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Peter the Bold, Outspoken Disciple Crossword

Peter the Bold, Outspoken Disciple Crossword

What Peter means in Greek
Peter's father
Peter's relative healed by Jesus (Mt 8:14)
Peter's occupation (Mt 4:18)
What would Peter build (Mt 16:18)
He and two other disciples witnessed this (Mt 17:1)
Did to Jesus before the rooster crowed (Mt 26:34)
Severed this with his sword (Mt 26:51)
Introduced Peter to Jesus (Jn 1:40-41)
Sea where Jesus recruited Peter (Mt 4:18)
Pronounced Jesus' identity (Mt 16:16)
Peter slept whle Jesus prayed here (Mt 26:51)
Told Peter that Jesus was not in the tomb (Mk 16:10)
Gift given to Peter and the other disciples (Lk 24:49)
Where Peter preached after receiving power (Acts 2:14-16)
The group that arrested Peter (Acts 4:3)
Fell dead after lying to Peter (Acts 5:3-9)
Also fell dead like her husband for lying (Acts 5:10)
Roman centurion that summoned Peter to his house (Acts 10:1-6)
Rescued Peter from prison (Acts 12:7-8)
How Peter died
Girl brought back to life by Peter (Acts 9:40)
Healed a man lamed for __ years (Acts 4:22)
Where he healed a man paralyzed and bedridden for eight years (Acts 9:32)
Where Peter was born
His relationship to Andrew (Mt 4:18)
Walked toward Jesus on this (Mt 14:28-29)

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

How many days are in Lent?
What city was Simon who carried the cross from?
Who ordered Jesus to die on the cross?
Who cut off the soldier's ear in the garden?
On what day does Lent start?
What is the day before Ash Wednesday called?
What day is the Last Supper?
What day was Jesus crucified?
What day starts Holy Week?
On Palm Sunday, what town did Jesus ride into?
Who betrayed Jesus for silver?
Who was released instead of Jesus by Pontius Pilate?
Jesus was stabbed on the cross by what weapon?
Who tempted Jesus in the desert while he was fasting?
How many people were crucified with Jesus?
Priests wash peoples' ______ during Holy Thursday mass.
On Good Friday service, you go up to the front of church and ________ the cross.
What station is when Jesus falls for the first time?
Who denied Jesus three times like Jesus predicted?
What is the color for Lent?

Kings of Judah and Israel Crossword

Kings of Judah and Israel Crossword

What did Hezekiah foolishly show the BAbylonians?
How many more years did God give Hezekiah after he prayed to God to spare his life?
What did Hezekiah's servants put on his boil to heal it?
Who came to tell Hezekiah that he was going to die?
Who killed 185,000 of Sennacherib's Assyrian troops?
Where did Hezekiah get the gold and silver from to pay off Sennacherib?
Who cleaned up the temple and restored the Passover in Jerusalem?
How many Judean cities did Sennacharib capture?
What were the descendants of the mixed marriages of Assyrians and Israelites called?
How many years had the Lord been merciful with Israel even though she had been in idolatry, before God allowed them to be captured?
What nation conquered Israel in 722 B.C.?
How many years did the city of Samaria endure the Assyrian siege?
Who was Israel's last king?
How old was Uzziah when he began to reign in Judah?
What disease did God give Uzziah because he presumptuously went into the Temple to perform a service reserved only for the priest?
How many years did Uzziah reign?
What city repented at the preaching of Jonah?
During Jeroboam II's reign, whom did God call to be an evangelist to the nation of Assyria?
What king of Israel did Amaziah challenge to war?
Who was king O Israel when Elisha died?
Who was Joash's godly counselor?
How old was Joash when he began to reign?
Who was the wicked queen who reigned for 6 years in Judah?
Who did Athaliah kill to become queen?
Who is known for his fast chariot driving?
What did Jeroboam II worship?
Who was killed by being thrown out of a tower window?
Who discovered that the Syrians had evacuated their camp around Samaria?
Who made an axe head to swim?
What was the name of Elisha's servant?
Who was the commander in chief ot the Syrian army who had leprosy?
What river did Elisha tell Naaman to dip 7 times in?
What is leprosy a picture of in the Bible?
What is a picture of the Holy Spirit in the Bible?
What animals attacked the teenagers who mocked Elisha?
What did Elisha ask for before he was able to give a message from God to the three kings who had come against the Moabites?
Whom did God choose to be Elijah's successor?
Who was the first man to be taken to heaven without dying?
Who did Jehoshaphat put out in front of the army?
Whose vineyard did Ahab covet?
Who threatened to kill Elijah after he defeated the prophets of Baal?
Who was Ahab's governor?
Who was Ahab's wife?
What brook did Elijah go to during the draught in Israel?

Chapter 5 Passion and Death of Jesus Christ Crossword

Chapter 5 Passion and Death of Jesus Christ Crossword

The word_______means witness.
Unfounded prejudice against the Jewish People
The 71 member supreme legislative and judical body of the Jewish people
The name for the four seperate accounts of the Passion of Christ
in jewish history, the priest in charge of the Temple worship
what happens on Holy Thursday
Who betrayed Jesus
Jesus entered________for passover
On Jesus cross it said
Who had to help Jesus carry the cross
God did not abandon_____
the guards camp and __________Jesus
who cut the guard's ear
Peter __________ Jesus 3 times
Where was Jesus Crucified
Another name for God or Father
how many Mary's were at the crucifixion
Jesus told _______ to watch his mom
Who took Jesus off the cross
who was inside the tomb

Peter heals a lame man Crossword

Peter heals a lame man Crossword

The religious leaders were disturbed by the apostles' message and threw them in
The lame man had been unable to walk since the day he was _______
Peter said to the man 'Rise up and ________'
What was the name of the other apostle who stopped to speak with the beggar?
Peter said to the man 'I have no silver or _________'
The lame man was healed in the name of '_________ of Nazareth'
Peter was filled with the power of the H________ S___________
This story is found in the book of
The lame man immediately ___________ God
The lame man begged for ________

Birth of Jesus Crossword

Birth of Jesus Crossword

Who was born in the manger?
How many wiseman came to see Jesus?
Where was Jesus born?
What/who talked to the shepherds?
What was the name of Jesus's father?
What was the name of Jesus's mother?
Which angel appeared to Mary?
Who was the king of Judaea at the time of the birth of Jesus?
What city was Jesus born in?
What did the wiseman follow to find Jesus?
What was a gift the wiseman gave Jesus?
Where did God tell them to go after he was born?
Where was he raised once the returned?
Who said "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to men"?
What was Jesus wrapped in?
What was special about Jesus's mother?
How were the family warned that someone wanted to kill Jesus?
What city did king herod live in?
Children in the region of what age were to be killed?
Who is Jesus descended from?

Jesus is Baptized Crossword

Jesus is Baptized Crossword

Live a life of _____.
Communicate with God through ______.
John was sent to _______ the way of the Lord.
God's holy light was _______.
How old was Jesus?
The _______ is symbolic of Jesus' blood, which cleanses us of our sin.
The _______ is our roadmap.
Baptism announced the beginning of Jesus' _______.
Jesus gave us an _______ to follow.
What book tells us the baptism story?
Name of the river where Jesus was baptized?
Jesus led a ______ life.
John was kin to Jesus and was his _______.
John didn't feel ______ to baptize Jesus.
Everyday we should talk to God through ______.
Who baptized Jesus?
Going to _______ is a way of being faithful.
Accepting God as our ______ means that we can have an eternal relationship with him.
God's _______ confirmed to John that he was who he said he was.
Jesus knew that God ______ him even though he was eventually sent to the cross.
Father, Son and Holy Ghost?

Lord of The Flies Crossword

Lord of The Flies Crossword

Piggy's_______light the fire.
The boys start to become_______ the longer they are on the island.
Who cries when Piggy dies?
Percival always say what with his name?
The______was part of the first rule.
What have you been doing? Having a _____ or something?
Where's the man with the_______?
All around him the long_____smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat.
His eyes could not break away and the______hung in space before him. (Abbreviate)
Where does Ralph discover the conch?
What made the scar on the island?
What character lived with his auntie and suffers asthma?
What smashes into piggy and kills him?
Sensitive boy who suffers seizures
What do Roger and Maurice destroy? (Two words)
What kind of island are they on?
What did they see in the jungle and called it the beast?
The signal fire represents?
Piggy can't run because he has_________.
Piggy has been wearing specs since he was______.
Ralph's father was in the______.
Jack's last name?
Ralph says being called Piggy is better than_______.
Jack's in charge of the______.
What are creepers? (other than branches)
In the beginning, Jack couldn't kill the____.
There aren't any________on the island.
Smaller kids are called?
Bigger kids are called?
Henry was the______ of [the littluns].
What compelled the others to listen to Jack?
What did the boys see in the horizon in chapter four?
They let the _______fire go out.
Kill the pig! Cut her _____! Bash her in!
Ralph slowly started treating Piggy with_______.
The littluns keep having________.
Ralph didn't blow the conch in chapter five because he was afraid of losing his_______.
What a place for a_______!
Are all of you off your_______?
Who almost got killed because he was acting like the pig?
Who did Ralph call, "Boys armed with sticks,"?
What do they call their meetings?
The greatest ideas are the__________.
The hunters started calling Jack______.
What gift do they give to the beast? (Two words)
What made the Lord of The Flies look like it was moving?
Piggy said Simons death was an_________.
The hunters took the power to make______when they took Piggys glasses.
Who found the boys?
Ralph began to____because of all that has happened to him.

passion packet Crossword

passion packet  Crossword

James, John and _____ go to the Garden of Gethsamane with Jesus
What animal did jesus arrive in Jerusalem on?
What did the crowd wave at Jesus?
What is the name of the feast in the modern day Church in which we commemorate this event?
How many pieces of silver did Jesus betrayer receive for betraying him?
Who betrayed Jesus?
What body part did one of the apostles cut off the high priests servant after Jesus is arrested?
Who was following in the distance to see how the trial played out?
What was the official charge the Sanhedrin accused Jesus of?
Jesus was known as the king of the ____
What was the name of the other prisoner presented to the crowd?
Who was pulled from the crowd to help Jesus carry the cross?
Where was Jesus crucified at?
Golgotha translates to mean " place of the ____"
The repentant criminal asked Jesus for what?
The last word Jesus says according to Johns gospel?
Who found the empty tomb?
Roman Governor
How many times does Peter deny knowing Jesus?
During what Jewish holiday did Jesus arrive in Jerusalem on?

Crossword Puzzle: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Crossword Puzzle: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

What did Gandhi's followers call him
When was Gandhi born
What was Gandhi's wife's name
Where was Gandhi born
Why did Gandhi and 60,000 other people get arrested
What happend to Gandhi in first class when he refused to give up his seat
What was Gandhi fighting for
What college did Gandhi go to
What was Gandhi trying to do
How did Gandhi die
When did Gandhi die