesus said to God before His last breath?

Galatians Crossword

Galatians Crossword

What Old Testament character is a great example of faith?
What city were Jesus' followers first called Christians?
Who traveled with Paul to Galatia?
Where was Paul headed when Jesus spoke to him?
One of the worldly sins?
One of the sins of attitudes?
Man that walks in the Spirit of Sin?
The spiritual man lives by the?
What does Gospel mean?
One of the sins of the flesh?
Who was the younger half brother?
Who was the older half brother?
Where did Paul and Barnabas meet with the apostles?
What did the leaders send back to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas?
Who wrote the letter to the Galatians.
Who did the apostles remind Paul to teach the Galatians to remember?
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also ___?
This man walks in the light of God?
What city was Paul born in?
One of the sins against purity?

Mark 10:46-52 Crossword

Mark 10:46-52 Crossword

In what town did the healing take place?
What was the blind man's name?
What town did Jesus come from?
Which Old Testament character was Jesus related to?
What was the blind man doing by the roadside?
What did the blind man shout at Jesus? "Have ____ on me!"
Who was with Jesus?
What does Jesus say healed the blind man?
What did the blind man ask for?
When was the blind man healed?
What did the blind man call Jesus in verse 51?
How big was the crowd with Jesus?
What did Bartimaeus do after he was healed?